Meet Ryan Widmer, Famous For Murdering His wife, Sarah Widmer.

Ryan Widmer is a man brought to the limelight of the media after the demise of his wife. Ryan Whitmore, also known as Ryan Widmer, is famous as the man who the law convicted of murdering his spouse, Sarah Widmer. She was discovered dead in the bathtub at their home in Ohio. Troopers caught him in 2011, although the incident occurred on 11 August 2008. However, he claims he is innocent.

Early Life and Education

Ryan was born to his parent, his father, Gary Widmer, and his mother, Jill Widmer, on 3 November 1981. There is no information about where he grew up and the school he attended while growing up. However, significant information about him revolves around the death of his first wife. However, he is Ohio-based.

Top 10 Facts About Ryan Widmer

  1. Ryan Widmer’s late wife Sarah was only 4-months into her marriage to Ryan when she died.
  2. Ryan later got into an affair with another woman. However, Ryan disclosed that they are separated now.
  3. Ryan got married to Sarah in Hamilton Township in Warren County while Sarah was 24 years old and he was 27 years old.
  4. He is currently serving a 15-to-life sentence while his case remains under appeal. However, he will be qualified for parole in July 2025.
  5. Widmer and his second wife have a son who is currently 12 years old this 2022.
  6. Ryan’s mother, Jill Widmer, was found dead in her home. One of her sons found her dead in her home and reported to the police immediately. The doctor found out that she had died hours before he saw her. Her health complications caused the death.
  7. Aside from the murder episode, Ryan has no Wikipedia uploaded on the media space.
  8. Ryan’s long-divorced parents teamed up together to help their son. They spent about $250,000 on his defense.
  9. When Ryan needed assistance with paying the attorneys’ fees so he could appear for the third trial, an anonymous donor came forward and contributed $60,000.
  10. The family of Sarah also supported Ryan at the court; they said, “Ryan loved their daughter too much to have hurt her.


In Ryan’s early years, he worked as a sports planner and sports marketer, and his wife Sara also worked as a dental hygienist at the dental practice in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, United States. However, Ryan did not continue the pursuit of his career due to the death of his wife. Since the incident, Ryan has faced trials in court and is in detention.

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Personal life


Ryan is a twin and was born to his parent, now divorced. He also had siblings, one of which was his twin brother. He goes by the name Aryan Widmer.

Ryan Widmer Relationships and Marriage

Recollecting Ryan’s early days, Ryan was born in 1981 and was 27 in 2008. By calculation, Ryan’s current age is 41 years as of 2022. Meanwhile, Sarah was 24. Ryan met Sarah for the first time through mutual friends. They had a brief meeting. However, after the meeting, the duo fell in love and began to plan their life together. They got married in 2008 and also bought a house the same year. They had been married four months before the unfortunate incident happened.

Sarah Widmer
Ryan and Sarah Widmer source: Chilling Crimes

MYSTERY OF THE BATHTUBE; Ryan’s Wife found Dead

Ryan found his wife Sarah Widmer unconscious in the bathtub at their home in Ohio. According to close friends and family, they were intimate and madly in love. That particular evening of the unfortunate incident, they had a nice time together. Ryan and his wife watched a movie together at night before she went to take a shower. He didn’t hear from Sarah for a while and later went to the bathroom to check. He found her lying breathless in her bathtub. 

Ryan called 911 immediately and told the dispatcher that she was asleep in the bathtub and that he didn’t know if she was dead. However, the truth about his statement is yet to be proven. A jury member said, “Ryan didn’t react as a normal person whose wife is dead should have.” Probably, he was still in shock at that time. However, sources confirmed that he is still trying to prove his innocence. 

Ryan got apprehended and arrested. In 2010, he had his second trial, and the jury could not reach an unquestioned decision. However, the story of the college-educated, suburban newlyweds duo that amassed national attention while Ryan stood trial is still a mystery to date. Could it be that he intended to kill his wife, or did she accidentally have a heart failure, or could it be due to a seizure that she drowned?

