50 Profile Picture Ideas: Avatar Memes, Cartoon Memes, Funny Anime Memes

In this post, I will be looking at what profile pictures are, profile picture ideas, and very funny profile pictures you may use for your social accounts. Also, a bit of the good stuff; we have ribs cracking pictures, cartoons, and anime memes you may want to check out.

Before we start, it is important to understand what profile pictures are and why you should be careful when selecting a profile picture.


What is a profile picture?

I am sure you already have an idea of what profile pictures are, so I will just drop a few points on the meaning of a profile picture. There is no textbook definition of profile pictures, what you understand it to mean might just be exactly what it is, no surprises!

In its commonly understood form, a profile picture is an image that represents a social media account owner. It is the image people upload on their various social profiles to represent who they are; hence, the name profile picture or Pfp. Profile pictures may be displayed as avatars or associated imaging in online social interaction such as commenting, posting, liking, and sharing as is commonly done on the social space -Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Ultimately, a profile picture represents a social user’s image and or sensibilities. It creates a visual association for users, as people tend to create a mental picture of the owner of the account or the business associated with the profile picture. Hence, it is important for businesses and for private individuals with business accounts to select the right profile pictures that will better represent their ideals.

 10 profile picture ideas you should consider before selecting a Pfp

Do you know the quote “First Impression matters”? Well, it also applies in the online social space. That is, it doesn’t only apply when you physically meet someone for the first time, no! It has gone beyond that, thanks to the internet and various social platforms that have developed impressive means of connecting people without the need for us to leave our homes

. You know many of these social media platforms and chances are that you already have an account in at least one of them such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These platforms create virtual avenues for people to meet

. And believe me, the first place they go to, to form an opinion about you, is your profile picture! They want to get to know you, what you look like and what you’re all about, and this can all be gleaned from your profile picture. Hence, you must give some thought to what you upload or use as your profile picture.

Here are some of the things to think about when pondering profile picture ideas to use for your online account.

  1. Nature of the account: Is the account a business or a private account? This is important because if it is a business account, then it is conventional to upload your business logo, building, or any picture that gives an idea of what your business is all about. However, if it is a personal account, then a beautiful headshot or picture of yourself might just be right.
  2. Purpose/intention: Before selecting a profile picture, it is important to ask –after having determined the nature of the social account – what is your intention with the profile picture? If it is a business account then your intention or purpose might be to let the world know at first glance what your business is all about, to attract new customers, to engage with your customers, etc. If it is a personal account, do you want people to get to know you or discover you? If that’s the case then a picture of yourself will suffice.

10 profile picture ideas you should consider in 2021

If you’re trying to choose a profile picture that’s best for you– whether it’s for your personal or business accounts or perhaps a mix of both, well you’re in luck! Below is a list of 10 profile picture ideas you may want to consider for both business and personal accounts.

1. Headshot

Well, hold your horses you savvy gamers obsessed with headshots. This is not what you think. This is not a shooting arcade game where you put a bullet into the brain of a lazy zombie. This rather is a list of profile picture ideas and believe me the headshot is a classic! The headshot can serve for both personal and business accounts. Provided that for a business account you’re the brand! This is usually fitting for celebrities who themselves are the brand. However, it is also perfect for personal accounts.

You can make your headshot profile picture more exciting by leaving a smile or two on your face. Sporting a really nice hairstyle and for girls, experiment with flowers on your hair to give off a girly kind of look.

A great example of a headshot profile picture is shown below:

profile picture ideas; headshot

2. A group photograph

Life is not all about only you, it is also about the people in your life. This profile picture idea is great if you want people to know you’re a people’s person or you are great around people. It is also great for business accounts. A group photo of your team will just be great. It will let intending or existing customers know you appreciate those you work with.

This sends off a reassuring signal to your clients. Besides, if you have just come back from a group adventure such as hiking, sightseeing, etc., a group photograph of your friends and the amazing sights will definitely make a wonderful profile picture.

