Who is Lalo Mora? His Music Albums, Wife, Net Worth And children.

Eduardo Mora Hernandez was born on 24 January 1947 in the Mexican state of Los RamonesNuevo León. He is a famous Mexican norteño singer with the stage name Lalo Mora. Lalo Mora hasn’t publicly disclosed his parents, but one would say his parents have taken good care of him. His parents fulfilled all his needs and desires. 

Lalo mora, presently 75 years old, was a prolific singer who started singing at a very tender age. People believed he started singing at the age of four. He loved singing at such a tender age that he grew to become a fantastic singer. 

Top 10 Facts About Lalo Mora

  1. He was born on 24 January 1947 and celebrated his 75th birthday this year, 2022.
  2. He is a unique Mexican norteño singer.
  3. His zodiac sign is Aquarius, and people know them to be clever, optimistic, self-reliant, and advanced. On the other hand, they can be uncompromising and temperamental.
  4. He started singing at a very young age, which helped him to become an excellent singer.
  5. His style of music is accordion-powered northern style.
  6. He has a net worth of between $ 1 million -$ 5 million
  7. One time, people accused the famous star of harassing women sexually, which caused an uproar on social media.
  8. He is a role model to others, especially his son, Lola Mora jr.
  9. He contracted the COVID-19 virus in 2020, but now he is fine and healthy.
  10. He has a beautiful wife, Aurora, and they had three children together, although one died in 2016.

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As a teenager, he started using the stage name, Lalo Mora. He started his singing career in local bars and restaurants in Mexico, where he would earn some money. People began recognizing his style of music, known as the Accordion-powered northern style, and they fell in love with his style of music.

He released so many eccentric songs that sharped his singing career into what it’s known presently for. He released songs like “El Preso Nuevo Leon” and “Laurita Garza.” But the song people recognized him the most was the Jenni Rivera album 1 Vida-3-historias: Despedida de Culican. He is amongst the world’s most successful leading singers and one of the wealthiest singers that Mexico has produced. 

Lalo Mora
Image source: Facebook

Lalo mora formed a group known as Lupe and Lalo with Guadalupe Mendoza in 1980, which was his first group and helped Lalo mora’s career. Lalo mora, in 1980, got a significant break in his career when he got an invitation from the upcomingnorteno group Los Invasores de Nuevo León.

The latter wanted him to become their lead vocalist. Lalo mora accepted their invitation, and as time passed, the singing group, ‘Los invasoresde Nuevo Leon,’ figured they could become a successful singing group. They worked on being one of the best singing groups in Mexican music. 

Their efforts finally produced results when people began recognizing their talents as a group, and their singing careers skyrocketed positively. As a result, lalo mora’s singing abilities were now not only recognized in Mexico but he was now being recognized abroad in countries like the united states of America and other countries. 

But as all journeys must end, Lalo mora left the Los invasores de nuevo Leon singing group. Isaias Lucero took over as the lead singer, but not long after, Rigoberto Marroquin took over as the lead singer. With no certainty of what the future might hold for him, Lalo mora chose to be a solo artist. Many people would have been upset with his decision to leave the “Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon “singing group.

But Lalo Mora knew what he wanted to accomplish for himself in life and took such a significant risk on his career. Mora went on to produce numerous solo albums that grew his fan base. He went on record for different record companies like Fonovisa record company and Disa record label.

Personal Life

Lalo mora is married to Aurora Lozano, and together they have three beautiful kids, Eduardo Narciclar Mora Cedeno, Lalo Mora Junior, and Aurora Mora. The couple named the last daughter Aurora after her mother. Their beautiful union gave birth to three kids, but they lost their son, Eduardo Narciclar Mora Cadeno, to death in 2016, and it caused a lot of pain for his family. The reason for his death remains uncertain up until this point.

Lalo Mora venció el Covid-19

Lola Mora gets Infected with Corona Virus

In 2020 Lalo mora confirmed that he had contracted the  COVID-19 virus, which was rampant 2020. However, he later made it known that he was now stable. 

Lalo Mora jr.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” is a famous saying, and Lola mora’s son, Lola mora junior, just like his father, ventured into a music career. One would believe that his father’s incredible music career was something his son admired and wanted to emulate and achieve. 

Lalo mora jr is the lead singer and bajo sexto player for ‘Los Herederos de Nuevo leon’. ‘Los Herederos de Nuevo Leon’ has a strong bond with the ‘invasores de Nuevo Leon’ music group; although he left. When he left, there were no hard feelings or disconnected relationships between Lola Mora and the ‘invasores de Nuevo Leon’ music group. 

They would respect him for what he has achieved in his musical career. Lola mora would reciprocate that respect back to the “invasores de Nuevo leon” singing group because it was where his singing talent became evident to people, and his fame grew.

It is safe to say Lola Mora jr.’s career has been nothing short of success in the Mexican music industry and the ‘Los herederos de Nuevo Leon’ singing group. Lalo mora jr sings along side Javier Rios jr in the ‘Los heredero de Nuevo leon’ music group. Javier Rios sr who is the father to Javier Rios jr is a founding member of the ‘Los herederos de Nuevo leon’.

Lalo mora jr. has been in the Los herederos de Nuevo Leon group for 13 years singing alongside Javier Rios jr, and even in adulthood, they still sing together. It’s safe to say that their relationship has grown from friends to brothers who love and appreciate each other for their talents and personalities.

Some people would want to argue that the father and son bond is more substantial than the mother and son bond, and in the Lalo mora family, the father and son bond is inevitably stronger. Both Lalo Mora and his son Lalo Mora jr. often performed together in many significant events. 

Lalo Mora Junior and Father

Lalo Mora Accused of Sexual Harassment

Some people have claimed that lalo mora has sexually harassed ladies. People feel that such an older adult his age should not be harassing young ladies. At one concert event, people said he took advantage of a fan, which caused a series of conversations on social media like Twitter, where people expressed displeasure with the singer’s behavior towards ladies.

Social Media

Lalo Mora is actively available on social media platforms. On Facebook, he has a verified Facebook account, @lolamora, with more than 1.6 million followers. He has more than 5k followers on Twitter @lalomora.

Net Worth

With his music, he has earned so much in terms of spiritual and financial aspects. His fortune not only grew due to his singing, but Lalo mora has a youtube channel called “LaloMoraVEVO” with over fifty-one thousand subscribers, which has generated extra income to add to his already enormous fortune. According to Forbes, Lalo Mora, at the age of 72, had a net worth of one million dollars to five million dollars.


Lalo mora has been nothing short of a role model for his son, and to a certain degree, he would be the favorite singer of aspiring singers. Lalo mora has had a fulfilling career that has seen him become a role model for many Mexican singers. Lalo Mora is a man who shows that anyone can achieve his dreams with talent, hard work, perseverance, and dedication. We are proud of this 75-year-old man. 

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