Marisol Yotta And Bastian Yotta’s Intimate Video leaked On Twitter

Marisol Yotta, born on is a famous American Tiktok star, fitness influencer, content creator, fashion model, and blogger who rose to fame for her posts on social media. She posts photos of beautiful places to tour, trending styles, product reviews, etc. Fans and followers know her for her sexy and hot body structure, adorable looks, gorgeousness, and personality.

She has modeled for several top brands in different industries. Aside from being an Instagram star with more than 700k followers, fans recognize her as a star on Snapchat, where she shares photos of herself in different outfits. Yotta is passionate about dancing, traveling, modeling, blogging, and acting, which has made her collaborate with renowned brands.

She has a large fanbase on her social media platforms, and her fans celebrate her for the informative and creative content she posts. Follow this article to the end as we dissect different areas of her personal life.

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Early Life and Education

Marisol Yotta was born to her parents on 25 June 1991 in California, US. We do not know anything about her early life or the schools she attended. However, a source claims she studied Dietetics and Nutrition in the US, and she also has a Master’s Degree in Longevity.

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Top 10 Facts About Marisol Yotta

  1. She loves to meditate, go shopping, and engage in crazy adventures during her leisure time.
  2. Recently, she posted different pictures of herself with another lady on her Instagram and Facebook handles. We do not know if she is now a lesbian or a bisexual.
  3. Marisol Yotta engages different young ladies on the best way to experience their sexuality and do away with certain assumptions.
  4. Her husband, Bastian Yotta, has had three failed marriages before engaging Marisol Yotta. Bastian first married when he was 21.
  5. Some sources mentioned that Marisol went through plastic surgery to achieve her beautiful body figure.
  6. On her OnlyFans account, she has free membership there @onlyMarisol.
  7. Marisol Yotta loves to cook, and she has shared pictures of herself in the kitchen cooking on her Instagram account.
  8. She loves pets and also loves to watch romantic movies.
  9. In 2020, Marisol and her boyfriend’s intimate video went viral, which made Twitter temporarily ban her account. She didn’t care about the ban because she is famous on other handles and has a large fanbase.
  10. Marisol Yotta was born in June 1991, and she’ll be celebrating her 31st birthday this year, 2022.

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Full Name Marisol Ortiz
Famously known as Marisol Yotta
Date of Birth 25 June 1991
Place of Birth California
Nationality Indian
Profession Content Creator, Social Media Star, Model, Marisol OnlyFans
Family members Unknown
Children One
Spouse Bastian Yotta
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5’5’’
Weight 55kg
Favorite Color Black, White, and Red
Hobbies Dancing, Traveling, Gyming and Shopping
Tattoo Yes
Favorite Beverages Fruit Juice, Coffee, and Mojito


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When Marisol Yotta was young, she loved the idea of modeling and started working towards it. She began by working on her body to ensure a perfect body shape. Not only does she work out, but she also has fitness routines that she follows, and being a dietician and nutritionist, she eats a healthy diet.

Today she has become a well-known star, and she has lots of fans. She is also a singer who has released songs like “Move Ahead,”

Personal Life

Fans are always interested in the physical components of celebrities. Marisol Yotta has an endearing physique. She stands at 5’5’’ and weighs 55kg, perfect for her height.

Marisol Yotta leaked video

Marisol and Bastian Yotta’s intimate video leaked on Twitter and went viral, making Twitter ban her account. Fans have been eager and curious to watch the video, although it is no longer available. In 2020 she posted a tweet and mentioned that if Twitter thinks she is a sex worker when she hardly posts nudes, she doesn’t care. Twitted lifted the ban after a while

Marisol Yotta and her then-boyfriend Bastian Yotta met in 2019 and fell in love. One year later, Bastian proposed to Marisol in a beachfront city in Los Angeles. They share their couple’s pictures on their social media handle on Instagram.

Her Husband

Bastian Yotta, born on 4 December 1976, is a well-established author, businessman, and actor. His appearance in The Fabulous Life of Yottas brought him to the limelight. He is a singer and an author also. Bastian is the CEO of Global Skin company, which exports devices for IPL devices, cavitation, and tattoo laser devices.

Also, he founded GIBacon ventures, a software provider that connects generations through visual and easy-to-use devices. When Bastian Yotta was 21, he married his childhood friend, and their marriage lasted for nine years together; they had two children. Unfortunately, the marriage ended.

After some time, he married another woman, and it lasted for three years, after which it ended again. In 2012, he married another woman, Maria Hering, and the marriage lasted four years. Bastian and Maria worked together on the media and launched a competition on IG before they got married in 2021.

Bastian Yotta und Marisols Instagram-Profile wurden gelöscht |

He also established a fitness club, and during his leisure time, he goes to the gym to build and maintain his body. On YouTube, he has a channel where he uploads bodybuilding tips videos for people to watch and learn how to develop their bodies.

The couple has their villa in Hollywood Hills. Yotta and her husband organized an event, and they invited lots of celebrities, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, who honored the invitation. The couple is open about their wealth; they hide nothing.

Neighbors stated that Marisol and her husband Bastain disturb them with loud music every day. They also complained that the couple kept causing chaos with loud party music in the neighborhood. When the cops started an investigation, The couple mentioned that the previous house owner might have been the one disturbing. They denied the allegation.

Social Media

Marisol Yotta is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on social media platforms. She is also active on Snapchat and OnlyFans. On Instagram, she is @marisolyotta with more than 670k followers, and on Facebook, she is @marisolyotta with more than 27k followers. She also has a YouTube channel, @marisolyotta

On the other hand, her husband Bastian Yotta is also active on Instagram, with 729k followers and 1.7k followers on Twitter. He is active on OnlyFans, which he created in 2020, and on his handle on OnlyFans, he posts erotic content for free.

Marisol Yotta in a bikini while driving a car

Net Worth

Marisol, who rose to the limelight due to the photos she shares on her social media handles, has accumulated so much money from her career in the fashion world and entertainment industry. On her handles, she has shared pictures of her luxury house. She has a net worth of $7 million.

Bastian Yotta has multiple streams of income which have helped him accumulate a sum of $1.5 billion. He has written books such as The American Dream, The Yotta Bible, and Mind Slimming: The revolutionary… which have skyrocketed his net worth.

He is a billionaire who lives a luxurious lifestyle. He has an exotic mansion in Beverly and has expensive luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce. In addition to his cars, he owns a private which he uses for his travels.


We have given you all the beautiful details you need about the beautiful model who keeps flourishing in her career. While many young people hide their talents, Yotta has proven to the world that your talent can announce you. Also, since she is at the peak of her career, she has used the opportunity to encourage other young people. 

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