Vladislav Doronin Billionaire CEO OKO Group Biography And Fun Facts

Vladislav Doronin was born on November 7, 1963, in Leningrad, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, now known as Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is a 6′ 1″ man with an athletic build; he has green eyes and light brown hair. Vladislav graduated from the Moscow Lomonosov State University. He is a businessman who works as an international real estate developer-they call Vladislav Doronin the Russian Donald Trump.


Early Life and Education of Vladislav Doronin

Vladislav Doronin is a 59-year-old Russian-born business professional born on November 7, 1962, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In terms of education, Vladislav Doronin completed his high school education at a local private school. The school’s name is not common knowledge in the media as Vladislav is very personal and does not disclose information about himself.

The business tycoon did not disclose details about his parents, siblings, and early life. After finishing high school, he enrolled at Moscow Lomonosov State University, where he graduated. Doronin moved to Geneva in 1985 and then to Zug, where he worked under Marc Rich. Over time his company’s portfolio extended with a housing project in the business class.

10 Facts about Vladislav Doronin

  1. He was born Vladislav Doronin on November 7, 1962.
  2. He was born in Leningrad, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, now Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  3. He is 6’1″ and has an athletic build.
  4. He has three children from two relationships.
  5. As of 1985, he relocated to Geneva and then to Zug for business purposes.
  6. Doronin has been married just once.
  7. Vladislav is the founder and chairman of Moscow-based Capital Group.
  8. In 2014 he became Aman Groups’ majority owner.
  9. In 2015 he established the OKO Group in the US.
  10. He is rumored to have gotten engaged with Kristina Romanova, his current partner.

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Vladislav Doronin's favourite places to stay | CN Traveller


In 1985, Vladislav Doronin relocated to Geneva and later moved to Zug in Switzerland, where he worked under Marc Rich. The latter was an international commodities trader, hedge fund manager, and businessman. Vladislav started Capital Group in 1991 as a commodity trading company. The Capital Group entered the Moscow commercial real estate market in 1993 with class A offices and retail projects.

Over time, its business expanded with deluxe and business class, commercial projects, residential, and approximately 7 million square meters of space. Doronin became Aman Group’s majority owner in 2012. The Aman Group is a collection of international luxury resorts and the holding company of Aman Resorts. Doronin’s takeover significantly improved Aman’s financial position and operational efficiency.

 Doronin and minority shareholders got involved in a legal dispute regarding the group’s leadership in February 2014. As of September 2014, they have fully resolved the dispute. As a result of the settlement that was reached in 2016 between Doronin and KPMG, liquidators for Amanat’s PHRL company by the High Court in London, Doronin acquired complete control over Aman Resorts.

In October 2016, Aman announced that a property bought by Vladislav Doronin in April 2015 would be the new location for Aman New York, making it the company’s second urban destination after launching Aman Tokyo. This New York version will be a condo and hotel combination, including 20 condos ranging in size from 1,140- square feet to a 14,000 square-foot penthouse, selling for over $100 million.

In 2015, Vladislav Doronin established OKO Group in the United States. OKO Group, focusing on Miami and New York, brings tremendous financial power to the United States and Doronin’s passion for working with only the best architects worldwide. OKO Group is well known for restoring New York’s historic Crown Building and developing five significant property development in Miami.

In 2020, construction began on the second-tallest office building in Miami. OKO Group and Cain International, a privately held real estate investment firm, are creating this project together, a 57-story office tower and the first new office skyscraper built in Miami in over a decade.

The second partnership between OKO Group and Cain International in Miami is also taking place with Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, with the development of a 47-story residential tower called Una on the Brickell Waterfront.

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Personal Life

Vladislav Doronin’s married Ekaterina Doronina in 1988. Until 2009 the couple was doing well, but they became embroiled in an unresolvable feud and decided to divorce. Vladislav and Ekaterina share a child from their marriage. Following his divorce from his first wife, he dated English Supermodel Naomi Campbell for a short while.

Vladislav dated Naomi Campbell from 2008 until 2013; before they could move forward with their relationship, the couple stopped dating. After his breakup with Naomi Campbell, Vladislav found a calming shoulder in the form of Kristina Romanova. She has also worked for the likes of Avicii in his music video “Wake Me Up.” The couple has more than a 32 age gap.

However, the pair have been dating for more than four years and are still very compatible. Vladislav Doronin also shares a daughter with Kristina Romanova. There is a rumor that Doronin has already given an engagement ring to Kristina. The story is yet to be confirmed as both parties have not provided an official statement about the engagement.

Vladislav Doronin has an apartment in Capital city, a residential complex he developed in Moscow in 2003. His residence is a penthouse designed by the Italian architect Massimo Losa Ghini. He also owns a private residence designed by architect Zaha Hadid. In August 2016, Doronin got included in surface Magazine’s power 100 lists of prominent individuals, including 15 in real estate and hospitality.

According to Buildiing.ru, Doronin is one of Russia’s top ten most professional developers. His OKO Tower in central Moscow is Europe’s tallest completed skyscraper. He got also acknowledged as the head of the list of Top 1000 Russian Managers rating 2011 in the Development category. He was also named one of the “King of Russian Real Estate” by Forbes in 2014, and in 2015, the New York Post recognized Vladislav Doronin as one of the 20 most prominent power players in the New York City real estate.

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Net Worth

Vladislav Doronin has a very flourishing business, and as of 2019, ‘Vladislav Doronin has amassed a sizable fortune throughout his career; his real estate business is his primary source of income. The Russian businessman was said to have been worth $1 Billion.


Vladislav Doronin’s company Aman has announced that it plans to launch a brand new super yacht currently going by the code name “Project Sama.” This will officially mark the brand’s first-at-sea hospitality offering and got scheduled to go into service by 2025.

This announcement marks an exciting moment in Vladislav Doronin’s company Aman’s growth and evolution. While Project Sama is the name of the project at the moment, Aman has said that they will unveil the accurate representation of the vessel in due time, and we are excited to know what it will be.

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