Brandon Flowers wife, Tana Mundkowsky suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tana Mundkowsky is a beautiful woman who became famous for being the wife of Brandon Flowers. Brandon is an American songwriter, musician, and singer famously known as the lead keyboardist and vocalist of the Las Vegas-based rock band called The Killers. 

Brandon also plays bass guitar occasionally for the band. Even though he is popularly known for his successful music career, his wife’s suicidal tendencies have been a significant concern to his fans. Her suicidal attempts have caused Brandon to cancel a music tour once, in 2015. This write-up reveals everything you need to know about Tana, her personal life, and her mental health status.

Early Life and Education

Tana is a private person; we have limited information about her childhood. On the other hand, her husband was born on 21 June 1981 in Las Vegas. He went to Chaparral High School, where he graduated in 1999. He also attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with his parents, Terry Flowers and Jean Yvonne.

Career of Tana Mundkowsky 

Tana Mundkowsky has worked as a retail manager of Urban Outfitters, a clothing store in Las Vegas. She has also worked for an American designer Betsey Johnson. Some sources also say that Tana has once been a school teacher. She has a passion also for knitting. She wrote the caption, “I knit with passion,” on her Instagram handle. Her husband, Brandon Flowers, started a career in music several years ago. A man named Dave Keuning placed an advert in Las Vegas Weekly in 2001, which Brandon responded to and joined their band, The Killers.

They released five albums between 2003 to 2007 and sold over a 22million records globally. Brandon authored the lyrics of the single “Mr. Brightside,” and the band also released their second album, Sam’s Town. The song paid homage to Brandon’s family and hometown, which earned the band their first award. In July 2010, the band sang “God Bless America” during a concert at the White House. The killers’ band performed in a 90k capacity stadium, becoming their biggest show in June 2013.

Brandon Flowers sang his first solo at the Shimmer Showroom in August 2010. Brandon released a global solo album, Flamingo. The album was among the top ten albums in ten countries, including the UK, and the album gained massive influence from Brandon’s hometown. “Crossfire” is the first single from the Flamingo album that he released on 21 June. The “Crossfire “music video featured actress Charlize Theron. Fans nominated the music video for NME Awards.

Some of the members of The Killers decided to take a break, but Brandon kept it going and recorded his second album. Brandon mentioned that the second album was going to be different. The second album, The Desired Effect, became the highest-ranked album on Metacritic. The album also became album of the year in 2025. Fans reviewed the song as Brandon’s finest music work after his song Hot Fuss. After The Desired Effect, Brandon released other singles that fans reviewed positively: “Lonely Town,” “Still Want You,” “Can’t Deny My Love,” and “I Can Change.”

In 2015, Brandon performed for Barack Obama at the National Clean Energy Summit. When Brandon’s wife had PTSD, he wrote “Some Kind of Love” and dedicated it to her.

Brandon Flowers and wife Tana mundokwosky

Top 10 facts about Tana Mundkowsky

  1. When Tana first met her husband, she played Ruby’s Arms by Tom Waits while they were driving around in Vegas. Brandon said they both bonded infer the song and even cried at some point while in the car.
  2. Brandon and Tana had a private wedding ceremony in Las Vegas despite being celebrities.
  3. Tana and Brandon have three sons. Brandon once told Daily Mail that he cuts back on some tours to spend more time with his children.
  4. Mundkowsky loves animals. After their wedding, she adopted two puppies; one was a Poodle and the other a Nikita. She shared photos of her dogs on her social media accounts.
  5. The famous star is a Philanthropist who has involved herself in so many charitable works. She worked with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which raises funds to help children battling cancer.
  6. Tana started reading the Book of Mormon secretly while dating Brandon. She didn’t let him know, and it was only his sister who knew about it. After a while, Tana converted to Mormonism.
  7. Brandon has a net worth of $25 million from his music career, while his wife’s exact net worth is unknown.
  8. Mundkowsky has battled with complex PTSD, which makes her suicidal sometimes.
  9. Brandon and his wife met at a thrift store in 2001 in their early 20s. They exchanged phone numbers, and the rest they say is history.
  10. Brandon has written and dedicated many songs to his wife. He wrote “Some Kind of Love” for her when she was battling a disorder.

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Personal Life

How she met Brandon

Tana Mundkowsky and Brandon Flowers met for the first time at Buffalo Exchange, a thrift store, in 2001. They both were in their early 20s. Brandon Flowers visited the store to get some things for their band gig, and then he saw Tana, who was elegantly dressed. Although her dressing was weird to him, at the same time, it gave him an incredible impression of her. Tana wore a bootleg T-shirt with an image of Mickey Mouse on it with a pink coat. When she started working for US designer Betsy Johnson, Brandon thought she was full of life, creative, and quite different.

Their First Date and Marriage

Brandon and Tana visited an all-night record store; Brandon engaged Tana by quizzing her on music artists from The Smiths to Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. Their discussion on music helped their bond, and then they dated for four years. They married on 2 August 2015 in a closed ceremony in Hawaii. Their union produced three boys: Ammon (14 July 1007), Gunnar (28 July 2009), and Henry (9 March 2011). They reside in Las Vegas. Before even having their children, they adopted two kids.

Brandon Flowers' Net Worth, Wife Tana Mundkowsky
Tana with her hubby and kids source: –

Tana Mundkowsky battles with PTSD

The doctors diagnosed Tana with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which made her suicidal. PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by frightening, distressful, or stressful events. While some people think she died as a result of this illness. Tana is very much alive.

Tana Mundkowsky on Social Media

The mom of three is active on both Instagram but her handle is a secret, however, her Twitter handle is @TanaMundkwosky. Her celebrity husband, Brandon Flowers, is active on Instagram @brandonflowers with 184k followers. He is also on Twitter with two verified accounts, @bflowers24 with 63k followers and @brandonflowers with 258k followers. On Facebook, he is @brandonflowers, with more than 560k followers.

Net Worth

Although she enjoys her husband’s wealth, Tana Mundkowsky’s net worth is unknown. While her husband, Brandon Flowers, has acquired a whopping net worth of $20 million from his career in the entertainment industry.


Brandon and Tana enjoy a blissful home and have never contemplated divorce, despite the ups and downtimes in their marriage. His wife has complex PTSD, which makes her suicidal sometimes, but her husband has stood by her. He had even canceled his music show once when his wife’s health worsened. We hope they continue to enjoy a blissful marital life and success in their respective careers.

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