What people think of every country in the world, according to Google

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It’s a quintessentially human trait, we are bound to have a few preconceptions about things and places we are not familiar with probably as a result of what we have heard, read, seen or been told about those things and places. Knowing about what these preconceptions are, no doubt is a first step to unravelling what the facts are and correcting our thinking. So, when Google auto suggest makes it possible to map out the preconceptions associated with countries, it is only a matter of time before some savvy technicians take advantage of its features, which was exactly what folks at Exeter International had done; culminating in the production of an infographic that shows the misconceptions about all countries on Earth.


Interestingly, music and safari featured high for countries in Africa, good old Russia seems to run high on Vodka, and the US are known for her Universities. Latvia apparently is a country of jokes tellers while Australia is famous for TV shows.

See the infographic below for a complete look at what countries are apparently famous for.


This article was curated from Business Insider.


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