Connie Nelson Bio: marriage with Willie Nelson, career, facts, personal life

Connie Nelson is a formerly renowned celebrity who rose to the limelight due to her marriage to a famous artist, Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson is known for his album Shotgun Willie and Red-headed strangerShe is also known as a movie producer widely known for Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus (2017), Streetwise (1984), and Lovey: K King of the Roadies.

Early life and education

Connie was born and raised with her family in Houston, Texas. Her exact birth year is unknown, but she celebrates her birthday on 6 June yearly. Although she holds an American nationality, she went to Galena park high school in Texas.

Connie worked as a movie producer for some film projects. In 1984, she served as an executive producer for the documentary film Streetwise. It documents the lifestyle and experiences of homeless youths in the streets of Seattle. She also worked for the animated documentary TV series: Tales from the Tour Bris. Mike Judge created it; the project aired a Cinemas in September 2017.

Connie Nelson

Top 10 facts about Cannie Nelson

  1. Although her exact birthdate is unknown, she celebrates her birthday on 6 June every year.
  2. She loves to keep information about her family and husband private.
  3. She has a net worth of $500. She has amassed from her career as a movie producer and other side jobs while her famous artist ex-husband has a net worth of $25million.
  4. His daughter Paula was addicted to marijuana just like her father, but she was taken to a rehabilitation clinic before she stopped.
  5. While Nelson married four times and has seven children. He has a problem with women and has cheated on his wives severally.
  6. Paula Nelson, Connie Koepke’s daughter, followed her father’s footsteps in country music and has received several awards in country music.
  7. