The Crazy Life Of The Billionaire, Jocelyn Wildenstein Who Looks Like A Cat

Jocelyn Wildenstein was born to her parents as Nee Perisset on 7 September 1940. She is an American socialite widely known for her excessive cosmetic surgery, which has altered her facial appearance. She is well recognized for her marriage to a high-profile billionaire businessman and art dealer, Alec Wildenstein.

Fans and followers also know her for her bankruptcy filing and outrageous lifestyle. We know that fans are curious to know the reasons behind her looks and why she feels comfortable in them. 

Early Life and Education

Jocelyn Perisset grew up with her parents in Switzerland. Her dad worked in a store. She started dating Cyril Piguet, who produced the movie Un commerce tranquille. She relocated to Paris from Switzerland with Sergio Gobbi, her Italian filmmaker. When she was in Paris, she became a skilled pilot and hunter.

Top 10 Facts About Jocelyn Wildenstein

  1. In one of the Youtube videos where someone analyzed her looks and surgical equipment, many people commented, saying they don’t even know the people who raised her or put her in this emotional mess.
  2. Another person also said he wonders how a woman would turn her looks to that of a cat simply because of a man who told her he loved cats.
  3. After her divorce from Alec, he settled her handsomely, which brought her to the limelight.
  4. She married Alec Wildenstein in 1978, although Alec’s father didn’t want his son to marry Jocelyn. Jocelyn caught her husband cheating on her a few years later, and she divorced him.
  5. When New York Times interviewed Jocelyn, she told them that she was not interested in building a career. Jocelyn didn’t even have any talent or gift that she could turn into a career except decorating her house.
  6. ALec and his ex-wife, Jocelyn are extravagant spenders. In a month, they spend $1 million on foodstuffs and fashion. Although, the money meant nothing to them because Alec was an American billionaire.
  7. Her husband Alec said he loved cats, which made Jocelyn do a plastic surgery that made her look like a cat. She spent $4 million on the surgery.
  8. Fans and the media are angry at Jocelyn for her cosmetic surgeries, which have altered her facial appearance, but she doesn’t care about people’s thoughts. She sees herself as a beautiful woman and doesn’t regret carrying out the surgeries.
  9. Alec and Jocelyn once spent $3 million to build an enormous mansion for their daughter’s seventeenth birthday celebration.
  10. In 2017, Jocelyn was in a relationship with fashion designer Lyod Klein, but the relationship was violent. According to some sources, there was a time Jocelyn slashed his face with a pair of scissors.

Credit: FilmMagic/Jason LaVeris

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Jocelyn Wildenstein mentioned that she doesn’t have a talent or gift and didn’t even intend to build one.

Personal Life

Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi arms dealer, connected Jocelyne Périsset with Alec Wildenstein during a shooting weekend at an African ranch. Alec Wildenstein was from a wealthy family known for being art dealers. They started dating and married in their 30s, and together they gave birth to two children.

Alec’s family bought a 49% stake for Wildenstein in Ol Jogi Ranch in Kenya in 1977. And in 1985, his family had full possession of the property. While he was with JocelynAlec became a guest at the ranch; they met there and fell in love. After dating a while, they married in 1978 and had two children, Alec Jr., and Diane.

Unfortunately, they began having issues, and in 1997 they started processing their divorce, which they finalized in 1999. Within the two years of processing their divorce, the news went viral, and fans speculated that the couple had a bad spending habit, plus Jocelyn’s intense passion for cosmetic surgeries of every kind.

Sadly, they divorced in 1999. Alec cheated on his wife with a Russian girl right in their marital bed in New York. Unfortunately, her husband threatened her with a gun which made the cops detain Alec for a night. Marilyn Diamond, the presiding judge, also received death threats during the case proceedings in his mails.

When Alec and Jocelyn were processing their divorce papers, the judge mentioned that the allowance Jocelyn gets from her husband could not be used for cosmetic surgery anymore. Jocelyn sought Ed Rollins’s services for assistance and sought the legal counsel of Kenneth Godt and Bernard Clair.

The Most Expensive Divorce Settlements in History
Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Wildenstein

Who is Alec Wildenstein?

Alec Nathan Wildenstein was born on 5 August 1940. He is an American billionaire art dealer, breeder, businessman, and racehorse owner. Alec Wildenstein was born and raised in New York, where his family operated an arts business. His great-grandfather established an art business in 1875, and his father, Daniel Wildenstein, was a scholar whose dominant personality and career overshadowed Alec’s achievements.

His father did not believe that his sons needed a university education to work in the already-established business. His father loved racehorses, which his son inherited. After Alec’s father died in 2001, Alec inherited half of his entire business empire worth $10 billion, which people believed to be the world’s most extensive collection of artwork.

Jocelyn’s Finances and Surgeries

Jocelyn Wildenstein had had several cosmetic surgeries to enhance her looks. One of the surgeries she underwent made her have a catlike appearance, which caused a lot of news outlets to refer to her as “The Lion Queen,” “The Bride of Wildenstein,” and “Catwoman.” However, Jocelyn denied going through surgery.

Fans know Jocelyn for being extravagant with money, and there was a time she calculated her yearly wine and food cost to be $547k and yearly telephone bills to be $60k. After Jocelyn and her ex-husband Alec finalized their divorce, he paid her $2.5 billion as a divorce settlement and $100 million annually for thirteen years.

Thankfully, the judge warned Jocelyn not to use any of the money for other cosmetic surgeries. After her divorce, she sold their home for $13 million to a real estate developer, Janna Bullock. However, she filed for bankruptcy in 2018.

Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein Doesn't Care What You Think of Her
source: Paper Magazine

Social Media

Jocelyn Wildenstein is active on popular social media platforms. On Instagram, she is @jocelynwildenstein, with more than 200k followers. She is also available on Twitter with 200 followers.

Net Worth

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a famous fashion icon and socialite with a net worth of $500 million. Fans refer to her as the ‘catwoman’ due to the many cosmetic surgeries she has undergone. She was born to wealthy parents in 1940, although she was also a trained pilot and skilled hunter. Her love for animal hunting connected her with her billionaire husband. When her husband’s father died in 2001, his father left him an inheritance of his artwork company which some sources estimated to be $10 billion.


Jocelyn Wildenstein is a unique woman who has weird mindsets. We do not know if inferiority complex was why she had to do so many cosmetic surgeries. However, different sources confirmed that Jocelyn wanted a particular look, especially the catlike face, which became a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. She went through this surgery to impress her husband Alec, who loved cats, but the cosmetic surgery didn’t even keep the man.

He. He still cheated on her with a young Russian girl. Also, she is an extravagant spender who relied on her divorce settlement to enjoy life without planning her career. We, however, want our readers to know that while it is okay for them to want to change their looks, etc., it should not be because they are trying to impress a partner, but let it be because they want it.

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