3. A close-up photograph

Maybe you want to keep it personal and intimate but still want to make it difficult for the world to find you? A close-up picture of what you love will make a great profile picture. It will reveal a lot about you and at the same time keep you anonymous. To achieve this a close-up picture of anything you love like, for instance, a high definition picture of a flower you are psyched about like the Lotus flower. It could also be a picture of your dog if you’re a dog lover. Your profile picture could be your latest architectural design, poem, or artwork. Even your car or favourite watch piece would work.

profile picture idea

4. Business logo idea

This is great for business accounts. If you have a unique business logo or company logo, using it as a profile picture on all your social media accounts will provide free exposure to your company’s brand. It establishes a brand and improves brand awareness. A very distinctive business logo will definitely make your business stand out and easily discoverable.

In addition to establishing a brand and increasing brand awareness, it is also important to consolidate followers and increase their stickiness. High-quality content output and regular giveaway activities can firmly maintain them, increase their stickiness and expand your influence. Regularly organize giveaway activities on social media, such as asking your followers what opinions or advice they have for yourselves, and people who fill out the form can get giveaways for free.

In this way, we can understand the thoughts of followers and timely output content that is more valuable to them and can also enhance stickiness. At this time, how to choose the right gifts is particularly important. Customized products can obviously better fit your brand and uniqueness. You can customize the promotional giveaways you want on GS-JJ and CustomSticker.

Custom Promotional Gifts

They can customize any pattern, shape, and text promotional products you want. They provide custom lapel pins, custom stickers, custom wristbands, custom patches, custom buttons, etc. Your followers can use them to decorate their own items, adding stickiness and influence, so why not do that?

5. Business office front

This is most commonly seen on business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. This is a great choice if your business does not have a distinctive logo but rather has its name inscribed on your office front (building). Simply take a high-definition picture of your storefront capturing the unique signage on the building and upload it on any of your company’s social media platforms. It has the same effect as a business logo and even better as it offers your business more legitimacy. This is because it has a physical space and not just an online presence. An example of a business office front is shown below.

In addition to the online promotion with the office front picture of the store, offline promotional gifts are also indispensable, and the two-pronged approach can achieve better effects. For store owners, giving your customers some giveaways will make them more willing to shop in your store.

And as an accessory with your store logo worn by employees, they’re also a great way to promote your store. On enamelpins.com, you can customize a wide variety of enamel pins. You can choose the pattern, size, and text you want, plus the store logo, it is very good as a clothing accessory for employees or as a giveaway for customers.

enamel pins

Customizing the staff version and the customer version of the enamel pins separately, and the giveaways for customers can be more refined and better-looking, which can attract customers to visit your store again.

6. Use of an avatar

An Avatar is a graphical representation of a user’s character or persona. It is like a hand drawing but short of distinctive/clear features of the user. It may capture the skin colour, beard, or hairstyle, but not the exact or clear picture of the user. This is great if you want to be completely anonymous and unrecognisable while still showing off some personal traits, Avatars as profile pictures are very popular on platforms like Twitch, Discord, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

Avatar profile picture ideas


7. Weird part

Well, enough of the business and formal stuff. Let’s get into the weird stuff. So maybe you have a weird personality or you just enjoy dark stuff. Do you want to capture that idea or weird part of you? Weird profile pictures are a good way to showcase that; after all normal is boring.

Take a screenshot of your favourite movie scene or search the internet for the kind of edgy or weird stuff you love. It could be the mask from the Movie Scream! Alternatively, you can use something a bit toned down like Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent on an evil spree.

profile picture ideas; maleficent

8. Natural profile picture idea

This is great for both business and private social accounts. A picture of nature could be the sea, plants, rain, blue sky or a clear day, etc. As a business, it shows you are eco-friendly and focused on preserving the ecosystem. This is in line with the current trend and general feeling. For a personal account, it shows a person with some form of emotional balance and who is in a deep connection with the universe.

9. Motivational quotes profile picture ideas

This is also great for business and personal accounts. If you run a wellness, fitness, dojo centre, or any business that deals with the personal growth of people, daily motivational quotes and encouragement might just be an ideal profile picture for your business. The key is to get a perfect photo with the right words to go with it. Doing otherwise will just come off clumsy and tired. For private accounts, motivational quotes as profile pictures secrete a form of positive energy and vibes around you.

