What Did Mini Ladd Do? Twitch Streamer Banned Over Controversies!

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Am I Shadowbanned? [How To Shadow Ban on YouTube]

Craig Joseph Thompson, born on 7 January 1995, is commonly known as Mini Ladd online. He is a comedian, a YouTuber, a British entertainer, a gamer, and a vlogger. In August 2019, Mini Ladd gained 10 million followers across all his social media platforms, including YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter. He usually has over 1.4 billion views and approximately 50,000 concurrent viewers during his live streams. In September 2019, the Sunday Times named Mini Ladd No. 3 out of the top 10 influencers in the United Kingdom.

Early Life and Education

Mini Ladd was born as Craig Joseph Thompson on 7 January 1995 in Dubai, United Emirates. But he moved to Singapore and Northern Ireland when he was still young. Mini Ladd is a nationality of Northern Irish. He attended Foyle and Londonderry College.

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Top 10 Facts About Mini Ladd

  1. At age 16, while he was still in High School in Northern Ireland, On 12 May 2011, Mini Ladd kick-started his Youtube channel as a hobby. He privatized most of his videos. His first video was a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 kill-streak video.
  2. He was involved in a terrible accident with his friend in 2017. A truck with red light hit their car while traveling, and the doctors hospitalized them. His friend, who was severely injured, was in a coma for three weeks, while Craig sustained a cracked spleen beside other injuries.
  3. Among many videos he was releasing, 3v3 Riot Shield Battle was one of them that he had to edit heavily. It was during the process that he realized how much he enjoyed editing.
  4. Mini Ladd reached 10,000 subscribers in February 2014. So many videos of him were released by his friends when he was playing while he was drunk.
  5. Mini started swearing in his videos in late August 2018 to increase monetization. Unfortunately, swearing on Youtube has a limit, so Youtube started replacing any swearing heard from him with a dolphin sound.
  6. The famous star won the Content Creator of the Year Award in November 2019.
  7. Mini Ladd once took a break from Youtube. This happened after a breakup with his girlfriend Sami, and he took a break from Youtube in January 2020. And then he recorded a video in February 2020 about Why I left. The video was about his breakup with Sami and his relocation from Portland to Los Angeles, his home.
  8. He had a sexual harassment /pedophilia scandal in mid-June 2020, which made him stay away from Youtube for one month and a half. He confessed that his mental health worsened, making him move back to Northern Ireland, where his family resides.
  9. Mini Ladd is dedicated to his philanthropic and fundraising work. He is a part of the Thirst Project, where he hosted a 12-hour live stream twice and raided $150.000 for the organization.
  10. The famous YouTuber has donated enormous money to Macmillian Cancer Support, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Northwest Counseling Ltd.
Mini Ladd
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As earlier mentioned, Mini Ladd has an established career as a vlogger, Youtuber, and British entertainer. In May 2022, he kicked off his first Youtube channel, Mini Ladd, where he posted gaming content and some video collections. Then in 2018, he launched his second channel, Craig Thompson, where he vlogs majorly. iHasCupquake in November 2011 featured Mini Ladd on her Youtube channel as the Gamer of the Week. 

Afterward, he started producing commentaries on Call of Duty and Minecraft. In 2019, Mini Ladd commenced his third Youtube channel, Mini Ladd Vault. He uploads old videos that have been demonetized or taken down from his Mini Ladd Channel. Furthermore, Mini Ladd partnered with Thirst Project for relief and made over $150,000. Subsequently, in 2019, he was named a part of the Thirst Project Board Member.

In addition, the City of Derry R.F.C. renamed their studio after Mini Ladd, Craig Thompson Stadium. But due to the sexual misconduct allegations people made in his disfavor, the City of Derry ended its relationship with him in July 2020. Earlier In September 2019, Sunday Times titled him one of the Top 100 influencers after PewDiePie and KSI.

Personal Life

Mini Ladd comes from a family of a British father and an Irish mother. But there is no further information about them. Nonetheless, he was in a romantic relationship with a famous star. Still, they ended their relationship in early 2020 without stating why. Immediately it ended, they made it known. Craig has a prominent forehead which many people joke about and make silly comments about.

But then he started getting pissed off by their words and ever-ready to block people who made such ridiculous comments. Mini Ladd was known to be a controversial person. As a controversial person, various tweets from November 2011 to March 2015 revealed that Mini Ladd used the word “Faggot” in many of his tweets. And another tweet from November 2011 to September 2013 shows he uses the N-word in various tweets.

Craig collaborated with Vanoss, born on 31 May 1992 in his early Youtube days. But later in July 2018, he branched out of Vanossgaming, claiming he just wanted to relate with Evans on a friendship level while focusing on his career. In late June 2020, two ladies dragged Mini Ladd, Halley, and Ash on the media that he was abusing them sexually when he was 21 and they were 17.

His ex-girlfriend also accused him of making their relationship toxic while they were still together. She also accused him of raping her. People who disliked him called him Pablo ( an alter-ego paedophiliac character he voiced out in 2014). He had to go off Youtube for some time due to the allegations. He went to his parent’s residence to stay for some time.

When he was back to creating content, he had already lost over 30,000 subscribers. Craig cut out from being included in videos with Vanossgaming. He said he wants to be friends with Evans while focusing on his career.

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Social Media

Craig has a verified Instagram account as @miniladdd with about 1.4M followers. He posts videos and pictures of himself with captions inviting people to his Youtube channel. On Twitter, he is @miniladd. He is @miniladdd on Facebook with more than 156k followers.

Latest News

Two ladies, Halley and Ash, called out Mini Ladd in late June 2020 with a false allegation of manipulating two women in his twenties. Mini Ladd released an apology after getting banned on Twitch: “I am truly and deeply sorry for what I did. I absolutely should have done what was necessary at the time, and that was seeking professional help, realizing that my actions were completely unacceptable, and working to change my behaviors from the inside out.” The last paparazzi caught up with him; he claims to be living in Los Angeles now.

Net Worth

Fans are always curious about the net worth of famous stars. Mini Ladd is a successful YouTuber and Vlogger whose dedication has earned him about $447k.


In conclusion, Craig Thompson, commonly known as Mini Ladd, is a content creator known for some controversies. Even though people have accused him of sexual harassment, which has led to the loss of most of his subscribers, he takes time off and returns to what he does. Information about his parents and sibling is not known.

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