See Elon Musk’s savage response to Amazon’s latest pet project

Elon Musk has taken a (friendly?) swipe at arch-rival Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

This comes after news broke that Bezos plans to send a “constellation” of 3,000 internet equipped satellites into space as part of a scheme called Project Kuiper.

This is a long-term project that envisions serving tens of millions of people who lack basic access to broadband internet,” says an Amazon Amazon spokesperson.

But this plan appears to have ((maybe) displeased Musk, who smells competition as his SpaceX firm is working on a similar project called Starlink, which will send 4,000 satellites into space.

In the tweet above, Musk tagged Bezos and called him a ‘copycat’, using the emoji instead of a word.

It’s not clear whether Musk and Bezos are friendly rivals or sworn enemies. Both men are competing for domination of the heavens and are developing reusable rockets to carry cargo and even humans into space.

Last year, Bezos wrote a tweet just before SpaceX launched a rocket which says: @”Best of luck @SpaceX with the Falcon Heavy launch tomorrow – hoping for a beautiful, nominal flight!” To which Musk replied simply: “Thanks“. He also used the blowing a kiss emoji.

Meanwhile, Amazon and SpaceX Are the only company venturing into beaming internet to Earth from up in space. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is planning a similar project and was due to launch its own internet satellites this year to broadcast 5G to remote parts of the world.

We believe satellite technology will be an important enabler of the next generation of broadband infrastructure, making it possible to bring broadband connectivity to rural regions where internet connectivity is lacking or non-existent,” a Facebook spokesperson told Wired in a statement last year.



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