Sarah Widmer Sickness

While the jury debated what caused Sarah Widmer’s death, the doctors discovered that Sarah had suffered from strange episodes of sleepiness and headaches that included her seeing spots. But she never went for any testing to find the root cause. In 2009, a jury sided with the trial’s argument. 

He said that the chances of Sarah suffering a medical disorder were remote, and the conditions didn’t add up. So the jury convicted Ryan of murder. However, the conviction caused unrest as thousands of people said the jury convicted Ryan based on flimsy evidence, making it unjust. 

“Free Ryan Widmer” rallies were held. However, the court reversed the conviction after a judge ruled out that some jurors had failed to observe court rules, which tarnished the verdict. About about the case scored a TV rating bonanza for Dateline on NBC. The court called Ryan for trial the second time in 2010. After the second trial, the jury could not reach an undisputed verdict despite 30 hours of deliberations. Several jurors declared the evidence uncertain and questioned If any jury could ever agree indisputably.

Ryan Widmer Investigator

Ryan’s investigator is also the sole detective for Hamilton Township in Warren Country at that time. However, questions about the credibility of the lead Widmer investigator kept on revolving. Lt. Jeff Braley faced examination for his part in raiding a purported underage-drinking smack in 2007—which happened to be a birthday party for a 52-year-old man. Furthermore, his credibility came into question because he made false statements about his education and career history in his personnel file. He denied making the misrepresentations.

However, the mystery got unraveled when Dateline picked up the investigation of Ryan’s case in a criminal offense tv present known as Dateline. The analysis explained that the couple had an argument, and Ryan punched her. Sarah fell and hit her head. After which, she blacked out. Unknown to Ryan that his wife blacked out, he left in anger. By the time he got back again, he had found her dead in the bathtub and her hair moist. 

The prosecutors claimed marks inside the tub indicated the wrestle she had earlier before she died. However, Ryan pleaded and admitted it was utterly an accident. Within the media, the media recognized his case as ‘The tub homicide.’ Similarly, in an episode of Reasonable Doubt, the movie showcased his case as an additional topic.

Widmer bathtub murder case back in court Ryan Widmer in court
Ryan Widmer in court source: Warren Co. News

Ryan Widmer’s Second Wife

Ryan got into a relationship with another woman. Sarah Menherz met Ryan through the internet during his first trial, and the relationship went on through his first and second trials. He kept the relationship secret as the court would bring it under examination during the second trial. However, Sarah saw his story on Dateline NBC and confronted him. It became apparent that she eventually left him after Widmer disclosed that they were no longer together.

Ryan Widmer Son

Ryan Widmer and Sarah Manherz together had a baby boy Ryan in 2010 after his second trial. He is 12 years old. The duo got intimate when they spent Thanksgiving at Jill Widmer’s house in 2009 as Widmer was out of prison for about three months. Sarah got pregnant for Ryan during his second trial and gave birth before his third trial. He only saw his son once a month. When Sarah went through her difficult labor, Ryan had to be unavoidably absent, making him very unhappy. Furthermore, he is sad that he will be unavailable to raise his son.

Ryan Widmer’s Mom Found Dead

Jill Widmer, Ryan’s mom, died in her home. Preliminary autopsy results show that she had liver and heart disease. The person in charge of the investigation, Doyle Burke, said that he didn’t think Jill committed suicide as suspected. He also mentioned that Jill Widmer also lived on a lot of medication and could have probably mixed up some of her drugs.

Ryan was reasonable to pay his last respects to his mother but unfortunately couldn’t attend her funeral. The rules governing inmates’ visits to death beds and funerals allowed the prisoner to have a private viewing without attending the service.

Net worth

Ryan was estimated to have a net worth of about 1.3$ million some years back. Currently, Ryan is not involved in any activity that can earn him any fortune at the moment.

Latest News

Ryan Widmer is presently serving his sentence. Ryan’s age is 40 years as of 2022.  Although he has tried applying for a retrial on different occasions, the court rejected his applications. 


Ryan Widmer is a man with a bright future, but the incident between him and his late wife will affect him forever. The media looks forward to Ryan’s release as he would be eligible for parole in 2025. His son is in the custody of his mother, Sarah, Ryan’s second wife. He is away from the media eye.

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