How did Instagram star and viral personality, Mati Marroni become famous?

Mati Marroni is an American viral personality and a social media sensation who hails from Houston, Texas, and was born in 2002. Mati gained popularity overnight by posting a video of herself eating a burger from Whataburger. For the most part, what caught most eyes was her barely covered bosom. The video unexpectedly went viral, and before long, she was appearing in Forbes Magazine.

Following the popularity, Mati gained huge followership across social media, and of course, with that came scrutiny. It wasn’t long before she began to get criticism for her activities like twerking and sharing racy photos. People inferred from these activities that she is a sex worker, and rumours soon circulated about her selling adult content on Snapchat.

Consequentially, she slipped into depression and considered taking down her Instagram page at some point. That didn’t happen, though, and instead, Mati continued posting the same kind of content, unbothered about what anyone thought.

The world is in a time where fame is easier to attain. All it takes is the internet, little luck and viral content to shoot anyone into fame. Sustaining it is also almost as easy when you only need to keep fielding the same type of content.

There’s expectedly more public interest in her affairs for 19-year-old Mati, whose fame came with controversy. This article will bring to the fore as much information about her as possible to answer frequently asked questions about the young star. Firstly, below are ten interesting Mati Marroni facts.

10 facts about Mati Marroni

  1. The 19-year-old star is very trendy and is big on body beautification, evidenced by her accessorized dressing and navel and ears piercings.
  2. Before her overnight fame, Mati used to be inactive on Instagram. She said that she began to enjoy it after receiving an unprecedented amount of feedback from her followers.
  3. She is a pet lover and, in particular, a canine enthusiast. Mati has a dog named Corazon (Spanish for ‘heart’) as a pet.
  4. For Mati, the most exciting thing about her career is that she gets lots of chances to travel due to her work.
  5. A fascinating fact about the social media celebrity’s story has to be the fact that her very first Instagram post went viral, something that rarely occurs.
  6. She has a strong opinion about women, especially concerning how women are subject to objectification. Through her work, she wants to change this view of society towards her and other women.
  7. Mati Marroni has stated that she is pretty passionate when it comes to helping others. She says that she wants to work for girls and women who do not have the freedom to pursue their dreams. She wants to use social media platforms to connect with people and create a positive message for society.
  8. Marroni loves to try new things and experiment with her looks. On one occasion, she was seen posing with a yellow snake.
  9. Genie Exum is her best friend, and you will find a lot of photos of them together on her official Instagram account.
  10. According to several sources, Mati Marroni currently has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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Mati Instagram

As earlier mentioned, it all started for Mati on Instagram in 2018 when her friend posted her video. It was an eight seconds video of Mati eating a Whataburger. The video instantly went viral and launched her onto fame. The result of the unplanned video took her by surprise, and she had next to no time to adjust to the newfound fame. Of course, there is nothing special in a video of someone eating a burger, at least not enough to cause such a worldwide craze.

What actually fascinated people about the video was what Mati Marroni was wearing. She wore flimsy clothing that exposed her bosom and that undoubtedly attracts all kinds of attention. Instagram took the video down before long because, at the time, she wasn’t even 18 yet. However, she gained more popularity after that when she became part of a pay per view show where her fans could watch some of her censored content.

In 2020, after regaining fame through YouTube videos and more Instagram photos, Mati started experiencing the dark side of the internet. Distasteful comments about her choice of dressing and comments inferring she’s a sex worker began to surface. These got to her, and she slipped into depression. For a while, she considered shutting down her page and leaving everything behind her. Eventually, she didn’t resort to that and safe to say, and the fast fame was a bit too much for her to handle when it happened.

Marroni appeared in an interview on YouTube on 19 August 2020. In the interview, she admitted that she did not have any idea about getting popular from an eight-second video clip. She currently has 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

Adult content allegations

A YouTuber named Luther !556 made a video in 2019 claiming Mati was a minor selling adult content of herself and asked people to report her. The video did not have the model’s explicit photos to prove she sold the alleged indecent content on Snapchat; therefore, people rushed to the video’s comments section to defend her.

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A user named EG replied to the video saying: “She doesn’t sell them she just takes the money and doesn’t reply afterward.”

Luther !556 replied to EG, saying: “She only recently started scamming these creeps and there are numerous instances when she did provide highly suggestive images and videos of herself. I did not want to put those messages (where you can see that she has provided them explicit images of herself) in this video because I don’t want it to be taken down. I would also prefer not to go to prison.”

The YouTube video received over 60,000 views.

Mati Marroni Reddit

A user who goes by the name, Luther1556241 (most likely the same person who made the YouTube video), made a Reddit post with the same accusation as that on YouTube. “Mat.i needs to be stopped she is a minor who sells p___graphic images and videos of herself PLEASE REPORT HER,[sic]” the post’s title read.

Though it did not receive much attention, compared to the YouTube video, 85% of Reddit users who watched the video clicked the up-vote, meaning they liked or were startled by its content.

Further clarification on the Mati Marroni sex work allegations

Zachary Elliot, the photographer who snapped the alleged adult content images of Mati, posted an article explaining what happened during her mega shoot in Texas. Zach was just one of many other photographers who lobbied to work with Mati at the time. He checked her Instagram and Twitter posts before contacting her via email in March 2019.

Mati agreed to a 7-hour-photoshoot of 12 different looks for $700. Zachary bought the trendy outfits she chose from Dolls Kill and shipped them to her. In his explanation, it was his first time flying out of his California base to work with a high profile client. Two of Mati’s friends accompanied her to the photoshoot venue in Houston. Zach claims Mati carried herself professionally during the shoot.

Because she was underage at the time, there was no agreement between Zach and Mati to release the photos, especially as there was no parental consent granted. He decided to release the stunning videos and photos on Reddit in May 2019. At first, Mati objected to his idea but gave in after he agreed not to use her last name. As such, it was never aimed at making money or to be used maliciously on the internet.

Personal life

There is not much of Mati’s personal life available to the public. Most people want to know about her love life, but there is nothing to tell as she is still single. The only thing she loves at this time is her pet dog named Corazon.

Her full name is Maltide Marroni and she is very passionate about empowering women and fighting the status quo that has kept them limited. She aims to use her platform to help girls like herself achieve their dreams, no matter what those dreams are. She has pointed out that she wants to use social media platforms to connect with people and create a positive message for society.

Mati Marroni net worth

She makes money largely from brand endorsements, YouTube views and modelling. Sources suggest that Mati Marroni has a net worth of about $1.5 million. For her age, that is quite a lot of money, and she is only just getting started.


What began as an unexpected occurrence has become a success story for Mati Marroni. She has so far taken it gracefully and is turning out to become a befitting star. The coming years will be interesting as she has a lot of progressive ideas she plans to set in motion. Cheers to the future.

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