Deacon Reese Phillippe | Son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

Deacon Reese Phillippe is a rising talent in the entertainment industry and a fascinating individual in his own right. From his early years growing up in the shadow of his famous parents to his accomplishments and achievements, Deacon’s life is full of interesting twists and turns. He’s got a great sense of humor and is always quick with a joke or a funny comment. We’ll explore his career path and explore his personal life and interests.

Deacon Reese Phillippe Early Life

Deacon Reese Phillippe was born on October 23, 2003, in the United States of America. Now, you might recognize his last name because Deacon is the son of no other than Hollywood power couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe.

As this talented duo’s second child, Deacon has inherited some of their star power. Growing up with two successful actors as parents, it’s no surprise that Deacon has made a name for himself in his own right. While he’s not quite in the spotlight as much as his mom and dad, Deacon is a rising star in his way.


The pride of graduating from high school is a memorable moment for any student, but for Deacon Reese Phillippe, it was extra special. In the spring of 2022, Deacon completed his high school studies through homeschooling, and his parents threw him a backyard commencement ceremony to mark the occasion.

And let’s say his parents went all out to make it a unique and unforgettable experience. With his dad dressed up as a principal, Deacon received his diploma beside their pool, making it a fun-filled celebration for the entire family.

He’s now a college student attending New York University and pursuing his passion for music. On February 1 2023, he shared photos and videos of his first day of college on his Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse into his exciting new adventure. One picture showed him in his dorm room, with a lit-up broken heart and a red EMBIID 21 basketball jersey behind him.


Deacon Reese Phillippe is taking the entertainment world by storm. You might recognize him from his recent acting debut on the hit Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever Season 3‘. Last August 2022, Deacon made his first appearance on the show as a guest star, playing the role of a party student and a member of the rival debate team.

Deacon Reese Phillippe | Son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
Deacon Reese Phillippe and Father, Ryan Phillippe | Image Source:

Even though he wasn’t in most episodes, Deacon wowed audiences with his exceptional acting skills, earning praise from the show’s co-creator Lang Fisher. Lang praised Deacon’s professional demeanor and hard work on set, making him a joy to work with. But that’s not all; Deacon is also a talented musician, making his music debut in 2020 with the single ‘Long Run’, featuring the lovely Nina Nesbitt. The song was an instant hit and even made it into the Top 20 iTunes charts.

For his second single, Deacon teamed up with TikTok star Loren Gray to create the unique blend of EDM and country vibes in ‘Love For the Summer. According to Deacon, the song originated from his love for country music, having grown up between Los Angeles and Nashville. In an interview, Deacon revealed his passion for music and his desire to make it in the industry as a writer and producer rather than a singer.

This young talent has his hands full as he pursued his acting career and released an eight-song album titled ‘Just a Kid’ on SoundCloud last August 2022.

Deacon Reese Phillippe Personal Life

Deacon Reese Phillippe is a talented actor and musician and has a loving and supportive family. His older sister, Ava Elizabeth, is a University of California, Berkeley student and shares the same interests with her younger brother. Despite the age gap, they have an unbreakable bond evident in their social media posts.

The siblings also modeled together for Beyoncé’s new Adidas collection, Halls of Ivy Park, in 2021, alongside other celebrity kids like Natalia Bryant. It’s not just Ava who supports Deacon’s passions, as their mother, Reese Witherspoon, also greatly supports her son’s musical ambitions. Deacon has a studio in their house, and Reese is the first person to listen to his music. Their mother-son bond is so strong that Deacon even helped Reese make her first TikTok video, and he regularly posts snaps of her on his Instagram account.

Aside from his talent and supportive family, Deacon is also blessed with good looks. With his chiseled features and model-like appearance, it’s no surprise that he caught the eye of Adidas and was chosen to be part of their campaign.


Deacon Reese Phillippe is in a relationship with Marine DeGryse, a rising beauty and lifestyle influencer on YouTube and TikTok. Marine is currently studying marine biology at Boston College, and her love for the ocean seems to have captured Deacon’s heart. Although they try to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, Deacon always leaves cute comments on his girlfriend’s Instagram posts.

And it’s not just Deacon who loves her; Marine seems to have captured the hearts of his family as well. Last year, they all went on a double-date holiday with Ava and her boyfriend, Owen Mahoney. It’s clear that Deacon and Marine make a great couple, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Social media

Deacon Reese Phillippe is not just famous in Hollywood, but he also has a significant social media following. On Instagram, where he posts about his music, acting, and personal life, his handle @deaconphillippe boasts an impressive 378K followers. And it’s not just on Instagram where Deacon has a presence; he has dozens of fan pages dedicated to him on Twitter and Facebook.

His fans and followers show their love and support for him through comments, likes, and shares of his posts. Deacon is an active presence on social media, often posting pictures of himself and his activities and engaging with his fans through live streams and Q&A sessions.

Deacon Reese Phillippe Net Worth

Deacon Reese Phillippe has accomplished a lot at such a young age. As of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of $500,000, which is quite impressive. He has earned most of his money from his career in acting, music, and modeling. However, it’s important to note that his net worth has the potential to skyrocket in the coming years. After all, he comes from a family of celebrities, so the sky’s the limit for him.

Also, remember that Deacon is just starting his career, and he has a bright future ahead of him. With his talent and work ethic, he will make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


From his humble beginnings as the son of Hollywood stars Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe to making a name for himself in the entertainment industry as an actor, musician, and model, Deacon has shown that he’s got talent and drive that goes beyond his famous family name. Whether in acting, music, or modeling, one thing is certain – Deacon Reese Phillippe is a name to watch out for.

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