Motivational profile picture idea

10. Memes profile picture idea

The last profile picture idea on our list are memes. This is great for all categories of persons I mentioned earlier on these posts on things to consider before selecting a profile picture. Memes are for people who don’t give two cents about what people say or think. They just upload it for the fun of it and because they just want to make people smile. Memes as profile pictures will be discussed extensively in subsequent headings. Meanwhile, here is a classic example of a meme used as a profile picture.

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Funny picture memes, cartoon, and anime memes of 2021

Here we will compile a list of the top funny picture memes, cartoons, and anime memes of 2021. However, before we start, what exactly is a meme?

What is a meme?

A meme simply is an image with a text or sometimes a quote that carries in it a meaning peculiar to a particular culture or social context. For instance, a meme about how Nepa (PHCN or EKEDC) and their disappointing electricity supply will make more sense in Nigeria than in the USA, where there’s mostly constant if not uninterrupted power supplies. Hence, memes are a social construct.

Memes can be grouped into the nature of the picture or image that goes viral. A meme can be a cartoon meme, picture meme, anime meme, etc.

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Picture memes

Picture memes, also known as reaction pictures, are memes that consist of a blend of pictures and text. They usually capture human reactions and facial expressions. Take a look at the top 10 picture memes every Nigerian student going back to school will relate to, what I term the Aki and Pawpaw series. Aki and Pawpaw are the monikers of very talented Nigerian actors, Chinedu Ikedieze also known as Aki, and Osita Iheme, also known as Pawpaw. Picture memes make great profile pictures.

See also: 28 Nollywood actors who have lost their real names to their screen characters

Aki and Pawpaw memes

10 Aki and Pawpaw memes every Nigerian student going back to school will relate to

1. Asuu calls off a one-year-long strike; however, you are not ready to return to the uni.

2. When you’re broke after you’ve spent all your money on your girlfriend

3. Because your rent has expired and your landlord will not renew it for you

4. But then you have no choice, you must go back to school

funny profile picture

5. However, you’ve been away from school for so long that you can’t even remember the road to the uni.

6. You’ve barely rested before sister Chidimma and Doris are knocking on your door for fellowship.

7. There’s a flip side; Year one students will be searching for tutorials

8. Things just got serious; you’re in the exam hall but you’re not sure what you’re doing there

9. When you grade yourself after scoring your exam paper

Aki and paw paw memes

10. Oh! Well, if I perish, I perish…

So that’s some funny picture memes featuring Aki and Pawpaw. Next, we would consider some funny cartoon memes.

Cartoon memes / Meme cartoons

What is a cartoon meme?

A cartoon (comics) is a humorous drawing or illustration often with a caption or a strip of such drawings or animated drawings. Cartoon memes make use of illustrations of famous cartoon characters like T and Jerry, or other animation movies like Avatar the Last Airbender, Toy Story, etc. Cartoon memes are great to use as profile pictures.

Top 10 funny cartoon memes of 2021

1. Warm-up: We are about to get started and I promise, I am going to throw so many amazing meme shots that’ll get you glued to your laptop, TV set, phone or whatever screen you got… literally!
Top ten funny cartoon memes

2. Cheer up: So you know when you just had a bad day, or you got off from a really bad relationship and your friends just came around to tell you, “Hey cheer up”. Well, news flash! “Cheer up” doesn’t actually cheer someone up! What does is curating this mind-blowing top 10 list of the funniest cartoon memes of 2021 and sending them to your friend. However, it will be best if you share with them the link to this article.

3. How we roll: Ok, the use of pun here was quite great. I lost a rib.

4. For fun: Spar! Tans! What do we do for fun? AHU! Or we just watch memes!

5. Friendship goals: We all have that one person that just keeps us going as if we are on st*roids. Well, check out this meme’s buddies
funny profile picture

6. Tough life: When you live in a world where every day serves its own dose of daily drama.

funniest cartoon pictures

7. University students: This I believe is the most frequent question asked by students, especially those from Nigeria:

8. We tried: Well, we all had our goals during the lockdown, how we were sure we would come out gun slinging, breaking with a host of achievements. Now, how did those turn out?

