Ashley Tervort biography: net worth, OnlyFans, YouTube, plastic surgery

Ashley Tervort is an internet personality who creates content across many channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and OnlyFans. She is known for her audacious and bold pictures on social media. She also shares interesting videos across her other social media channels.

In addition, Tervort is a model, and she has been doing this since she was young. In fact, this young lady has posed for several fitness magazines, sharing the pictures on her Instagram page.

Her ultimate desire, though, is to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine. Although this model keeps almost all information about her personal life to herself, there’s still quite a lot to know about her.

Top 10 facts about Ashley Tervort

  1. Ashley Tervort was born on 10 August 1999, and she just turned 22 years old in 2021.
  2. Ashley Tervort height is 1.68 meters which is 5 feet and 6 inches (5’6″).
  3. Tervort has over 600 thousand cumulative followers across her all social media channels.
  4. She recently wiped her YouTube channel free of videos and left just one video.
  5. Ashley Tervort was born in Utah, US, and that is where she spent her childhood.
  6. Tervort is a fitness freak and used to have several videos on her YouTube channel where she shared tips for gaining weight.
  7. She has opened up about her struggles with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia.
  8. Tervort lost her brother and her mother to suicide.
  9. Ashley Tervort is also on OnlyFans, where she shares nude photos and engages with her subscribers.
  10. Tervort has admitted to having a chest job, but she also claims that is the only enhancement she made to her body.

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Early life

Ashley Tervort was born on 10 August 1999 in Utah, US, to parents of which we know nothing about. She does have siblings—two elder brothers and an elder sister and they were all raised as Mormons.

Ashley Tervort biography: net worth, OnlyFans, YouTube, plastic surgery

However, Tervort suffered quite a bit as she grew up and undoubtedly suffers emotionally even now. When she was 16, she lost one of her brothers to suicide. Additionally, her mother battled mental health illness for quite a while, which unfortunately resulted in her death by suicide. Tervort shared the details in a YouTube video, saying, “My mom passed away last year of suicide, and then my brother passed away when I was 16”.

The death of a loved one can be hard-hitting, so for someone to have to go through that twice is something that is so profound, especially under such circumstances.

Tervort did not let this affect her too much, though. She overcame her obstacles and continued putting in the work to get to where she needs to be.

For her high school education, she attended South Sevier High School. After that, she worked as a barista for over a year before travelling to Spain.

While she was in Spain, she studied Spanish and worked as an Au Pair to a Spanish family, teaching their daughters English and transporting them around. Tervort spent a year in Spain learning Spanish at the Luis Vives school of Spanish.

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After returning to Utah, she took a job as an adventure guide and sales associate at Maverik Inc. She worked there for only three months in 2018 before becoming a sales associate at Nordstrom in 2019.

While working at Nordstrom, she spread her wings on social media, continuing to create exciting content on YouTube until she could successfully live on her income. Since 2019, Ashley Tervort has worked as an influencer and a model.

Ashley Tervort biography: net worth, OnlyFans, YouTube, plastic surgery

Ashley Tervort started modelling at a young age and this is how she even broke into the world of modelling and entertainment. She would share pictures from her modelling gigs on her Instagram account, and slowly but surely, she started to steadily gain some fans.

After recording some success, Ashley decided to diversify her interests and do something else. In 2014, she decided to start a YouTube channel where she shares a wide range of content from cooking, Lifestyle, working out, beauty tips, and so many other kinds of videos.

She has always wanted to have her own YouTube channel and she disclosed this once in an interview, saying, “I always really loved YouTube and my dream was to be a Youtuber back then. I loved it, but it wasn’t as big of a thing when I was watching it then. It wasn’t so popular and you never really heard of anyone being a Youtuber, but I always wanted to do it, but I didn’t even know it was an option you know.

“But when I was living in LA, I realized there were so many Youtubers everywhere and it was a possible thing. Like people are Youtubers, they make money from it they have fun with it. I wanted to be a part of that so I started to do it and I think one of my first videos was like a 50 facts about me or something. I remember it only got about like a thousand views but I was so proud.”

Her interests are diverse and she showed that off through her social media channels, including on Instagram where she has 405 thousand followers. Thanks to her beauty and her attractive personality, she has enjoyed success and the love and admiration of many.

Her career as a YouTuber hasn’t been all smooth as she has received her fair share of hate comments. However, after she shared a video of herself attempting to roast a full chicken, the backlash became too much for her to bear. She took the video down and shared:

I temporarily put it on private. It blew up a little a few months after I had posted it (memes, articles, other YT videos), and all I was getting was rude/hateful comments about my body, my content, intelligence, and so much more.

“I can handle the normal amount of hate I get, but from this video, I was getting harassed, threats, and only toxicity. One night it really got to me and I was crying so bad that I realized I need to just hide it away for a minute. When I make it public again the comments will be disabled, hope you understand why.”

Tervort is also on OnlyFans, which is a website that allows creators to share private content and directly receive payment from subscribers. On OnlyFans, Tervort shares implied nude pictures, which are pictures in which the model poses nude without actually showing all her body.

Tervort received a lot of backlash for this type of content from those who felt as though she had cheated them by not sharing completely nude pictures. She responded by saying that she has been very clear about the type of content that she posts and if anyone felt deceived by that, then it’s their own fault.

Personal life

Ashley Tervort keeps her personal life very private, especially now that she has taken down all her videos on YouTube. If she currently has a boyfriend, then his identity is unknown, but she has disclosed that she loves men who have a healthy sense of humor.

About the kind of man that she likes, she said: “You have to have the same sense of humor as me and be really playful and lighthearted. I can have a dark sense of humor and you have to be able to appreciate that. If you can make me laugh and match my type of humor, I’ll really like you.”

So if she does have a boyfriend, then he is definitely someone with a sense of humor.

Tervort is famous partly because of her endownments, which have made people wonder if she has gotten any kind of surgery to enhance it. The answer is yes, but that’s the only enhancement she has made to her body, according to her.

This young beauty has also had her share of hardships. She has been very open about her eating disorders and has said that she is looking forward to a time when she won’t have to worry about that anymore.


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A post shared by Ashley Ann (@ashleytervort)

“My first experience probably with an eating disorder was when i was like 13 or 14, with anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia. And I’ve kind of cycled between those three. I’m 21 now and there’ll be a couple years but i don’t have any of those and then there will be a year where all three will be like ‘hey what’s up’,” she said about it.

Ashley Tervort net worth

Ashley Tervort has many streams of income. Although she has disabled her YouTube channel, she still makes a lot of money from OnlyFans, modelling, and Instagram. She has also made a lot of money from YouTube in the past, which would have contributed to her net worth.

Thanks to all this, Tervort is estimated to have a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars ($1.5 million).

For someone her age, this is an impressive number. As she continues to work, she will keep raking in more money and increasing her net worth.

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Ashley Tervort is a young woman determined to do something, so she went out and did it despite all the challenges that life threw her way.

Her open-mindedness, beauty, and lovely attitude helped her pave the way to success, and she took full advantage of all her opportunities. Although she has received tons of hate for what she does, she has learned to weather the storm and ignore the haters while doing her thing.

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