Alexandra Montana father, Joe Montana sues his ex-wife 30 years after divorce

Alexandra Montana was born on 10 October 1985 in California. She is the firstborn of Joseph Montana, the famous and legendary former football player from the United States. Alexandra came into the limelight from birth because her celebrity father was already at the peak of his career. She grew up as a celebrity kid and received so much love and attention from football fans around the globe. Her birth brought joy to her family and the football fans worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Alexandra was born and brought up in California, USA. She attended the University of Notre Dame after her secondary education in 2004; she obtained her BA degree in 2008. Afterwards, she furthered to Loyola Law School of Loyola Marymount University, where she got her Doctor of Law and Master of Law.


She has not revealed information about her career. But as a young girl in mid-2004, she started attaining unpredictable positions. Before finishing her BBA degree in 2008, she worked in the financial sphere for several years. Also, while trying to accept her Doctor of Law and Master of Law in 2010, she filled in as a legal counsellor.

Top 10 facts about Alexandra Montana

  1. Alexandra Montana was born on 10 October 1985 in the United States of America in the celebrity world.
  2. The famous star has three (3) siblings, and she’s close to her family.
  3. Montana is not the type who displays her life on social media, so her net worth is not known. But it’s between $1M to $5M.
  4. Her mother, Jennifer Wallace, was once a sports illustrated model and actress who got married to a former American footballer.
  5. She was low-key until an incident brought her to the media. A gatecrasher almost kidnapped her 9-month-old child on 28 September 2020. The gatecrasher went to their house in Malibu, California, USA, to carry the child, but her parents made it difficult for the intruder to take the baby.
  6. Alexandra Whitney Montana is her birth name, but she prefers to be called Alexandra Montana.
  7. Aside from her father’s wealth, she has amassed wealth from her profession as a Lawyer. Besides her considerable revenue, she’s living a wealthy life.
  8. She is of White Ethnicity and American nationality.
  9. Alexandra’s parents, Joe and Jen, celebrated their 36th anniversary in 2021.
  10. She has the Libra zodiac sign.

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Personal Life

Though Alexandra grew up as a celebrity kid, she has kept her profile low on social media and has stayed away from the spotlight. One incident that brought her to the spotlight was when a gatecrasher almost kidnapped her child sometime in 2020. Alexandra has three younger ones; Elizabeth, Nate, and Nicholas. Alexandra is married with a child.

Alexandria Montana and her parents Joe and Jen

Her parents 

Alexandra Montana was born to her parents, Joe Montana and Jenifer Wallace.

Joe Montana 

Joe, the father of the celebrity kid Alexandra Montana was born on 11 June 1956 in New Eagle, Pennsylvania. His parents are Joseph Clifford Montana Sr., born in 1935 and died in 2017. Theresa Marie Bavuso Montana, born in 1935, died in 2004 in New Eagle, Pennsylvania, a district of Washington Country. Joe was born in Monongahela city, a coal-mining town that is 25 miles which is 40km to the south of Pittsburgh. At a very young age, Joe began showing interest in sports, and his father fully supported him by teaching him football. His father was the first to teach him football. 

His Football Career

At the age of eight (8), he was already playing youth football and receiving support from his father. To meet the league’s minimum age requirements, his dad had registered him as nine years old. He developed an interest in basketball and baseball alongside football in his developing years. Though basketball was his favourite, his father then began a local basketball team of which his son was a part. The group rehearsed and played at the local armoury and played their games in multiple regional tournaments.

Joe had his primary education at Waverly Elementary and his secondary education at Finleyville Junior School. The school is now Finleyville Middle School. He also attended Ringgold High School. He played basketball, football, and baseball while at Ringgold High SchoolAs a basketball player, he displayed capacity and assisted Ringgold in winning the 1973 WPIAL Class AAA boys basketball competition. Fans called him an all-state player. He was such a fantastic player that  North Carolina State offered him a basketball scholarship during his senior year.

Joe’s Career in His School Team

He turned down other Opportunities for NCSU because they gave him a better offer of playing both basketball and football for the University. Joe served as the backup for two years on the High School football team. As a junior, he got a job as the Ringgold Rarn’s starting quarterback. He maintained the responsibility for the last two years of his High School course, which was after his senior year, and the parade accepted him to their All-American team. 

One of the most outstanding presentations in his High School was in a game of opposition to Monessen High School during his junior year. Even though Monessen scored a tie descent in the final moments, Joe’s performance amassed attention, majorly the ones from Notre DameEventually, Notre Dame gave Joe a scholarship which he received after he had graduated; in 2006, about 32 years later, Ringgold changed the name of their football stadium to Joe Montana Stadium.

He is recognized to have played for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City. Joe has won 4 super bowls with the 49ers and spent most of his post-playing career in the doctor’s office, and he’s also a businessman.

Joe’s Marriages.

Down to his personal life, he has married three times. During his second semester at Notre Dame, he married Kim Moses, his hometown lover. Three years later, they divorced without having any child together. In 1982, he married Cass Castilo, and they divorced in 1984. Then he met Jennifer Wallace while they were working on a Schick Commercial. In 1985, Joe married Jenifer and had four children.

