Everything you need to know about Hugh Hefner’s children: David and Christie Hefner

Hugh Hefner was a celebrity known for establishing the magazine Playboy in 1953. The magazines had indecent pictures of beautiful, lusty, and busty women. Aside from his career, he was a man who had failed marriages and flirted with many women. On the other hand, he tried to be a father and husband whose societal status rose his family to stardom. His marriage to his first wife produced two children, Christie, and David Hefner. Let’s delve into their personal and professional lives.

Who is Hugh Hefner?

Hugh Hefner was born on 9 April 1926. He was the editor-in-chief and founder of Playboy magazine, an American magazine publisher. Playboy magazine is a publication with indecent articles and photographs that provoked profanity charges. Playboy published its first article in 1953, which featured Marilyn Monroe in a nude shoot. The company sold more than 50k copies.

His Career

Hefner worked as a copywriter with Esquire Company, and in 1952 he resigned after Esquire denied him a $5 raise. He decided to launch his own company, Esquire. To achieve that, he took a mortgage loan of $600 and raised about $8000 from investors, including his mother.

Charles Beaumont wrote a science fiction story, The Crooked Man, which Esquire rejected. Hugh, however, published it in Playboy. The report displayed straight men undergoing oppression in a world where homosexuality was the norm. In 1961, D--k Gregory performed at Herman Roberts Show in Chicago. Hefner hired Gregory to work at Playboy Club.

Top 10 facts about Christie and David Hefner

  1. David Hefner is a multi-talented man who combines computer engineering with other skills (director, writer, editor) in the entertainment industry.
  2. Christie and David Hefner are famous for being Hugh Hefner’s children.
  3. David maintains a low profile, making him unpopular, unlike his other siblings.
  4. Before building his multi-million dollar company, Hugh Hefner served as a military man in world war 2.
  5. Hugh’s company, Playboy magazine, comprises models who took revealing shots meant for entertaining readers.
  6. Although Hefner kept himself sexually with his wife, his wife cheated on him and confessed a few days after the wedding. Her confession left Hugh devastated and heartbroken.
  7. Hefner started wearing smoking jackets after moving his office to his bedroom. He owned more than 200 customized pajamas and smoking jackets.
  8. Funny enough, Hefner asked to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe.
  9. Christie Hefner’s parents divorced when she was five.
  10. Christie became the longest-serving female CEO of a company in the U.S. before she stepped down on 31 January 2009.

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Hefner marries Mildred

Hugh Hefner’s family knew him as simply Hef. Hefner met Mildred, and they got married in 1949. Together, they had two children, Christie and David. Before the wedding day, Mildred disclosed to Hefner that she had an affair with someone while he was in the army. Hefner was devastated, but he forgave her and carried on with the wedding. A Hollywood story disclosed that Mildred permitted Hefner to sleep with other women out of guilt for her unfaithfulness. Hoping that it would save her marriage but she was wrong. The duo eventually divorced in 1959. 

After the divorce, he flirted with many ladies. Marilyn ColeDonna MichelleShannon TweedSondra TheodoreKaren Christy, Carrie Leigh, Lillian Müller, and Barbi Benton. He also promoted flirtatious lifestyles in his magazines. One of his lovers, Leigh, filed a palimony suit against him. Hefner admitted to being involved in bisexuality in 1971. In the same year, Hefner bought a house in Los Angeles with proceeds from Playboy Mansion. He relocated there permanently in 1975. 

Hefner battles with a stroke

Hugh Hefner had a minor stroke at 58, making him think about his life, thereby re-evaluating his past lifestyle and making amends. He reduced the fierce all-night parties. His daughter, Christie, took over Playboy’s company operation from him in 1958. In 1998, Hefner married Kimberly Conrad, playmate of the year. Hefner was older than Conrad, at 36 years. The couple had two children: Cooper and Marston Glenn. 

Conrad and Hefner separated in 2010. Before the separation, Hefner mentioned irreconcilable differences as the reason for their 11-year break. Hugh Became more famous for flirting with young women by bringing them to Playboy Mansion, including twins Sandy and Mandy Bentley. He also flirted with seven women concurrently. He also dated Wilkinson, Marquardt, and Madison who were featured on The Girls Next Door, portraying their lifestyle in Playboy Mansion. The three of them eventually left the mansion in 2008.

In 2009, Hefner started a romantic relationship with Crystal Harris. He engaged her in Dec 2010, but she broke off their engagement in June 2011, just five days after their wedding. Although she appeared on the cover page of Playboy’s July publication with the caption “Introducing America’s Princess, Mrs. Crystal Hefner.” The duo reconciled and eventually got married in December 2012.

Hugh Hefner's Wives and Girlfriends Through the Years
Source: insider

 Playboy Mansion

Playboy Mansion was placed for sale for $100 million because Hefner would continue living and working in the mansion. Daren Metropoulos bought the estate for $100 million. Eugena Washington became the last playmate of the year to be announced by Hugh Hefner in 2017.

Hugh Hefner built a foundation for the less privileged. Through his foundation, he supported other charitable organizations outside publishing and politics. Hefner has raised funds for events like Generation Rescue and Animal Rescue. In November 2010, the founder of Children of the Night presented Hefner with an Award, appreciating his generosity, commitment, and unwavering dedication to humanity.

