Beauty hack! Easy ways to get the perfect nail polish

It’s always not easy to get a perfect layer of nail polish, it could be extremely tricky. it takes practice, patience, and a steady hand. Here are easy ways to get perfect nail polish.

1. Prepare your nails for new polish.

To have a great and neat polish, you must first remove any old polish from your nails. Use a cotton swab and a nail polish remover to do that, making sure nothing is left.Image result for removing nail polish

2. Trim, file and smoothen your nails.

After removing your old nail polish, take some time to shape and buff your nails. File your nails into a round, square, or rounded-square shape, just as you like it. Run over each nail with a slightly abrasive buffer to even out the surface of your nails.Related image

3. Soak your hands in warm water and push cuticles back.

Once your nails are properly filed and buffed, retrieve a bowl and fill it with warm water. Soak your hands in the warm water for three minutes. Remove your hands from the bowl and dry them on a clean towel. After doing this, your cuticles become easier to push back. Stop the process if it starts hurting as this could cause them to bleed. It might hurt just a little whilst you do it if you haven’t done it for a while. Instead of cutting your cuticles, push them back to give your nail an oval appearance because they can make your nails open to infection. It also makes it easier to create a neat polish line.Image result for nails in water in a bowl

4. Apply a base coat to each nail and wait for it to dry.

Base coats help strengthen and protect your nails. The base coat also extends the life of your polish. Coat each nail in a thin, single layer of base coat. Allow the base coat to dry.Image result for Base coats for nails

5. Apply more than one coat of polish in three strokes and allow it to dry per application.

To get a nice, neat, and even manicure, apply one to three thin layers of polish. You can control the thickness of each coat by only leaving enough polish on your brush to cover one nail. Each coat determines if you’ll add an extra coat or not.Image result for polished nails

6. Apply a layer of top coat to each nail and wait for it to dry.

Topcoats add a brilliant shine to your already polished fingers. Once your nails are completely dry, apply a thin layer of top coat to each nail.Related image


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