Who is Ms Miri? See her latest leaked video and photo on OnlyFans

Early Life and Education

Ella Miri, also known as Ms Miri, is a Canadian TikTok star, social media prodigy, and adult video creator on OnlyFans. 

She celebrates her birthday every 22 December and revealed in an Instagram video on 3 October 2021 that she is 34 years old. Ms Miri has never spoken about her education or what degrees she holds. Still, since she was formerly a university professor, it is assumed that Miri is very intelligent, exceptionally brilliant, and well-educated.

ms miri professor


Full name Miri Ella
Date of birth 22nd December 1986
Age 35 years in 2022
Birth sign Capricorn
Place of birth Canada
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brunette Eye colour
MS Miri’s husband Not known
Education Information unavailable
Profession Internet personality, adult entertainer, former college tutor
Instagram @ms_miri_ella
Twitter Miri_Ella_
TikTok @msmiri1
Onlyfans @ms_miri


Top 10 facts about Ms Miri

  1. Miri is between the age of 35-40 approximately, and her name full name is Ella Miri.
  2. She is a popular member of the OnlyFans organization, a subscription-based social media platform where subscribed members watch the contents of their favorite video creators.
  3. She has around 52.7k followers on Instagram on the id @ms_miri_ella. She also has two other Instagram accounts, @miri_teaches with over 31k subscribers and @miriafterclass with more than 18k followers. 
  4. Ella Miri was formerly a professor in a university, and she still uses the title on her social media profiles.
  5. She has unique brown hair.
  6. She got fired from her job as a professor because of content she posted which was considered 18+ content, which was unacceptable by the school authority.
  7. Ms Miri’s Twitter account, @Miri_ella_, has more than 55k followers. MS Miri’s TikTok has more than 457k followers and has accrued more than 3.1 million likes from the photos and videos she posts on the platforms.
  8. Miri is a discreet person, despite being in the adult entertainment business, and as such, there is limited information about her life on social media.
  9. She has a beautiful grey eye color, and her body is considered ‘moderately curvy.’
  10. She is exceptionally brilliant and creative.

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Ms Miri Career

As exhibited by her former employment as a college lecturer, she is exceptionally brilliant. 

She has a side business that was declared unfit for her profession. There has been more than one instance in which a teacher has voiced discontentment over a disputed image. A New York math teacher also lost her job in 2019 due to the topless picture that circulated on social media in 2018. On the other hand, Miri was adamant about not wanting her image taken and made public.

In light of the circumstances surrounding her explicit content, the Board of Directors decided that it was not good for her to continue working as a teacher. Although she quickly removed the video because of its 18+ content, it had captured the attention of a large number of people.

Her videos were shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, resulting in significant followership for her work. Individuals were seen discussing such films on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, even if the videos were no longer available.

Although the public is aware that she is an adult content creator who works on membership sites like Onlyfans, the crowd hurled insults at her when a video of her was released on social media and deleted a few minutes later.

Miri is famous for her content among young people. She actively partakes when it comes to posting content on social media sites. MS Miri is discreet about her relationship as well as her family. She still bridges the gap between her personal life and her social life. 

Personal Life


Ms. Miri is a member of the OnlyFans platform- a subscription-based forum where fans subscribe monthly to read content like profiles of artists and other relevant social materials. It is also well-known for offering various selections of adult materials. Tim Stokely founded it, and it went live in 2016. While many may disagree, it is like any other social media platform and is only unique because users can sell and purchase original content there. 

Users post videos and photos to their accounts when utilized as an adult site, protected by a paywall. To gain access to the content, an individual must pay a monthly subscription fee that ranges anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the platform saw a sudden increase in users as cinemas, clubs, and venues closed down during the pandemic, and lots of people needed a new stream of income.

“I realized I needed to diversify my income by making my content,” Scarlet Bloom, an adult entertainer, told the LA Times. She saw OnlyFans as a reliable new business model to leverage. “That was when I more seriously got into OnlyFans.”

Miri is one of the top one million fans on the site, and this only means that she is earning a substantial amount from the website as a side hustle. However, when she posted a video that was erotic and touchy, the school administration under which she was employed considered it inappropriate. They mentioned that it would harm the students. She was forced to leave her job but kept the professor title of “miss.”

Her bio also still reads, “Canadian College Professor exploring her s_xual side…”

Canadian adult content creator

Ms Miri social media

Ms. Miri is active on Instagram, where she has the handle @ms.miri_ella. She has approximately 28,900 followers on the social media network. She also has a popular Instagram account with over 16,000 followers, and the handle is @reelMiri.

Her handle on Tiktok is @msmiri1. She has a sizable fan base on the app, with 457k followers and 359k hearts across her videos.

Ms Miri’s net worth 

Her net worth in 2022 cannot be estimated since she is discreet, but as a Professor in a Canadian college, her average annual salary was about $90,000. For her to leave the profession to face content creation, we are certain that it is more profitable.

Physical appearance

While she has not made her body measurements public, unlike other famous models, Ella Miri appears to fall in the ‘moderately curvy’ category. Although she sometimes appears blond, she has brown hair and grey eyes, and eye lenses help alter her eye color for different shoots.

Latest News on Ms Miri

Despite Miri being no longer a college professor, she is very active on her social media platforms, updating her followers with photos and videos. You can find the latest Ms Miri videos here: https://onlyfans.com/ms_miri


MS Miri is a social media personality who was fired after her photo and video leaked. Despite the video being no longer accessible, her fans are still talking about it on Twitter and Reddit. She is still an active TikToker and social media creator with content.

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