Hefner’s Death

Sadly, Hefner passed away on 27 September 2017 at the Playboy Mansion. He died at age 91 and was buried at Westwood Memorial Park beside Marilyn Monroe. Which was a little over a year, when Keith, Hefner’s brother, died in April 2016, after Hefner’s 90th birthday.

Christie Hefner-Hugh Hefner’s Daughter

Christie Ann Hefner was born on 8 November 1952 to her parents, Hugh and Mildred Hefner. She is an American activist and businesswoman. Hefner was also the CEO and Chairman of Playboy Enterprises from 1988-to 2009. Christie Hefner is famously known as the daughter of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. 

When Christie was five, her parents divorced. Her mom remarried, and so they relocated to Illinois, Chicago. Christie attended New Trier High School. Afterward, she proceeded to Brandeis University, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature.

Christie Hefner
source: Hollywoodlife

Her Career

After graduating from the University, Christie Hefner started working as a freelancer for Boston Phoenix. She wrote movie reviews. After a year, Hefner moved to Chicago and became the president of Playboy Enterprises. She served as the longest-serving female CEO who achieved many feats, like extending the company’s franchise to over 25 localized editions. She also developed the organizations’ profitable pay television system-it became the first time a magazine would successfully leverage its brand into a television network.

The company also purchased establishments such as Clubjenna and Spice Network. In 1994, Christie introduced the company to the internet space by launching playboy.com. It was the first magazine to launch a website and run multi-revenue stream businesses like advertising and gaming, e-commerce, premium content, etc. Christie also developed a profitable direct marketing and e-commerce business in music and film through organic growth and acquisition catalog.

She also expanded the leveraging of the company’s brand through licensing. During her last tenure as CEO, the company generated about $1 billion in global retail sales. By the time she was leaving, over 80% of her executives were women. Fortune’s listed her among the ‘Most Powerful Women’ for three years.

Christie steps down as CEO 

In December 2008, Christie announced her intention to step down as the CEO. She mentioned that the election of Barack Obama as U.S. President made her think of devoting more time to charitable works. In her words: “Just as this country is embracing change in the form of new leadership. I have decided that now is the time to make changes in my own life as well.”

On 30 January 2009, Christie stepped down as the CEO of Playboy. Hefner became the Executive Chairman of Canyon Ranch Enterprises-a resort establishment that has a website that provides wellness and health advice. The company also operates six spa destinations.

In 2015, Christie became the Chairman of Hatchbeauty brands. She also worked with R.D. Outfit company as part of the Advisory Boards. The company is a multi-billion dollar edge beauty and agricultural conglomerate, the world’s direct-to-consumer company in manufacturing, designing, and marketing unique and culturally relevant fragrance brands.

Christie’s Achievements

Christie Hefner established Hugh M. to honor her father. The organization raised $30 million, which was used in building Core Center in Chicago. Core Centre became the first outpatient facility for people with AIDS.

Her Husband

Christie Hefner got married to an attorney, real estate developer, and Illinois State Senator in 1995. In 2013, the duo divorced and didn’t have any children. Christie resides in Chicago. She has a brother David, who is a computer analyst. She also has two step-brothers from her father’s second marriage, Marston and Cooper.

Who is David Hefner

David Hefner is a businessman famously known for being the don of celebrity founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine. Although he is a member of his father’s business, he lives a private life.

David was born on 30 August 1955 in California, United States. He was taken to his parents, Hugh and Millie Hefner. After David’s elementary and college education, he proceeded to the University of California, specializing in digital media and filming. He worked with his father’s company as the Chief Creative Officer. David Hefner works as a computer graphics specialist for independent production companies.

He also runs a computer consulting firm. David has made notable contributions to the entertainment industry. He has also worked as a director, editor, producer, and writer with the editorial department. He is married with two children. However, there is no information about his wife or children on the internet.

David Hefner
source: waynestateuniversity

Social Media

Hugh Hefner is active on social media platforms like Instagram @hughhefner, with 500k followers. However, Hugh’s foundation is the one managing the page. On Facebook, he is @hughmhefner with 387k followers. His Twitter handle is @hughhefner, with 1.1 million followers. His children, Christie and Hefner, are not available on any social media platform.

Latest News

A few months ago, the Playboy company released a documentary titled Secrets of Playboy. After the premier, Hugh’s family and friends had mixed reactions to the documentary. Madison confirmed that whenever ladies in the Playboy mansion were messed up and misbehaving, Hugh would use a camera to take pictures of them, print them and share them with the people around. While some of his friends and allies denied some stuff in the documentary, they confirmed some.

Net Worth

Hugh Hefner died in September 2017 at 91, having acquired so much wealth from his jobs at different publishing firms and his company Playboy. Playboy magazine and website generated a lot of funds which made Hugh wealthy. Although, there were rumors that he didn’t have any physical property or assets to his name when he died. Hefner also didn’t make money from the royalties he got from sales. The celeb squandered money on partying etc. According to some sources, his net worth was approximately $25 million at the time of his death.

Christie Hefner, Hugh’s daughter, also acquired enormous wealth from her dedication and hard work to different firms that she worked with. Christie has a net worth of approximately $30 million. David Hefner, Hugh’s son, is also a tech guru and active in the movie industry. He has acquired a net worth of $5 million.


Hugh Hefner lived a pretty long and exciting life before dying. He established a business that became his primary source of wealth. The celeb business owner also married three different women, which all ended in divorce. He also flirted with many women before a minor stroke made him renounce the lifestyle. Hefner lived an accomplished life before dying at the ripe age of 91.

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