Maria Fernanda Yepes: Her Boyfriend, Career, Movies, And Networth

Maria Fernanda Yepes is a Columbian actress and model, widely recognized for her role in the soap opera Sin Senos no hay Paraíso. When we talk about the most beautiful women in the world, Miss Maria Fernanda Yepes is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.

She was born to her parents in Medellin, Columbia, on 23 December 1980. She is one of the best actresses in Columbia, and her movie performances have made her known. Continue reading this article as we delve into other areas of her life, like her net worth, boyfriend, family, and movies.

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Early Life and Education

Maria Fernanda Yepes was born into a beautiful Colombian family. Maria Fernanda Yepes is a graduate of Pontifical Bolivarian University. Just being a graduate alone, Maria Fernandes Yepes tells people she’s an intelligent lady.

She didn’t just let her looks define her, but she decided to complement them by becoming an educational literate. As a versatile woman, Maria Fernandes Yepes chose to study theater and arts for three years in Spain to acquire skills and knowledge. 

Top 10 Facts About Maria Fernanda Yepes

  1. Yepes was born in December 1980, and she’ll be celebrating her 42nd birthday this year, 2022.
  2. Her favorite colors are black and blue.
  3. Maria’s parents brought her up properly, which is evident in her conduct.
  4. The famous actress loved singing from childhood, although she never pursued a career in singing. We are sure that if she had dabbled into singing as a profession, she would have become one of the best singers. She might have been amongst the ever-large and growing number of musical geniuses in the world. 
  5. Maria Fernandes Yepes came into the limelight after she featured in her first movie role La Diva.
  6. She started modeling at 13, and being a beautiful girl with a great body structure; she modeled for different brands. She also participated in international and national modeling competitions like Colombia’s top female intimate apparel.
  7. When Yepes is not on set, acting in movies, she loves to use her leisure time to travel around. One of Maria Fernandes Yepes favorite destinations to travel to is London.
  8. Maria Fernandes Yepesas as a child, grew up loving pizza and burgers, and one of the best places to have a delicious, tasty, and well-prepared burger and pizza was in London. 
  9. Aside from her career in acting, Yepes also studied journalism, social communication, and cooking, and she enrolled in a photography class. 
  10. She is dating famous actor José María Galeano.

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Maria Yepes


Maria Fernanda Yepes started a career in modeling at a young age, where she won several modeling competitions. After a while, she decided to switch to an acting career. She went to Spain to study theater and performing arts. After Maria Fernandes Yepes completed her theater and art studies, she moved entirely into the entertainment industry.

In 2006, Maria Fernanda Yepes was featured in her first movie role, and she played the role of Kathy in the movie La Diva. Subsequently, Maria Fernanda Yepes gradually got into the movie industry as she featured in over ten films. The movie industry recognized her talent when she appeared in the Sin senos no hay paraíso, where she played the role of Yesica. 

Yesica Franco, in the movie, was a woman who would recruit a group of ladies purposely to offer sexual services to the drug traffickers. Maria Fernanda Yepes went on to feature in other movies. She played a prominent role in most of the films in which Maria Fernanda Yepes appeared. Yepes got featured in movies like Azúcar, Rosario Tijeras, and the television series Dark desire

Yepes has appeared in several movies. She appeared in La Piloto Zulima Montes as La Bruja and in José José, el príncipe de la canción, she appeared as Anel. In Demente criminal, she played a recurring role in 50 episodes as Detective Gabriela Fons. Maria Fernanda Yepes appeared in 24 episodes of La Teniente as Teniente Roberta Ballesteros, and in Lynch, Yepes appeared as Florencia Villalonga.

In En Los tacones de Eva, she played Valentina’s role and appeared in Pura Sangre as Natalia / Venus. She played the role of Renata Solá in Mentes en shock.

Personal Life

Maria Fernanda Yepes was born into the family of Mr. Gilberto Yepes and Mrs. Martha Alzate, her biological parents. Maria Fernanda Yepes has a younger female sibling named Maria Victoria Yepes. Maria’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, and people with the Capricorn zodiac sign are strong, determined, ambitious, and worldly.

They hardly give up, and they make good collaborators and friends. They are supportive and loyal to their loved ones and friends. She is 5ft tall and weighs 60kg.

Maria Fernanda Yepes Boyfriend

Maria Fernanda Yepes is currently dating Jose Maria Galeano; he is an actor just like her and was born in Algeciras, Spain, on 18 November 1979. Jose Maria Galeano is a Spanish actor widely known by people for acting as Braulio Padilla in La Doña and as Father Tomás in the drama Que te perdone Dios.

He studied sociology and political science at the University of Granada, after which he relocated to Madrid and studied acting there. He has appeared in several movies and series. He appeared as as Daniel Lucena in Hospital Central and as Javier in José José, el príncipe de la canción. Galeano also featured in Luis Miguel: The Series as Jaume Torrens, and he also appeared in El Dragón: Return of a Warrior as Leopoldo Santamarina.

Maria Fernanda Yepes

Social Media

Maria Fernanda Yepes is an exceptional actress with a large fanbase of 1.5million followers on Instagram @Mariafelina. She is @MFernandayepes on Twitter, with over 646k followers. Maria Fernanda Yepes is loved and adored by millions of people worldwide.

Maria Fernanda Yepes is loved for her beauty, great personality, and ability to act effortlessly in movies. In comparison, her boyfriend Jose Maria Galeano is on Instagram @josemariagaleano with 328k followers. On Twitter, he is @josemariagaleano, with more than 11k followers.

Maria Fernanda Yepes Networth

Her paycheck would be massive for an actress like Maria Fernanda, who has featured in many movies. She is currently worth 1.5 million dollars and enjoying her life to the fullest. While her boyfriend, José María Galeano, has a net worth of $66 million.


At a young age, Maria Fernanda Yepes dared to dream big and ended up fulfilling all her dreams. She is a practical example of how determined people should be in achieving their goals and never backing down no matter the circumstances. Her unrelenting efforts and how far Maria has come to achieve her dreams and goals. She is a role model for younger kids who feel their goals are beyond reach.? We wish Maria and Jose a happy ending.

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