Do we really still need Cyber Monday?

Do we still need Cyber Monday when Black Friday has so metamorphosed into unending offers, deals, bargain, price slashes and more?

We all know and love Black Friday. It is clear what this day is all about – bagging the very best bargains. It is certainly a day where we seem to go a little crazy with our spending. Figures from Betway Casino reveal that in 2020 around $58 billion was spent. That’s a lot of shopping! It used to be that as Black Friday drew to a close, anticipation would build for Cyber Monday. Whatever happened to this shopping event? Is it still around and is it even relevant? Let’s have a look.

Who needs Cyber Monday, when we have unending Black Friday deals?

What the experts have to say

There is no doubt that Cyber Monday has seen itself fade into the background somewhat. It’s not because of the lack of offers. Cyber Monday still has some fantastic deals and many of these are on a par with what you can pick up on Black Friday. What has changed is the way that we now access the internet.

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In an interview with Betway Casino, the retail expert Bob Phibbs had this to say: “There used to be Cyber Monday that was a big deal before we had apps and people had internet in their homes. People came back to work and did their shopping on Monday because that was the only time that they could actually get online. That’s not the case anymore.” It appears somewhat ironic that the growth of the internet has played a part in killing off Cyber Monday.

How Black Friday had evolved

Another factor that has seen Cyber Monday falter slightly is how Black Friday has evolved itself. Traditionally Black Friday was all about one day. It was the first Friday after Thanksgiving and for 24 hours only retailers would put forward some fantastic bargains to tempt us to part with our cash. That 24 hours has now grown!

Black Friday is no longer a one-day event. It has turned into a multi-day shopping phenomenon that lasts days, weeks, or even a month or more. As Phibbs went on to say, “the Walmarts and even Amazons launched their Black Friday deals back in October.” With the event running on for as long as it does, there is now an overlap with Cyber Monday. The anticipation that used to be associated with the event seems to have depleted as people as still busy snapping up Black Friday deals.

What does Cyber Monday have to offer?

The thing that goes in favor of Cyber Monday, and one of the reasons that we shouldn’t let it go, is that it brings a host of different offers. As researched by Betway Casino, Black Friday is all about tech and gadgets. The top 10 searches in the build-up to Black Friday 2020 saw 8 of these being related to technology with the Nintendo Switch clocking up 2.98 million searches. Cyber Monday is a little different.

With Cyber Monday, there are offers on domestic appliances that we don’t see on Black Friday. There are great chances of bagging a bargain washing machine or fridge on Cyber Monday with the likes of consoles and smartwatches being the reserve of Black Friday.

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