4 secret off-the-grid travel destinations to visit in 2022

See 4 secret off-the-grid travel destinations where you can unplug from the stress of your daily life and unwind in 2022.

Rarely a day goes by when it’s not tempting to unplug everything and disappear into the wild. Unfortunately, that’s unrealistic for nearly everyone—but that’s why paid time off days exist. Take a look at the best off-the-grid travel destinations to visit next year to plan your ultimate getaway.

Ultima Thule Lodge (Alaska)

Ultima Thule Alaska Lodge | An Exclusive Wilderness Adventure

If cold temperatures don’t faze you, the Ultima Thule Lodge in Chitina, Alaska, is an Arctic paradise. Setting up shop in this desolate location will make you feel like you’re on a different planet. You can marvel at the northern lights and appreciate the Alaskan wilderness from afar. Considering the nearest road is hundreds of miles away, it’s crucial to follow some safety precautions if you plan on doing any camping.

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New Camaldoli Hermitage (California)

New Camaldoli Hermitage |

Between Hollywood and the tech capital of the United States is the quaint area of Big Sur, California. Here you can stay at the New Camaldoli Hermitage and let the charming scenery of spectacular mountains and majestic redwoods take your breath away. The Hermitage is an active monastery, but even if praying isn’t on your to-do list, you’ll have ample opportunities to enjoy some much-needed tranquility. After all, the sound of real waves crashing is better than the simulated sound on a phone app.

Osprey Cabin (North Dakota)

Osprey Cabin, Holiday home Sunriver

Outside of Oregon and Washington, you may overlook many of the northwestern parts of the United States. However, doing so neglects some superb locations, such as North Dakota’s Osprey Cabin in Lake Metigoshe State Park. You can reach the cabin by canoe or a lengthy hike, and it will have you living life like you’re a part of the Oregon Trail, with no electricity in sight. Hopefully, no one falls victim to dysentery like most of us did when we dabbled in the computer game.

Glamping Getaway Goblin Valley Yurts (Utah)

Camp At Utah's Goblin Valley State Park For A Unique Experience

The alliterative masterpiece of the Glamping Getaway Goblin Valley Yurts in southern Utah is the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re on Mars. The rustic, reddish, rocky terrain could have been the setting for The Martian, but you can enjoy relaxing on a porch with some candles to illuminate your surroundings. Furthermore, you can take a journey by canoe to Goblin’s Lair. Who wouldn’t want to visit someplace called Goblin’s Lair?

4 secret off-the-grid travel destinations to visit in 2022

Targeting the best off-the-grid travel destinations to visit next year is an excellent game plan for any outdoor enthusiast for the upcoming year. Any one of these locations will change your life for the better and make you book your next trip the second you return to your daily life.

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