Valery Altamar Biography: 10 facts & hot Videos

Valery Altamar is an internet celebrity that has found fame through her racy content on Instagram and TikTok, she also has a paid subscription OnlyFans account.

While some may judge her harshly, she is just doing what she has seen work for many beautiful people before her. And it is working so well that she has become a person worth discussing. What is there to learn about Miss Altamar? Quite a lot, actually. Sit back and enjoy this insightful article on her life.

First, learn are ten quick facts on Valery Altamar that should serve as a guide to understanding who she is.

Top 10 facts about Valery Altamar

  1. Although she looks quite mature and fully developed, Valery is just 22 years (as of 2022). She was on March 3rd, 2000.
  2. She found fame via her social media content and has a large following, including 2 point 8 million on Instagram, 923 thousand on TikTok, and several subscribers on OnlyFans.
  3. In addition, she is an actress with acting credit for her role as Sophia in the 2020 TV series Always a Witch, the 2019 miniseries Unbelievable as herself, and more.
  4. Valery has a dedicated IMDB page, where you can find out all about her acting career.
  5. She is pretty protective of her family and has never shared a photo of them online.
  6. In the same vein, she has not revealed whom she is in a relationship with, which proves that she tries to keep her private life separate from her professional image.
  7. Valery is best friends with Kelly Apraez, another online personality who is an erotic content creator.
  8. Several sources allege that Valery Altamar has a net worth of 1 million dollars, but we cannot confirm this claim as we found no mention of her net worth on reputable sites.
  9. While we cannot verify her net worth, we found that she makes money from brand endorsements, modeling, and OlyFans subscriptions.
  10. She loves music and posts videos of herself lip-syncing as well as cosplaying fictional characters such as Dora the Explorer on one occasion and a ghost in another photoshoot.

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Valery Altamar’s early life

Born in the year 2000, Valery turned 22 in 2022. There is very little known about Valery’s family. She has chosen to let her modeling be the focus of her social media posts. We are unsure of how many siblings she has and don’t know who her parents are. We only found an online source that claimed that her father was a Columbian businessman who still works back home. It is likely that when Valery visits home, she puts the camera away and just relaxes.

Valery Altamar 001 Colombiana 10 facts, hot videos, onlyfans
Valery Altamar in purple

She grew up with her siblings and parents, who lived in Columbia before her birth. The family stayed in Cali when she was still a child, and she relocated to Brazil as soon as she could fend for herself, according to her Twitter profile. However, she still parades her Columbian heritage at every given opportunity.

Valery Altamar Career


But before the fame, Valery had always been interested in show business. Sources claim that she had tried dancing as a child before switching to modeling when she turned 16.

Her IMDb profile shows that Altamar has worked on various projects like Always a Witch, Wandering Girl, Unbelievable, and many more. It is not exactly clear when she made her acting debut, but it would likely have been when she played Ava in a short film titled Revancha in 2016. She would have been 16 at the time.

After that role, she kept seeking more mainstream positions but landed minor parts in projects like Wandering Girl and En Altamar, playing Clark and Mia, respectively. Both films were released in 2018, about the time when she started to build her impressive social media resume, as you will learn soon.

Then, in 2019, she got to play Valery (herself) in an eight-episode miniseries titled Unbelievable. The series also starred other actors like Kaitlyn Denver, Tony Collette, Merritt Wever, Blake Ellis, Kai Lennox, and others. The same year, she appeared as Sarah in four episodes of Catherine the Great. Hellen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Gina McKee, Joseph Quinn, Clive Russell, and Kevin McNally were all in the miniseries, which aired on HBO.

In 2020, Valery played Sophia in Always a Witch, a Netflix TV series about a time-traveling witch from the 17th century who escapes death and finds herself in modern-day Cartagena. She appeared in 8 episodes alongside Dylan Fuentes, Sebastian Eslava, Sofia Araujo, and more.

Apart from being an actress, Valery is also a model and social media influencer. She rose to fame after sharing her amazing content on Instagram, OnlyFans, and TikTok. Not only this, but she also gained millions of followers on her official Instagram profile. Valery used to runs YouTube channel, where she uploads her lip-sync short videos.

ValeryAltamar001 on Instagram

It seems she opened her Instagram account (@valeryaltamar001) in 2018 because the oldest video on the page is from that year. Also, it was when she turned 18. However, it is possible that she has been operating the account for a longer time and just chose to delete all other posts to streamline the content to the aesthetic she was trying to sell to her audience.

Regardless, the account has since grown to nearly three million followers, thanks to her dedication and consistency.

Her Instagram page is the most famous account that she uses, with nearly three million followers. Likely, it is popular because it is filled with suggestive photos of Valerie wearing revealing clothes that leave only little to the imagination. A scroll through the page shows that she knows how hot she looks and is not afraid to flaunt her body.

Valery Altamar TikTok and OnlyFans

Her TikTok page is also the same story, but it appears to be new as she has only 12 videos posted on it. The account is growing quite exponentially as her latest post got over 18 million views. Meanwhile, on OnlyFans, the actress has a $50 subscription wall blocking the public from accessing her content. However, it is easy to imagine what kind of content it would be.

Valery Altamar nude

There several topless photos of Altamar online as well as videos as well. It appears that her OnlyFans page is strictly for adult content. Also, although she doesn’t have a Reddit account, Valery Altamar Reddit is a popular search category because there are leaked videos of her on the platform.

Personal life

Valery Altamar boyfriend | Who is Valery Altamar dating?

When it comes to personal relationships, it appears that Valery is single. Although, she may be in a relationship as well. However, we guessed that she was not in one at the time of making this video because she had never posted herself with a partner before. She does feature Kelly Apraez, another endowed curvy model, in some of her videos, and they do photoshoots together.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Valery Altamar (@valeryaltamar001)

Are they dating? We can’t tell because although they are pretty friendly in their videos, it could also be because of their tight friendship.

Valery Altamar surgery

Fans have also wondered whether she had implants to increase her rack size and massive behind. Their curiosity likely stems from the difference in physique observed in the model between 2018 and 2019. She has not deemed it fit to debunk the rumors yet. One possible explanation could be that she was younger in the older photos and likely just finished high school. Compared to now, Valery has likely added flesh in the right spots and got a spanking hot body in return for it.

Net worth

With her looks, she has gotten several film and TV jobs. She has also used her massive online following to advertise for brands. These income streams likely contribute to her being rumored to have a net worth of one million dollars. In addition, she has an OnlyFans subscription gig which costs 50 dollars to access her exclusive videos. It is also another way she makes her money to enjoy the lifestyle she flaunts online.

Valery Altamar 001 Colombiana 10 facts, hot videos, onlyfans
Valery Altamar OnlyFans


So far, Valery has not involved herself in any controversy that we know of. She has chosen to take the longer route to fame, and we hope it continues working out well for her. Additionally, she still has a long way to go in the entertainment industry and soon, bigger roles could come her way. Likely, she could become a household name in no time.

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