Raymond Weber Video Went Viral Where He Allegedly Killed Two Ladies

Raymond Weber video is one that went viral and made him famous. A lady name Savannah Theberge was found dead by the cops inside a Vacaville in January 2020. Not only was her body found, but also that of a young girl, 15. The cops found their bodies in a military housing complex.

The cops located the place and knew about the incident after a live stream revealed Raymond Weber holding a gun alongside the dead bodies of two young ladies on the floor. One of the ladies was his fiance, and the other lady was a 15-year-old teenager. Raymond Weber Video has attracted a lot of attention. Read on to know what really happened.

Early Life and Education

Raymond Lamarr Webber was born to his parents in Saint Louis, Missouri, on 1 June 1989. He is a free agent who formerly was an American football wide receiverThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed him as a free agent in 2011. He also played football for the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

Raymond Webber graduated from Cleveland NJROTC High School in Missouri. After which, he moved to Clyde C. Miller Career Academy. The school authorities did not allow Webber to play sports during his first year. However, he was an expert in track, football, and basketball.


Top 10 Facts About Raymond Weber

  1. Raymond was born on 1 June 1989, and he celebrated his 33rd birthday this year, 2022.
  2. Did you know that the Raymond Webber video was what made him famous because the video went viral?
  3. Fans also know him by the name Zino.
  4. He has an African and American nationality from California, US.
  5. Raymond Weber dated a 19-year-old girl, Nichole Duarte. However, his brother Antoine shot her in the face, and she didn’t survive it.
  6. Savannah Theberge called her mom in January 2020 to inform her that Weber had engaged her with a ring. And the both of them were preparing to go and see his parents; shortly after, Webber killed her.
  7. The cops couldn’t get Webber to surrender to them, and they had to use tasers to capture him forcefully.
  8. The court charged him with multiple felonies like domestic violence, possession of weapons, battery, and murder of two people.
  9. Raymond Webber has been a constant lawbreaker, and since 2006, the cops started arresting him. The court has charged him with offenses like possession of illicit contents, domestic violence, etc.
  10. He has a brother who is a famous American rapper, Uzzy Marcus.

Raymond Weber video

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Raymond Weber went to the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, where he studied Business marketing. He played football in school and was a four-year letterman, and he also recorded games for UAPB. When he was graduating, he came out second place in the Athletic conference. Weber recorded 100 receptions in season one of the game.

Also, when he was at the university, he joined the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha. In June 2012, the New York Jets signed him in, and they waived him in August of the same year. During the 2013 season of the Arena Football League, Raymond Webber signed with ‘Arizona Rattlers.’ Before they began the 2013 season of the game, they placed Webber in another league, although in July 2013, the Coach activated him.

However, he refused to join the Rattlers. Webber signed with a league Calgary Stampeders, in June, but they cut him out the same month.

Personal life

We do not have information about his parents or his upbringing. However, we know that he has two brothers, Antoine Weber and the famous American rapper, Uzzy Marcus Raymond Weber.

Raymond Weber full video

Savannah’s mom, Taylor, said Savannah ringed her phone that same month of January to inform her that Raymond Weber had engaged her, and she showed her mother the ring. She also added that they were preparing to travel to California to connect with his family. Her mother also disclosed that Webber involved himself with her daughter in the past.

However, it didn’t end well. Taylor identified her daughter’s body in the video from her distinguishing features and tattoos. Her mom also felt that Weber manipulated her daughter. She also explained that her daughter was a good girl and was never into drugs or even a street girl. One of Theberge’s friends, Grubbs, also mentioned that Savannah was a fantastic mother to her four-year-old son, and she did everything possible to make her son happy and fulfilled.

We only have little information about Savannah, but we do not have information about the other victim. Her family solicited that the cops hide her identity. As of 2021, the court sent Weber to jail and charged him with multiple charges like domestic assault and the first-degree murder of two people.

Some persons called the cops as early as 1 a.m on 30 January, and they live-streamed Weber with a gun and two dead bodies on the floor. The cops swung into action and got to the venue, and all efforts to get Weber to surrender proved abortive for eight hours. According to some sources, the cops had to use chemicals and tasers before they could capture him.

A screenshot from the live Video stream of Weber
A screenshot from the live stream of Weber

He appeared in a blue face mask and white and gray inmate jumpsuit, and the court ordered him to go for a competency exam. Some sources mentioned that Raymond Weber is an army veteran, although not an active soldier.

Before the incident in 2020, the police arrested him in 2014 for interrogation. Antoine Weber, his brother, shot Raymond’s girlfriend, Nichole Duarte, who died after two days. The cops believed that Raymond was there when his brother hit the 19-year-old girl.

Weber’s brother, Marcus, is a famous rapper. The video that circulated the night of the incident made people identify Raymond as Uzzy Marcus’ brother. ABC News disclosed that Marcus Weber is in police custody for possessing a firearm, endangering a child’s life, etc.

The night that Weber shot those two ladies, he said his brother, Uzzy Marcus tried to kill him; he also said they wanted to set him up. And before the police got him, he finally mentioned that the police were going in to capture him, and that would be the last time his fans and followers would see him online.

Social Media

Raymond Weber video is on social media platforms, although he is not too active on his handles. On Facebook, he is @raymondweber and @raymondweber on Instagram with more than 6k followers.


Raymond Weber video is one that brought him to the limelight, but it was for the wrong cause. Many people rise to stardom for their gifts, talents, and contributions to society. However, in the case of Raymond, the opposite is the case. His brother shot his first girlfriend, a 19-year-old girl, and then in 2020, he shot his fiance after engaging her and promising her marriage. His act is cruel, and even though he is in jail, we hope that justice is served. Raymond Weber video.

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