Xavier Novell, Catholic Bishop Resigns After Falling In Love With Satanic Novelist, Silvia Caballol

Silvia Caballol is a 39-year-old lady who was born in Suria in 1983, and she is a fiction writer. Silvia Caballol lived in Morocco for a specific time with her ex-partner. Silvia and her ex-partner split up for reasons best known to them. Silvia Caballol, a mother of two kids, was left alone to cater to her kids.

She left Morocco and moved to Barcelona, where she started a new life for herself. Silvia Caballol became popular in Spain after writing and publishing the book The Hell of Gabriels Lust  Many people have described Silvia Caballol as always intrigued by anything new and exciting. Her books are available on Amazon.


Early Life and Education

Silvia Caballol is a lady who loves learning new things and seeking out information where it is available. She studied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. After which, she acquired a post-graduate degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Silvia Caballol is a versatile woman who has ventured into other things besides her academic quest. She had taken many courses, including anti-stress techniques, sexology, and many others. She is an ever-intelligent lady who has written and published many books.


Silvia Caballol is an author with several books she has written and published. However, the contents of her books have gained a large fan base for Silvia Caballol, despite hatred from other people. Silvia has written many books that include satanic fiction alongside erotic novels

Her publisher described Silvia as a versatile woman who tends to make people question their morality and ethics through her books. With no law restricting Silvia Caballol from writing and publishing what she deems fit and suitable for her. She is free to write and publish books of any content.

Silvia Caballol continues to write many books, be it satanic fiction or erotic novels, as no one would hold or account for her for the ideas or life-changing decisions people would take and implement in their lives. 

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Sílvia Caballol Clemente
source: Wikiwand

Silvia Caballol’s Personal Life

She has a zodiac sign of Leo, and Leo signifies a lion. People like Silvia Caballol, who have the zodiac sign Leo, are said to be the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They are passionate and love their royal status. They love the attention and spotlight being on them. People with the zodiac sign tend to bask in their glory and celebrate their achievements. They hold themselves in high esteem and want others who exhibit such character as friends.

People with the zodiac sign Leo are natural-born leaders. They can start and maintain new friendships and romance that is creatively inspired. It’s no surprise that Silvia Caballol exhibits this character flawlessly and carries herself with high esteem. But it brings into perspective whether Silvia Caballol was actually in love with Xavier Novell or she was trying to get the spotlight focused on her.

Just like what Silvia Caballol’s zodiac sign Leo portrays, she might have been actually after the controversy that would come as a result of her getting together with Xavier Novell. Silvia Caballol, divorced by her ex-husband, left Morocco and moved to Barcelona. While in Barcelona, Silvia found new love, but this newfound love came along with much criticism. Silvia Caballol, a satanic and erotic novelist, fell in love with a Catholic bishop, Xavier Novell. 

Due to the contrast in their line of work, people were disappointed in the union between Silvia Caballol and bishop Xavier Novell. Ordinary citizens were not just the ones that were disappointed with such a union, but other renowned bishops and Catholics were dismayed at such a union. 

Catholics to Exorcise Xavier

The Catholics and bishops believed that Xavier Novell was possessed and no longer in control of his body. Other bishops and Catholics wanted to exorcise his body to free him from whatever they thought had taken control over Xavier Novell.

Though other people were disappointed at such a union between Caballol and Xavier Novell, some were happy and excited to see what this union held for them. Love is beautiful, and it was remarkable for someone like Silvia Caballol to fall in love again and be loved back. As for Xavier Novell, falling in love with such a beautiful lady like Caballol would be a dream come through for him. 

Who is Xavier Novell

Xavier Novell is a Catholic Bishop who came into the spotlight for falling in love with another woman, Caballol. He was the youngest bishop in Spain when he got appointed at the Catalana Municipality of Solsanain in 2010. Xavier was a well-respected and acknowledged bishop in the Catholic faith before his union with Silvia Caballo. After people and the Catholic church learned of his love decisions, the church stripped him of his position in the church.

According to people, Xavier Novell, a catholic bishop, was accused of supporting the conversion therapies of gay people. The Catholic church banned him from offering the sacraments for four months. Xavier Novell abandoned his position in the catholic church and chose to go after his one true love.

Xavier Novell told his friends that he had fallen in love with a woman for the first time. Other people would have supported the actions taken against Xavier Novell, but other parties supported him for making a decision about his life and standing by it.

In a Tweet by TheGuardian, they posted the picture of Novell and Caballol with the caption. “Xavier Novell announced in August that he was resigning as Bishop of Solsona for “strictly personal reasons.” It has now been revealed that he had fallen for Silvia Caballol, a writer of erotic novels featuring characters ‘possessed by the demon of lust’.”

Xavier and Silvia
Image Source: Catalunya Diari

Xavier Novell and Silvia Caballol Marriage

Xavier Novell and Silvia Caballol eventually got married in 2021, even though people were against their union. They both sacrificed a lot to make their relationship work, no matter the scrutiny that came their way. People say love is beautiful because even the most different of people in all aspects can end up loving each other genuinely and wholeheartedly.

People would not have believed that a catholic bishop like Xavier Novell could end up falling in love with a lady like Silvia Novell, known for her satanic and erotic novels. Xavier Novell was willing to sacrifice his position as a catholic bishop to be with the love of his life, Silvia Caballol. That sacrifice eventually paid off because Xavier Novell and Silvia Caballol live their best lives together as husband and wife.


Even though people thought the love relationship between Silvia Caballol and Xavier Novell is weird it has blossomed. However, love is the most potent weapon on earth, and Xavier and Silvia have proved it to the world. We wish them all the best in their union with beautiful kids.

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