Alexandra Montana was born on 10 October 1985, Elizabeth Montana, who was born on 20 December 1986; Nate Montana, who was born on 3 October 1989; and Nicholas Montana, who was born on 28 April 1992. His two sons played football for De La Salle High School. Meanwhile, after being transferred from Joe’s University, Notre Dame, to West Virginia Wesleyan, Nate became an informal free agent from West Virginia Wesleyan. Same with Nick after moving from the University of Washington and Mt. San Antonio College.

Joe Sues His Ex-wife.

In 2008, Joe sued Kim Moses, his ex-wife, and a Dallas auction house for infringing his copyright and privacy rights after Kim sold a bundle of letters from his college days when he was in Notre Dame. Currently, Joe stays in San Francisco. In 2009, he placed his $49M 500acre estate in Calistoga on sale, but he reduced the price to $30M in January 2012. Joe possesses horses and makes wine under the label Montagna. He also dedicated his time to Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Joe has also earned a lot of nicknames for various reasons; Joe Cool for his inability to stay calm at crucial moments. Due to his thin legs and small calves, his team in San Francisco names him Bird legs and many others. In the NFL Network’s Joe’s dinner television sport, he acted as the character Joe Clifford, derived from his first and middle name.

Joe Marries Jennifer Montana.

Joe’s present wife and mother of Alexandra Montana and her siblings, Jennifer Montana, is a family woman who has a beautiful family. She was born on 7 July 1958, and her nickname is Jen. She has American nationality and is of White Ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is cancer. 

She is a former model and actress by profession. While she and Joe met on the set of a Schick razor commercial, the chemistry between the two was strong and mutual. Joe then proposed after they had gone out on a few dates. 

Joe’s first proposal to her was six months into their relationship in a restaurant. On a check, he wrote, “what would you say if I asked you to spend the rest of your life with me?”. She felt bringing marriage into their relationship was quite early, so she neither said yes nor no. On another date one night, Joe rents a plane to fly with a placard reading, “Jen, will you marry me?”. His proposal yielded results this time as she said yes. Today, the duo are happily married and celebrated their 36th anniversary in 2021.

Jennifer Montana Wiki & Bio

Jen is a Fulfilled Businesswoman

Without a doubt, the ex-model is a charming woman who poses tall in her pictures beside her husband. Before they met, she did not even know about his football achievement. Jen and her husband have a foundation that they continuously use to give back to society.

Jen began her career as a swimsuit model. She was present in the famous Sports Illustrated Magazine. Jen was also an actress who has been in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’99, a TV Special in 1999, Adventures with Kanga Roddy, a TV Series in 1998, Hollywood Today Live, a TV Series in 2016, Hollywood Health Report, a TV Series in 2016, Home and Family in 2017. She was also present in the Schick razor commercial where she and her husband met.

Elizabeth Montana (Alexandra Montana’s sister)

Elizabeth was born on 20 December 1986. She is famous as the former football player’s daughter Joe Montana who played in the national football league for about 16 seasons. Elizabeth completed her education at Notre Dame University. By profession, she is a model who has endorsed many brands. She is married and has children. She is also living a private life; on Instagram, she’s @elizzyontana with 124 followers.

Social Media

Alexandra has a private Instagram account, @alexandramontana. She has 1,249 Followers. Her father, Joe, has a verified Instagram account, @joemontana, which is an account restricted to those over 21 years old. Her mum Jeni is @jennifermintanadesign on Instagram with 1,604 Followers, @jmontanadesign on Twitter.

Net Worth

We don’t know Alexandra Montana’s exact net worth, but according to reliable sources, her net worth should be between $1M-$5M. Her father, Joe, a retired footballer, has a net worth of about $150M, while her mother, Jennifer, a former model and actress, has a net worth of about $80M.

Latest News

The latest trend in Montana’s family revolves around the attempted kidnap of Alexandra Montana’s 9-months-old child. The kidnapper, Sodsai Dalzell, was arrested in September 2020 cause she went into the home of the historic NFL quarterback and took hold of his granddaughter. All thanks to his wife, Jennifer, who confronted the kidnapper and requested the child.

After a struggle, the law enforcement officials said that Jennifer was brilliant enough to take the child out of her arms of Dalzell. Dalzell faced charges of kidnap and burglary. However, she pleaded ‘not guilty to each of the one count of attempted kidnap of an under-14-years-old child and a first-degree residential burglary with a person who was around. The court apprehended her with a bail of $200,000.

On a Friday morning sometime in February 2021, the woman involved was released from jail. Based on the record, Sodsai Dalzell, about 39 years old and was locked up in the Los Angeles County Jail, was released at 4:30 am that day. The court dissolved the charges against her with no valid reason why the court dropped the charges.


Although Alexandra’s parents showed her so much love, care, and attention from birth, she looks fantastic and loving in her pictures. She has not leveraged on her parents’ wealth; instead, she is a successful Lawyer and has amassed wealth from her career. Though she and her siblings were born celebrity kids, they have maintained a low profile online and live private lives. Even though Joe Montana had two failed marriages, his marriage with Jennifer Sharon Wallace, now Jennifer Montana, has lasted 36 years without any issues or complaints. And the two have been living happily.

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