Biography of Sara Ramirez’ ex-husband, American businessman Ryan DeBolt

Born 25 September 1980 in Mexico City, American businessman Ryan DeBolt is a celebrity spouse mostly known as the ex-husband of famous actress Sara Ramirez, whom he married in 2012. Ramirez is one of the most successful Mexican-American entertainers in the US and has worked in many hit TV shows and films like The CapemanGrey’s Anatomy, and more.

Other than being Ramirez’s ex-husband, Ryan DeBolt is markedly successful in his career. He is into banking analytics and works at TIME Inc., and he has received plaudits for his smartness and sharp business skills. It is worthy of note that Ryan was very supportive of his ex-wife in all ramifications. In fact, he remained married to her after she openly came out as bisexual.

In 2021, after nine years of being together, Ramirez and DeBolt’s union came to an end. This was announced in an Instagram post by the actress, and they requested for privacy as they navigated the new phase.

Being associated with a celeb more often than not exposes people to a more public lifestyle. However, while his marriage to Sara Ramirez put him out there, Ryan DeBolt didn’t stop being the private person he had always been. He rarely made appearances in the media and was content to lead a life away from the limelight.

As we take a closer look at his life in this article, we hope to help you learn more about him, his career, and more. To begin the show, here are ten facts about Ryan DeBolt.

10 interesting facts about Ryan DeBolt

  1. Ryan is not only business savvy, but he also has a bit of art in him as he does music editing on the side.
  2. The successful businessman has a rich heritage; he is of Mexican American nationality and has both Mexican and Irish ethnicity.
  3. There is a five-year age gap between Ryan and his ex-wife; he was born in September 1980, while she was born in August 1975.
  4. He got married to Sara Ramirez on 22 July 2012 in a New York beachside ceremony; before then, he put together a romantic proposal in Paris.
  5. His ex-wife is bi-sexual and nonbinary; she came out as bisexual during a 2016 conference and as nonbinary through a social media post in 2020.
  6. Despite how complicated the situation may seem, DeBolt stood by his wife and remained supportive, staying married to her for almost four years after she came out as bisexual.
  7. Also, in 2016, Ryan’s ex-wife donated her hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children who suffer from medical conditions leading to hair loss.
  8. Sara Ramirez is also an activist who runs campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights, and she has won several awards for her phenomenal contribution to the community.
  9. Ryan and Sara’s marriage didn’t produce any children, although it was rumored that she was pregnant at some point.
  10. DeBolt has amassed an impressive fortune as a business analyst; according to several sources, he has a net worth of $4.5 million.

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Ryan DeBolt career

Though information about Ryan’s education isn’t available, it is said that upon his graduation, he wasted no time before plunging right into the business world. He moved up the ladder faster than usual, all thanks to his exceptional business analysis skills. As earlier stated, he has received many plaudits for his expertise across his years of active practice. Ryan currently serves as a business analyst at TIME Inc.

As Sara Ramirez husband

Ryan DeBolt and Sara have described their relationship as “love at first sight.” They first met at an after-party and took an instant liking to each other before they started dating almost immediately. In 2011, Ryan took things to the next level by arranging a romantic proposal in Paris. In July 2012, they got married at a beachside venue in New York City with close friends and family members in attendance.

Throughout their time together, they always looked to be super in love. Ramirez’s social media always had photos of them together. While they both had no children, they were speculations about Sara being pregnant at one time.

In 2016, during a speech at the True Colors Fund’s 40 to None Summit, Sara came out a bisexual. This happened after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, during which 49 people were killed, and 50 others were wounded. The tragedy is deemed to be one of the deadliest attacks against the LGBTQ community and Latinos in modern US history. It inspired Sara’s decision to go public with her sexuality. One can imagine that Ryan had long been aware before the rest of the world.

It tells a lot about the type of bond they had because not only did that not spell the end of their marriage, they remained together for another four years after that.

Sara Ramirez and Ryan DeBolt divorce

Naturally, rumors of separation started trailing DeBolt and Sara right after his wife came out as bisexual in 2016. They, however, all turned out to be baseless, as the couple remained solid regardless. Ryan and Sara will remain married for another five years before eventually splitting.

