Who is Ingrid Quinn? Unknown Facts about David Boreanaz.

Ingrid Quinn was an enthusiastic social worker who became a screenwriter. She is famously known as the ex-wife of David Boreanaz. Unfortunately, they divorced after two years. In contrast, David has focused on his career and family life. Ingrid, on the other hand, has withdrawn to her shell. Read on to know more about her personal life, relationship, etc., 

David Boreanaz is a big hit in the entertainment industry and has been a part of famous TV series and movies. Some people are still nostalgic about his roles in scary shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Let’s get right into his career and personal life.

Early Life and Education

Ingrid Quinn was born in the S. Although her exact date of birth is not available, looking through her photos. She should be in her late 50s. Quinn is a Christian and an American citizen. Although we do not know the schools she attended, we know that she is literate.

While her husband, David Boreanaz, was born to his parents, Dave Roberts and Patti Boreanaz, in New York. His dad worked as a weather forecaster and host for Rocketship, a children’s show. His mom, Patti, worked as a travel agent. David has two sisters, Beth and Bo.

When David was seven, his family relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father started working with the ABC Affiliate in Philadelphia. David attended a catholic church with his parents. He went to Rosemont School, after which he proceeded to Malvern preparatory school, where he became an athlete, playing for his school’s football team. David went to Ithaca College and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in cinema and photography.

Top 10 facts about Ingrid Quinn

  1. According to some sources, Ingrid Quinn dated David for four years before marriage. However, they divorced after two years.
  2. When she was married to David, she stopped being a social worker. After her divorce from David, she returned to her job as a social worker.
  3. David has two Tattoos on his wrist. He mentioned that the Tattoos stand for soul and destiny. His wife also has the same tattoos on her wrist. The tattoos have been evident in many episodes of Bones
  4. Asides from his career in acting, David is a huge fan of Pennsylvania sports. He loves hockey fans and football.
  5. Boreanaz has won so many awards for being an excellent actor. He received three Saturn Awards and Otto Awards.
  6. After her divorce from David, Ingrid remained unmarried. However, her husband has married four different women after the divorce.
  7. Ingrid and David were gold lovers. David mentioned that although Ingrid loved golf before they got married, she became more interested in golf after their marriage.
  8. David Boreanaz is active on social media platforms with a large following. Whereas his ex-wife, Ingrid, is not on any social media platform.
  9. Cheating on his wives was one reason David’s marriage did not last.
  10. David has acquired a net worth of $30 million, while his ex-wife Ingrid has a net worth of $500k.

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Ingrid Quinn’s Marriage to David

An interviewer interviewed David about his marriage, and David mentioned that Ingrid had been his biggest inspiration and supporter in his career. Hence, when the duo divorced just two years after marriage, it surprised their fans. When some curious people asked why he and Ingrid separated, he said he had a busy schedule and his undue closeness with his co-star in Angel and Buffy. Ingrid was not comfortable with his closeness with the lady, whereas David refused to be controlled by his wife. These minor issues distanced them, which led to their separation. They eventually divorced in 1999.

Before David met Ingrid Quinn, people knew him as a wild man, but he changed and became a gentleman when he met her. On the other hand, Quinn was building her career as a social worker; upon meeting David, she fell in love with him and had to leave her job so s to focus on the relationship. She also wanted to help her husband build and manage his career. Unfortunately, her marriage hit the bottom rock when she noticed her husband began to behave and live like a bachelor. According to sources, she was upset that her husband began to go close to one of his co-stars.

However, the issue became so severe that Quinn had to start visiting David regularly when he was on set to check on him. Unknown to her, David had already become addicted to Hollywood nightlife and hanging out with different girls. Ingrid got so upset when she found out and made him split with the girls.

Ingrid Quinn : Marriage, Husband & Net Worth

Career of Ingrid Quinn ex-husband


David started a career in filmmaking after he relocated to Los Angeles. Although, it was difficult for him to get jobs, like many actors just beginning in the industry. David stayed with one of his sisters and was sleeping on the couch. He was visiting film sets and assisting producers in learning more about acting skills. He featured in Aspen Extreme in 1993 as a fan waving at the skiers. The movie star also appeared in Best of the Best II in 1993, which starred Eric Roberts, who played an uncredited role. David was standing to the left as Alex and Tommy Lee entered a night club which was a place for illegal fighting.

David’s breakthrough came when he appeared as a guest in the 1993 American movie Married…with Children as Kelly’s unfaithful boyfriend. He got punched by her dad, Al. David acted as a mysterious Angel. He was a vampire that Romani people cursed with a soul as punishment for killing a Romani girl. The show became a successful one, and David appeared in a spin-off series Angel. It allowed the character to evolve and concentrate on Angel’s fight for redemption for the several murders he committed. After which, he regained his soul.

