10 companies boosting real estate industry with Bitcoin

The real estate industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, and these 10 companies are boosting it using Bitcoin. It appears to be a win for all parties involved, but especially for cryptocurrency traders. Why?

For Bitcoin to achieve its goal of becoming a universally accepted means of transaction, it needs as much support as possible. In layman’s terms, this means that it should be recognized as a legal tender in many industries.

In the real estate industry, the following companies are already allowing you to conduct business using it. To further understand how acceptance helps a currency; Read more about Bitcoin Industry and its relationship with property investments.

Now, let us look at the blockchain leaders in real estate who are pushing cryptocurrency in the faces of investors:

1. Republic

Republic is a New York-based innovative company that offers curated real estate investment products for growth-focused investors. Among the suite of investment opportunities that the company offers, there are also crypto investment options. This is not all; the company also provides investments vetted by experienced professionals to reduce the risk of loss. Its vision is to allow everybody to participate in the growth and prosperity of cities and neighborhoods.

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2. SafeWire

With its headquarters situated in Columbus, Ohio, SafeWire is a ‘safety net’ for firms, agents, and clients. It provides a safe platform for real estate investments, and part of its solution is a blockchain network. Using it, clients are certain that their transactions have the best form of security available anywhere in the world. Its cutting-edge technology is where its former name, SafeChain, comes from. There are no vulnerable transactions both while sending and receiving money. Additionally, this network ensures that there is no lost time.

3. Vairt

Vairt is another company on this list that is based in Ohio. It touts itself as a passive or secondary income platform for people looking to invest. Using it, you can build and diversify your real estate portfolio worldwide. It does not charge hidden fees because it aims to make real estate investing as affordable as possible. Also, investors using the platform are not limited to real estate markets as it promises to give exposure to cryptocurrency markets, including bitcoin, even though they are uncorrelated. It does this under its property-specific smart contract to ensure that investors keep getting income every month.

4. RealT

This is a Florida-based that boasts of offering fractional investment in tokenized real estate assets. Its investment platform allows investors to invest in the US real estate market from anywhere in the world. Besides its security being reliant on blockchain technology, there is also the fact that investors can use its platform to buy into tokenized properties using cryptocurrency like Ethereum (ETH). This news is good got Bitcoin (BTC) holders because they can use several services to convert their coins into Ethereum (ETH).

5. PropertyClub

PropertyClub is a New York-based real estate company that has tokenized the industry to remove entry barriers for retail investors. Thus, it has allowed people to invest in real estate with much smaller sums of money. Also, investors get more choices because all the popular types of real estate assets have been tokenized. Now, it runs its transactions digitally using Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and its own coin – PropertyClub Coin (PCC).

6. ManageGo

Basically, ManageGo is a company that offers easy rent payments for tenants and managers. However, its uniqueness is its ‘smarter all-in-one tool’, which simplifies property management by providing the following – online rent payments, maintenance requests, scheduling, rental applications, and more. The online rent payment feature accepts checking account, credit card, checks, or cash. While it does not accept cryptocurrency at this time, bitcoin owners can easily convert it into an acceptable payment form and make payments online using third-party apps. The ease of using the services, especially for New York City rentals, makes the company stand out.

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7. The Bee Token

This is a ‘decentralized’ short-term housing rental service that the owners claim is powered by Blockchain. One of the advantages of this Airbnb-format service is that it comes with 0% commissions. Homeowners can rent out their houses (or specific rooms) to people and accept payment with cryptocurrency. This flexibility makes the San Francisco-based company highly sought-after in the real estate industry. It is also secure because it runs on the blockchain network, which gives it ‘bank-level security’.

8. CryptoProperties or CPROP

CryptoProperties or CPROP claims to be a leading blockchain technology company aiming to help investors identify investment opportunities in the real estate industry. It is also working on creating real estate-backed digital asset securities that will be available to people anywhere in the world. CPROP’s founder team includes blockchain developers, software engineers, and crypto specialists.

9. imbrex

While imbrex appears to be like other trading platforms that connect buyers with listing agents, it sets itself apart when it comes to payment. The company uses digital tokens (cryptocurrencies) instead of money to create more transparency. Also, this allows it to decentralize and encrypt data using Blockchain to minimize obstacles that come with buying and selling.

10. The Crypto Realty Group

This California-based consulting firm allows clients to invest in the real estate industry with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It partners with several crypto escrow platforms and financial consulting companies to help investors carry out transactions with digital assets. You can buy and sell residential, commercial, local, and international real estate on The Crypto Realty Group platform.


According to MSCI’s recent report, the size of the global real estate investment market increased from $9.6 trillion in 2019 to $10.5 trillion in 2020. This growth shows that the industry is lucrative, and it is among the world’s most valuable. As bitcoin gets more acceptance, its value increases, and it takes more steps towards becoming a worldwide accepted means of transaction.

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