Beautiful plus sized lady shows off flexibility in semi nude photos (Photos)

A yoga instructor, Jessamyn Stanley is breaking the stereotype and promoting body confidence.


Charly Summer Images
Charly Summer Images

A plus large size, Stanley loves to strike different poses in lingerie to inspire others to positive body acceptance. She’s clearly winning as shown by her enviable Instagram followers, over 350,000 and counting.

Stanley shared these photos of her showing off her incredible flexibility and writes:

“It is hard to be confident in yourself. Social media makes it look easy and sometimes even glamorous, but it’s not. My struggle towards self-confidence and self-love is constantly evolving. In my experience, self-hate doesn’t miraculously go away. It takes work. Showing up for that work is what’s most important. So every day, I come back to the drawing board.
I wipe away yesterday’s actions and try to release both the good and the bad emotions. I try to be compassionate towards myself. I try to show myself love instead of hate. It is hard. I was not trained to love myself. I’m not good at it.
And I don’t live in a world that wants me to love myself. But this work isn’t about a hashtag or a movement- it’s about survival. I must love myself in order to survive. That’s the goal. Everything else is just extra.”



Check out more photos below:

Jessamyn Stanley
Jessamyn Stanley
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