Dylan Starr Williams, Son Of Popular Tennis Coach Richard Williams Revealed!

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Dylan Starr Williams is a ten-year-old (as of 2022) boy who was born into the celebrity family of Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham. He was born in August 2012. Dylan Starr Williams fame rises as he is the half-brother of the two most recognized world tennis players, Venus Ebony Starr Williams Price and Serena Jameka Williams Price.

Early Life and Education

Dylan Starr Williams was born in August 2012 in the U.S. and holds the American Nationality. As a young boy, he’s still going through school, so there is no complete information about his schooling yet. Meanwhile, his father, Richard Williams, the only son of his parents and the oldest of all his siblings, was born on 14 February 1942 in Shreveport, Louisiana, the U.S. After High School, Richard left for Saginaw, Michigan but later moved to California.


Top 10 Facts About Dylan Starr Williams

  1. Dylan Starr Williams was born into the spotlight, the son of the famous tennis coach Richard Williams and the half-brother of the super tennis players Venus Williams and Serena Williams.
  2. His mother owns a grocery store with a net worth of about $1M. She is just a year older than his half-sister Venus.
  3. Serena Williams is married to Alexis Ohanian and has a child, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. While Venus is not married, she enjoys being single.
  4. After Richard’s and Lakeisha divorced, he said she had married him because of money, irrespective of the age gap.
  5. Serena, Venus, and Isha Price were involved in the production of King Richard to keep it 100 percent real and accurately reveal their father’s personality. Venus also added that the movie was not just to pay tribute to their dad but to the bond she shares with Serena.
  6.  According to Will Smith, Beyonce, one of the ideal singers of the time, was inspired by the two sisters to write a song for the movie King Richards, “Be Alive.”
  7. Two actors, Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, went to Venus and Serena for advice on playing accurately like them. Serena and Venus put them through from stance to posture to backhand and forehand form to help them play like them.
  8. The movie King Richard brought tears to the eyes of Serena and Venus, and when asked, they said they loved the movie. The film is the story of the legend Richard who was not just a great coach but a great father.
  9. Richard is currently staying in Atlanta and has poor health. The 80-year-old Richard had strokes twice in 2016 and is under his son’s care, Chavoita LeSane.
  10. Lakeisha had three ribs on the left side of her body fractured. People suspect that King Richard had broken her ribs.

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Dylan Starr Williams
source: Dailymail

Dylan Starr Williams Career

Dylan Starr Williams, who is still pursuing his education, has not started pursuing his career yet. But then his parents and half-sisters are successful in their careers individually. His father, Richard Williams, built his career in tennis, and he was a former tennis player. A man known as Old Whiskey took Richard’s tennis lesson teacher. One time he saw Virginia Rucizi play tennis on television and decided that his daughters would be professional tennis players in the future.

When Venus and Serena were four and a half, he had already written an 85-page plan and started taking the lessons and taking them to public tennis courts to practice. Even though, at a point, he felt he would have commenced their training at the age of six. However, in 1995 he withdrew them from the tennis academy they were learning from and started coaching them himself, and in a few years, they were already winning grand slam tournaments.

In 1999, Serena won the U.S. Open, while Venus won the 2000 Wimbledon title. His daughters’ victory made him excited, he danced triumphantly at the NBC broadcasting booth, and Evert said the broadcasters thought he would pull down the roof. Being in the same sporting arena has made Venus and Serena come face-to-face with each other 30 times, with Serena having 18 and 12 victories over Venus.

They’ve also played the Grand Slam Finals five consecutive times, where Serena had all the victories. On 19 November, the biographical film King Richard where Williams Richard appeared as Will Smith, was released, and Venus and Serena were the executive producers. The film received many awards and critical acclaim from its viewers.

Personal Life

Dylan Starr Williams is too young to be in a relationship, so he is single for now. Meanwhile, he has many siblings. His father, Richard, has been married three times but is currently single. Richard first met Betty after he moved to California, and in 1965 they got married with five children, three boys and two girls: Sabrina, Richard III, Roner, Reluss, and Renuka. All the five children were raised together with Katrina, Betty’s daughter.

But in 1973, Richard and Betty divorced. Then in 1979, he met with Oracene Brandy Price, who from her previous marriage already had three daughters. And in 1980, they tied the knots and gave birth to Venus on 17 June 1980, and on 26 September 1981, they had Serena. They lived in Compton, California, and in 2002, they divorced. Shortly after, Richard met Lakeisha Juanita Graham, a grocery store owner, and they got married in 2010.

Same 2010, they had a son Dylan Starr Williams, and in 2017, they divorced. Also, Richard has a son outside all his three marriages. Before Lakeisha divorced, he developed a stroke in 2016, but she said his condition became stable. Dylan Star William’s mother, Juanita, is a celebrity spouse, a media personality, an entrepreneur, and an internet personality from the U.S.

She is a businesswoman who has a grocery store. She was born in 1979, a year older than Venus, and she went to a private school in America. Considering the age gap between Richard and Lakeisha, it’s vast, although Richard said she married him because of his money.

Richard Williams, Dad Of Venus & Serena, Suffered Stroke Before Wimbledon
source: Essence

Social Media

Dylan Starr Williams is too young, so he is not on social media yet. But his father Richard is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as Richard Williams. Venus has a verified Instagram account, @venuswilliams, with about 1.7M Followers, where she posts reels based on King Richard’s movie, images advertising her collection, and many more. On Twitter, she’s @venuseswilliams.

She has a verified Facebook account @Venus Williams with 3M Followers. Serena has a verified Instagram account @serenawilliams with about 14.9M Followers, where she posts pictures of herself with inspirational captions and, at other times, sports images. She has a verified Facebook account @SerenaWilliams, with about 7.4M Followers.

Net Worth

Dylan Starr Williams does not have a net worth as he leverages his father’s wealth. But his mother has a net worth of about $1M. As a tennis coach, writer, and the father of tennis superstars Venus and Serena, Richard has a net worth of about $25M in 2022.

Throughout her career, Venus has amassed a net worth of about $45M and has generated $50M from being a brand ambassador for several brands that have approached her. And she also established a sportswear company EleVen, a diet company Happy Vikings, and runs an interior design fashion company, V Starr.

All in all, she has a net worth of about $95M. Meanwhile, Serena is the world’s third-richest tennis player after Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. She has a net worth of about $210M as of August 2021. Her net worth is more than that of her husband, Alexis Ohanian, whose net worth is about $70M.

Latest News

In 2022, Richard had two-stroke attacks.


In conclusion, Dylan Starr Williams is a very young boy born into the spotlight. He has a successful mother, father, and superstar half-sisters who are doing exceptionally well in their field. We believe that Dylan Starr Williams is a rising star and will supersede the achievements of his family members.

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