Jaelyn Crooks Get Lashed For Viral Racial Comment Video

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Two flamboyant brothers arrested, shot for armed robbery

Jaelyn Crooks is an American student who became famous after she released a video that went viral. She recorded a video alongside her friend. Jaelyn Crooks made comments that people term racist comments that got an online community upset. You might be asking who Jaelyn is and her background. These and more are what we have proffered answers to in this beautiful article.

Racial discrimination has been one of the frequent issues in the United States of America, especially among high school students. Although, institutions have taken preventive measures to curb racial discrimination. In this article, we have dissected the racism issue that took place in Prior Lake High School. Where a fellow student bashed and scorned another student who had suicidal tendencies.


Who is Jaelyn Crooks?

Jaelyn Crooks is an American teenager born in Minnesota to her parents. Although we do not know anything about her father, her mother is Jodie Crooks. We also do not know her exact birth date, but she should be in her early twenties from her looks. She is a student of Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. Some sources disclosed that she is from a wealthy casino tribe. 

Top 10 Facts About Jaelyn Crooks

  1. Jaelyn Crook’s exact date of birth is unknown, but from all indications, she is in her early twenties.
  2. She became famous after her racism video went viral on social media in 2020.
  3. Her parents are not well-known but sources mentioned that she is from a wealthy casino tribe.
  4. After making her fellow student, Nya Sigin, relapse into depression and anxiety disorder, one would have thought that Crooks would apologize, but she has not even acknowledged her wrongdoings.
  5. Jaelyn Crooks is active on social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. Although, she has made her Instagram handle private.
  6. Jaelyn is unapologetic about the comments she made to Nya Sigin.
  7. After the video went viral, people lashed out at Jaelyn and even went as far as threatening her family. Due to her parents’ wealth, they to policemen to secure their lives.
  8. Nya Sigin is a student that’s has been constantly abused by her mates which made her suicidal.
  9. Prior Lake School’s principal did not keep mute about the happenings, nor did he endorse it. Instead, he condemned the act.
  10. Elizabeth Sigin, Nya’s older sister defended her sister and ensured that the school authority address the issue.

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Jaelyn Crooks' parents and ethnicity: She is half-indigenous -
source: TheNetline

Jaelyn’s Racist Video Goes Viral

In late 2021, Shawn King, a fellow student, posted a video of Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crooks. The two students insulted another student by encouraging and threatening her to kill herself. Their comments were hateful, hurtful, and offensive to their fellow human. We know that you would love to watch the clip, but unfortunately, the full video is no longer available.

Jaelyn and Jayden referred to Nya Sigin, a 14-year-old fresh student at Prior Lake School. Nya Sigin has an African-American nationality and mentioned that her classmate shared the video with her. Although, she did not know that the two racist students referred to her in the video. Until she had a counseling session, and that was when she realized that she was the subject of the hateful video.

Elizabeth Sigin, Nya’s older sister, a senior student at the school, expressed her anger and rage after watching the clip. The language that the students used and the threats got her angry and resentful. Elizabeth also said that Jaelyn and Jayden were constantly bullying her sister. Elizabeth also added that the racial discrimination hurt her family because the students harassed her sister at all times.

Nya battled with depression and anxiety disorder which made Nya attempt suicide in 2021. She was on her way to recovery and mental wholeness, but it made her relapse when the video came out. Jaelyn belongs to an online community, ‘Sioux Community,’ which handled the case and created a GoFundMe account. They raised $38,000 to support Nya throughout college.

Racist video brings calls for action at Prior Lake High School
Nya Sigin and family source: MPRNews

Prior Lake School Principal Addresses the Situation

After the incident, Jaelyn Crooks became mute because the videos went viral and tampered with her image. She made her Instagram handle private. The principal of Prior Lake distributed a letter to parents citing that Prior Lake does not tolerate hate speech and racism.

He also guaranteed that the institution would respond to the case and punish the students involved. Some sources mentioned that the principal addressed Jaelyn’s parents in a letter. The cops were also involved in the investigation, and several people asked the school to expel the students.

The Sioux community also informed the public that their community does not support racism. Some news outlets reported that people had been threatening and harassing the Crooks family, and the cops started protecting the family. After the incident, the students of Prior Lake school still hold peaceful protests.

Some persons have been on the lookout for Jaelyn’s apology on social media. But they were disappointed, as Jaelyn has not apologized or taken responsibility for her words and actions.

Social Media

Jaelyn Crooks is available on popular social media platforms. On Instagram, she is @jaelyncrooks, although, after the incident, she made her Instagram account private. She is @jaelyncrooks on Twitter with 20 followers. She is @jaelyncrooks on Facebook  

Someone tweeted, “This is Jaelyn Crooks of Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. Nasty racist bigot. She is harassing a Black student that I am told was suicidal. This was reported to the school repeatedly, and they did NOTHING.” He made this tweet on 10 November 2021 alongside the video.


Jaelyn Crooks became famous for the wrong reason, affecting her in the long run. People see her as a hateful racist. She is a young girl and has a lot ahead of her, and we are sure that the world will be on the lookout to see if she will change. We hope that she changes her perspective about people and accepts them for who they are. We wish her all the best in life.

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