Renata Notni Biography: Wiki, Husband, El Dragon, and Net Worth

Renata Martínez Notni who is also professionally known as Renata Notni is an elegant lady. She is one of Mexico’s most beautiful award-winning models and a famous telenovela actress. Many telenovela fans have seen her talent around the world. She has starred in many telenovela shows and is best known for her roles in the 2019 TV series El Dragon as Adela Cruz; Return of a Warrior, 2019 TV series Vecinos as Guadalupe; in 2018 TV series Por Amar sin ley as Sol Garci. She has starred in many other movies. Some more shows she has appeared in include Código Postal, Quiero amarte, Mi adorable maldición, etc.

Early life and Education

Renata Notni was born to Alfredo Martinez Guerrero and his wife, Liliana Notni on 2 January 1995. She turned 27 years old this 2022. She was raised an only child in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico by her father Alfredo Martinez Guerrero and mother Liliana Notni

Her father, Alfredo Martínez Guerrero, works as a local high school caretaker, and her mother, Liliana Notni, is a social worker.

Right from an early age, she had always loved acting. She dreamt of going into acting as a profession and becoming very successful at acting. To bring to reality her dream of becoming an actress as a child, she registered with experienced professionals. She gave attention to the acting lessons at CEA Infantil, the branch of the organization dedicated to young children also known as the children’s version of drama school, Centro de Educación Artística, run by Televisa in Mexico City.

She also became interested in modeling at the age of eight and started paying attention to what she ate and also paying attention to how physically active she was. She also played several sports while attending high school, including soccer and lacrosse, while acting in school plays. After enrollment, Renata concentrated on becoming a full-time actress, which was her reason for not enrolling in college. Renata Notni is a qualified and well-educated woman.

Top 10 Facts about Renata Notni

Like every other model and actress, Renata Notni also has exciting things. Although she hasn’t shared much information about herself, her love life, and her family, below are interesting facts about her.

  1. Renata Notni was born January 2, 1995, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
  2. Her interest in acting is inherent as she started pursuing the dream to be an actress from childhood.
  3. She registered with experienced professionals at the CEA infantil organization.
  4. Notni began modeling in advertising campaigns at the age of six.
  5. When she turned 11, she made her first acting debut in the 2006 telenovela Código Postal.
  6. Her participation and roles in telenovela became officially confirmed in March 2015.
  7. Renata Notni, though nominated for “Best Young Lead Actress” in 2011, did not win the contest.
  8. The actress has dated a fellow model and actor, Diego Amozurrutia.
  9. She has a brother whose name is Hector Martinez Notni.
  10. Renata Notni’s parents are Alfredo Martínez Guerrero and Liliana Notni.
Full Name Renata Martinez Notni
Professional Name Renata Notni
Date of Birth 2 January 1995
Place of Birth Cuernavaca, Morelos, México
Nationality Mexican
Profession Actress and Model
Parents Alfredo Martinez Guerrero and Liliana Notni
Marital status Single
Children None
Height 1.67 meters
Weight 55kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Net worth $2 million
Zodiac sign Capricorn

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Notni started pursuing her dream to be an actress very early. She began her training at a well-known Televisa Center for Artistic Education (CEA in Spanish) CEA infantil, where she attended acting lessons and learned from professional teachers. In 2006, She got her first role in the telenovela  Código Postal Televisa is a renowned multinational entertainment empire and is the largest in Hispanic America.

After her first debut, she has starred in eight telenovelas including Amorcito Corazón and Mar de amor. She has also played a role in the Mexican television series Como dice el dicho and La rosa de Guadalupe.

In 2014, Notni relocated to New York City briefly to enroll in an acting course at Stella Adler Acting Studio. In November of the same year, she journeyed to Madrid to film Yo Quisiera, a youth-oriented television series, which was her first acting role outside of Mexico. She later received news that she was cast as the lead in Televisa’s upcoming telenovela,  Amor de barrio, a short while after she finished her acting class.

Her participation and roles in telenovela became officially confirmed in March 2015. This part was her first feature role.  Amor de barrio aired weekdays on  Canal de las Estrellas beginning 4 June 2015. The telenovela’s finale aired on 8 November 2015. After the conclusion of Amor de barrio, she played a role in the psychological thriller play Las Que no sienten, which premiered in November 2015 at Teatro en Corto in Mexico City, which kick-off On 5 November 2015 and ran until 15 December 2015.

However, the Cuernaca native, who had always dreamed of becoming an actress, has an impressive resume. After featuring in productions with international projects, her career is headed for the sky, and people can’t get enough of her.

Renata also features music videos. In Enrique Iglesias’s song “Pendejo”, she plays the singer’s love interest and appears on “Eso No Va a Suceso” by Ha-Ash. Premiering on 6 October, fans of Retana can see her portraying Juana Valentina on Netflix’s newest show, La Venganza de las Juanas.

Personal life


Renata Notni had a humble beginning. She grew up in a family of four. Her father is Alfredo Martinez Guerrero, and her mother is Liliana Notni. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her parents to the public and has not shared their photos or occupations, choosing to keep this part of her private life. She has a brother who turns out to be her only sibling, he is named Hector Martinez Notni.


She started dating Diego Amozurrutia, a Mexican singer and an actor, in 2013. They started dating shortly after the two met on a TV series set. Diego is famous for his roles in Mexican telenovelas such as Amorcito CorazónQuiero Amarte and Entre Correr y Vivir in most of which he featured alongside Renata. They dated for two years before splitting for reasons not disclosed yet.

In 2015, Renata met Andres Rivero, a Mexican businessman, and the two started dating in January 2016; they attended most of Renata’s TV series-related events together. It is believed that Andres had kept numerous other girlfriends during his love relationship with Renata, which resulted in their split in 2019.

Rumors had it on the internet that Andres and Renata became espoused in 2019 and got divorced shortly after. However, Renata is currently single and is living alone in Mexico City.

Renata Notni height

One undeniable fact about Ranata Notni’s physic is that she is undeniably attractive. Just like most individuals who are proficient models, it is relatively easy to look like that. Renata measures 1.67 meters which are 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and she weighs about 55 kg which is 121 lbs. For Her full body measurement; The waist is 24 inches, Hips 34 inches, Bust 34 inches, and bra size 38B (US).

Social Media

Renata Notni is available on social media platforms. On Facebook @Renatanotni, she has more than 2 million followers; On Instagram, she is @rennotni with 4.7 million followers; On Tiktok she is @rennotni with almost 5 million followers. She engages and interacts with her fans using her social media accounts.

Latest news on Renata Notni

Currently, she lives in Mexico City and her fans will get to see her play Juana Valentina on Netflix’s newest show, La Venganza de las Juanas, in October 2022.

Renata Notni net worth

Renata’s current net worth in 2022 is $2million. She earns almost majorly from rewards for participating in television shows in Mexico. Although many Americans enjoy watching Mexican soap operas and also get to watch her performance, she is yet to be signed into the Hollywood Movie Industry. Which could, without a doubt, give her an incredible financial situation and fame as she showcases her award-winning acting skills to Hollywood fans around the world.

Renata Notni Biography: Wiki, Husband, El Dragon, and Net Worth


However, the Cuernavaca native, who had always dreamed of becoming an actress, has an impressive resume. After featuring in productions with international projects, her career is headed for the sky, and people can’t get enough of her as she gets better at showcasing her acting skills.

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