9. The spoilt child trait: True or false?
top ten funny cartoon pictures

10. Exams: To all the students out there, who at the ease of the lockdown and re-opening of school are being thrown into an academic quagmire, hang in there, you will be alright.

And that’s it for the top ten funny cartoon memes of 2021 that you can use for profile picture ideas.

Avatar memes you can use for your profile picture

Because we love you guys and we want to keep you smiling; here’s a special list of some Avatar: The Last Airbender memes that can inspire profile picture ideas.

Avatar memes are gotten from the movie installation Avatar: the Last Airbender. The movie is an American animated television series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It aired on Nickelodeon for three seasons, from February 2005 to July 2008.

Avatar is set in an Asiatic-like world where some people can manipulate one of the four elements—water, earth, fire, and air—by way of “bending” (the act of controlling and manipulating the elements). The only individual who can bend all four elements is the “Avatar”. The Avatar is responsible for maintaining harmony between the world’s four nations and serves as the bridge between the spirit world and the physical world.

Top  10 Avatar memes

1. Low battery: Sometimes our phones just decide to act up when we need it; kind of like an unreliable donkey or maybe an old tired Aang Avatar.

2. Break dancing: Alright this cracked me up! When you see it, holla!


3. The lockdown event: No cap! This is just the only way we all are getting out of this lockdown… Lols! Way to go, Uncle Iroh.

4. Toph: Well you can only get this if you’re a true Avatar fan.

5. To all the girls: Cheers to all the ladies out there, to your temperament, and for keeping the world on its toes.

And that’s that for the funny Avatar memes you can use for your funny profile pictures on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Let your audience know that you’re not only cool but also funny.

Anime profile picture memes

There’s not much difference between cartoons and anime. While cartoons usually refer to western animation aimed at children, anime, on the other hand, is of Japanese origin. That is, it is a Japanese-made animation, and unlike cartoons, it is not necessarily aimed at children but rather treats itself as a separate medium, as it appeals to both children and adults. Hence, most anime usually pack a lot of adult content.

Below is a list of cute anime memes you can use as a profile picture.

Top 10 funny anime memes of 2021

1. The womenfolk: Is it just me or do women have this natural poise even in the face of hardship. They are always calm and calculated, strong. Cheers to the womenfolk!

Top ten funny anime memes

2. A living: Well, basically, that would be me and how I make a living. I am all about my memes!

3. Best news: You know sometimes you wake up from sleep and really, really feel like being useful that day. So, you decide to sit out the day and let the serious people conquer the world? Well, imagine you got a text cancelling school for that day? Super!

funny profile picture

4. Cool: That moment when your confidence is in full blast.

5. Parents: Parents, when they want to be, can be a serious handful.

Cute anime memes

6. Anime: Well, this is quite true about anime. It gets all confusing at times with their characterisation and graphics.

7. Addict: Well… We love what we love!

Funny anime profile picture

8. Foodie: There are many people out there that would choose a hot plate of their favourite food over relationships any day.

9. Cake lover: Literally, this meme is just for me. I can betray my best friend for a piece of hot velvet cake. I mean, if you kidnap me and you swing this reddish beauty as a weapon of torture, I am going to give you a detailed account of what you need to know and don’t need to know. The address of whomever you may want to… Well, you get the idea already.

Cake lover anime profile picture

10. Anime lovers: What’s the perfect way to end this amazing list other than a group photograph? So all you anime lovers gather here and let us celebrate what we love… Cheers!

Love anime memes


So, that’s it. We are done with our list of amazing pictures, cartoons, and anime memes for 2021. Don’t forget that profile pictures are important and must not be joked with. You can quickly glance through our top ten profile picture ideas of 2021 to sort out the right picture for both business and personal accounts.

However, if you’re looking just to entertain your friends with your profile picture on Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. posts; our list of memes ideas will just be what you need. Cheers!


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