Suzy Cortez Instagram, Brazil Miss Bumbum Reveals Gerard Piqué DMed Her On Instagram For Her Butt Size

Suzy Cortez Instagram is a hot model who posts photos of herself, almost nude, flaunting her contour. Her body is provocatively beautiful, although fans are always shocked whenever they see the nature of her photos. But then, all we know is that she is a gorgeous model with millions of fans around the globe.

Despite seeing her appear in different images, Suzy Cortez is still a thrilling mystery which made us write this article. We want you to know more about this beautiful goddess beyond just pictures. Suzy Cortez Instagram is the platform where you can see her photos and follow updates about her.

Early Life and Education

The gorgeous model was born in Brazil to her parents on 16 May 1990. She is above thirty but doesn’t look it. Cortez is an intentional model in her facial looks, bodily figure, and health. Some sources mentioned that Suzy attended a local school in Brazil. She started modeling from an early age.

Top 10 Facts About Suzy Cortez

  1. Suzy Cortez Instagram was born on 16 May 1990, and she celebrated her 32nd birthday this year, 2022.
  2. She is a social media influencer who works with several clothing brands. Cortez also promotes other brands using her social media handles.
  3. She has a large fanbase with more than 2 million followers on her Suzy Cortez Instagram handle. And that’s because her handle is attractive and keeps bringing people and keeping them glued.
  4. The social media star has a weird tattoo on her groin, and that’s the most unthinkable place to have a tattoo on the body. The tattoo is the image of Lionel Messi, although she is not in a relationship with him. However, some sources mentioned that Cortez was constantly sending provocative, sexy pictures of herself to Messi. Messi blocked her.
  5. From her body structure and glowing skin, it is evident that she is intentional about workout routines and the things she eats.
  6. OnlyFans is a platform that people use to make money by posting anything, from pictures to videos. Suzy Cortez is active on OnlyFans with so many subscribers.
  7. She is not shy about exposing her body online, which depicts her confidence. Sometimes she posts photos of herself lying down in her bathroom without her pants on. Not everyone will be bold enough to do such.
  8. She is a philanthropist who doesn’t only believe in receiving but also in giving back to society.
  9. In 2015, she joined a competition for Miss Bumbum, and she won the match
  10. Suzy might have contributed to Shakira and her long-time husband and the father of her two kids split due to unfaithfulness. She caught her husband with another lady.

Suzy Cortez Instagram Mis Bum bum

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Personal Life

Suzy has not shared any information about her parents or siblings on any of her social media handles.

Who is Shakira?

Shakira is a famous Columbian singer who started dating an Argentinian lawyer in 2002, Antonio de la Rúa. After staying together for ten years, they separated although they said the separation was temporary, they never got back together. Shakira met footballer Gerard Piqué who plays for Barcelona, in 2011, and they fell in love.

However, Shakira seniors him with ten years. The first time they met was when Shakira sang “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa,” and he was featured in the video. The song was the 2010 FIFA World Cup official song. In 2013, Shakira gave birth to a baby boy, Milan, in Spain, where she resided with her family.

In January 2015, she delivered another baby boy, Sasha. Forbes mentioned Piqué and Shakira among their “World’s Most Powerful Couples.” This year, 2022, the duo wrote a joint statement that they are separating after loving themselves for twelve years.

Shakira and her Columbian partner, Gerard Piqué had issues that made fans and followers speculate that her latest track Te Felicito was referring to their split. A few days after the speculation by fans, Suzy Cortez mentioned that the Barcelona defender Piqué sent messages to her Instagram DM.

Suzy is a famous Brazilian model, TV host, winner of the 2015 Miss Bumbum competition, and athlete. She is a lovely lady with a sexy body shape. If you don’t know anything about the competition, Miss Bumbum is a beauty pageant that awards the model with the most beautiful buttocks in the entire country.

Cortez has featured in Playboy magazine several times. After Suzy Cortez Instagram won the 2015 competition, Rio 2016 Olympics chose her as their brand ambassador. In 2017, FIFA world cup leaders made her their ambassador for the 2018 edition of the FIFA world cup in Russia.

Suzy Cortez Instagram

Gerard Piqué Sends Suzy Cortez a Message

Suzy Cortez told the daily newspaper in America that Gerard Piqué sent her a text message. She said that Philippe Coutinho and Lionel Messi were the only Barcelona players that did not send her any messages. She added that Messi and Coutinho respect their wives and are great husbands.

Cortez mentioned that Shakira did not deserve what Piqué did to her. Suzy said she met Piqué through the previous president of Barcelona club, Sandro Rosell. When Pique discovered that she was friends with Rosell, he requested her phone number, and after giving him, he sent her a message.

He also entered her DM on Instagram, asking her the size of her butts. When asked why she didn’t expose Piqué, she said she respects Shakira. After leaving Europe, she claimed that Piqué constantly sent her messages, asking when she would return to Europe, and he also said he was jealous of the tribute she wrote to Messi.

Shakira and Piqué split because she caught him sleeping with another woman, and also Piqué was always attending nightclubs.


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Social Media

Suzy Cortez is active on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Even though OnlyFans is not a famous social media platform, she is active on OnlyFans with many subscribers. On Instagram, Cortez has over 2 million followers and more than 5k followers on Twitter.

She is @suzycortez on Tiktok with more than 3 million followers. On the other hand, Shakira is on Instagram @Shakira, with more than 73 million followers. She is @Shakira on Twitter with 52 million followers.

Net Worth

Suzy Cortez received approximately $22k after winning the Miss Bumbum competition in 2015. She has accumulated a net worth of $4-5 million from her work as a brand ambassador and other side businesses.


Suzy Cortez Instagram handle is the platform she uses to advertise for different brands. She is in her early thirties but doesn’t look it because of how she takes care of her skin and body. She is a bold and confident diva who is a model and entertainer.

She entertains her fans by regularly posting pictures of herself in a provocative pose and mostly without putting on clothes. Her admiration and respect for singer Shakira became evident after she revealed that Shakira’s man, Piqué, was constantly asking for the size of her butts.

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