This image of kids role playing will melt our heart and make you question your existence

Pokemon Go Trailer
Pokemon Go Trailer

Whatever they filming is fire!!!

That is the caption of the below image, which was shared by Ebro Darden of Beats 1 of New York’s Hot 97.

In the image, we saw a group of kids role-playing at shooting some scripts. The director is talking to the actress, with the cameraman shooting the scene using a long paper package, while the light man lights the area with a long broom. Everything you will see ona typical movie set.

But beyond the job each one of them is doing, the concentration and dedication to the task at hand are amazing. Such professionalism exhibited in the image is something any employer will be delighted to get from his staff.

We do not who took the picture, nor where it was taken. It was shared on Instagram by Ebro in the Morning with the caption:Whatever they filming is fire!!!

We agree with him as does many of the people who commented on the image. Kids are amazing.

The image is rather nostalgic, reminding us of days gone by when as kids we believe all was well and the world was our oyster. When we dream and our imagination was without boundaries. How did we come to lose all that freedom and joy of just living without fear of failure or limitation? Sigh.

If only as adults we can live as kids do. Living their dream without getting bothered with fear of failures. And improvising as they go along. Oh, what the present writer would give if only they could get back half the person they were where there a child. Memories.

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