David featured in Vampire( Buffy the Vampire Slayer)(1997-1999), after which he started acting in Angel, which ended in 2004, with a recurring role on Buffy after he left. In 2001, David Boreanaz served as Adam Carr in the movie Valentine. The film revolves around some high school students who embarrassed one of their classmates. The classmate planned an act of revenge on them.

He appeared as Luke in the romantic film I’m with Lucy in 2002. David played the role of Sebastian in the horror movie Ghost Writer in 2007. After which, he acted as Ed Rush in The Might Macs. In the TV series Family Guy, David played a role in “Road to the North Pole,” season 9, episode 7.

He married Ingrid Quinn in 1997, but the duo divorced in 1999. After which, he married Playboy model Jaime Bergman in 2001. They both had a son, Jaden Rayne, on 1 May 2002 and a baby girl, Bardot Vita, on 31 August 2009, whose name they later changed to Bella.

How the divorce affected Ingrid Quinn

Before her divorce from David, Ingrid was a private person, although her relationship with her celebrity husband made her loosen up a little. But after the divorce, she withdrew entirely to her shell. We have no idea of what Quinn has been doing. We have no idea if she is married or not. Her husband, David Boreanaz, got married to Jaime Bergman two years after their divorce.

David marries Jaime Bergman

Jaime Bergman was born on 23 September 1975 in Salt Lake City. She is an American actress and model who became Playboy magazine’s Playmate in January 199. She has appeared in so many Playboy videos. Jaime has worked as a real estate agent. Jaime played the role of B.J. Cummings in Howard Stern Baywatch spoofSon of the Beach. She also appeared on the cover page of Playboy in 2000. She appeared in a nude photo to promote the business.

When Jaime was having an affair with Boreanaz, Jaime was pregnant with David. On Valentine’s day in 2013, she officially changed her surname to Boreanaz. David went through reconstructive surgery on his left knee. When he was in high school, he was running and had an injury on his knee which the doctors did not adequately correct. Although his recovery did not affect his role in Angel, it limited his physical activities and mobility in several episodes.

In 2010, David had an affair with Rachel, which he confirmed and admitted to the act. Rachel is the woman that Tiger Woods used to cheat on his wife. When David had an affair with Rachel, when his wife was pregnant. David Boreanaz, his friends Aaron Ravo and Melissa, with his wife, started a nail polish business, ‘Chrome Girl.’ The two men help with the entire company while the two wives handle business operations.

David Boreanaz to receive Maverick Award at SCAD aTVfest
source: EW.com

Rachel Uchitel Affair with David

The celebrity Rachel Uchitel was born in January 1975. She is an American TV correspondent, hostess, and nightclub manager. The first time she came into the limelight was after the 11 September attacks. She was holding her fiance’s picture, working in World Trade Center. The photo went viral after a news outlet published it. In 2010, she gained popularity again as a famous golfer, Tiger Wood’s girlfriend. In the same year, she played a role in season four of the American TV series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Rachel’s dad died when she was fifteen, which helped her mature fast, and she also said her dad’s death caused her to battle with addictions. She went to Millbrook School and graduated in 1992. After which, she went to the University of New Hampshire, where she bagged a degree in psychology. After graduating from college, Rachel started working with a TV firm as a producer. While working with the firm, she met James Andrew, who engaged her but unfortunately died in the 9/11 attack.

Rachel married her childhood buddy and wall street trader, Steven Ehrenkranz, but unfortunately, their marriage did not exceed four months. A new outlet published a story in 2009 that alleged that Rachel was having an affair with Tiger Woods. However, she denied the news to the press. She began an affair with David Boreanaz, even though she knew that he was married and his wife was pregnant at that time. On 2 October 2011, Rachel married Matt Hahn and gave birth to a daughter the following year. Hahn and Rachel divorced in 2014.

Personal Life

Ingrid Quinn is a beautiful woman with an incredible body and a fashion sense that suits her body. Although she has not revealed her exact body measurement, it is evident that she has cute brown eyes and brown hair.

Net Worth 

Ingrid was a dedicated social worker before getting married to David. She has acquired a net worth of 500k approximately. Also, some reliable sources mentioned that Quinn collected a reasonable sum of money from David during their divorce process. On the other hand, her celebrity husband, David, has acquired a net worth of $30 million. He is a passionate actor who has appeared in so many movies. 

Social Media

Ingrid Quinn is a very private person, and she is not available on any of the social media platforms. While her husband, David Boreanaz, is active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Facebook, he is @davidboreanaz, with 2.3 million followers. David has a verified account on Instagram @imdboreanaz with 710k followers.  


Despite Ingrid, Quinn is a very private person who loves to keep information about her personal life under the sheets. Her marriage to David Boreanaz, which lasted two years, brought her to the limelight. Despite attaining celebrity status, she still maintained her private life. While her husband, David, has married more than four times. We hope that he continues to achieve incredible feats in his career and personal life.

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