In 2020, Sara made yet another announcement, this time around, they came out as nonbinary. A year later, after about nine years of marriage, the couple went their separate ways. In an emotional Instagram post, Sara shared the news with fans and followers, saying, “Ryan and I are no longer together. We remain loving and supportive in how we are choosing to forge our new individual paths. Thank you for holding space around our choices and respecting our families’ privacy as we navigate this process on our own terms.”

Sara Ramirez (Wiki)

Born 31 August 1975, Sara Elena Ramírez is a Mexican-American actor, singer, songwriter, and activist. Ramírez moved to the United States at age 8 and graduated with a fine arts degree from the Juilliard School. Sara’s parents divorced when they were eight years old. Thereafter, they lived with their mother in San Diego, US.

Ramirez faced a lot of racism and discrimination, especially when their “white-looking” mother was not around. The experience left them traumatized and feeling unwanted.

Acting career

Initially, Sara’s goal in life was to become an engineer. But as they began to get appreciation, they decided to pursue theater and arts. This led to their entering New York’s Julliard School after graduating from SDSCPA. In New York, Sara had to struggle financially, living in a 10-by-16 room with a loft bed.

In 1997, Sara graduated from Julliard School with a degree in Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (Dramatics). At the age of 23, Ramírez began acting in Broadway productions, making their debut in Paul Simon’s The Capeman, and later ventured into film and television roles.

Ramirez’ breakthrough came with their portrayal of the original Lady of the Lake in the 2005 Broadway musical Spamalot. For their performance, they received the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. On Grey’s Anatomy, Ramirez portrayed Dr. Callie Torres, the longest-running LGBT character in US television history, appearing in 11 seasons and 239 episodes. They later portrayed the bisexual, non-binary role of Kat Sandoval in Madam Secretary.

Ramirez performing on stage

Ramirez debuted as a voice actor in the 1999 video game entitled UmJammer Lammy. They have also voiced Queen Miranda in the animated series Sofia the First (2012–2018). As a musician, Ramírez released their first single, “Silent Night” in 2009, and a self-titled EP that debuted at no. 37 on the Billboard 200 in 2011.

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As an LGBTQ+ activist, Ramirez won the Ally for Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in 2015 for her extensive campaigns.

Sara Ramirez Grey’s anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series that premiered on 27 March 2005. The series focuses on the lives of surgical interns, residents, and attendings as they develop into seasoned doctors while balancing personal and professional relationships. It revolves around the title character, Dr. Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo. Grey is first featured as an intern and later becomes the chief of general surgery, all the while exploring the ups and downs of a surgeon’s life.

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running scripted primetime show currently airing on ABC and the longest scripted primetime series carried by ABC. As of 28 February 2019, it was the longest-running American primetime medical drama series. The show received numerous awards, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama and a total of 38 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Ramirez featured as Dr. Callie Torres, an orthopedic surgeon who was once married to George O’Malley but divorced him after he had an affair with Izzie Stevens. She then dated Arizona Robbins for some time before the relationship hit the rocks. Callie eventually gets pregnant for Mark, but it is Arizona that she ends up marrying. The rollercoaster of her love life went on till the end of her time on the show when she relocated with her new girlfriend.

Ryan DeBolt Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy
As Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy

Sara Ramirez net worth

Ramirez has had a very successful career on stage and on TV. They have also enjoyed some success as a musician, and have made a fortune while at it. According to Celebrity Networth, Sara currently has a net worth of $5 million.

Ryan DeBolt net worth

As already stated, Ryan DeBolt’s career as a business analyst has been nothing short of successful. Being a high-paying profession that it is, he has amassed a $4.5 million wealth over the years.


It is hard to imagine how challenging it actually is to live through the evolution of someone you love. Watching Sara transition over the years couldn’t have been an easy feat, but Ryan stayed right beside his partner for as long as possible. Talk about understanding, patience, and genuine support. They each already have accomplishments in their individual careers. Hopefully, they both find balance and fulfillment in their individual journeys as they walk this new phase of their lives.

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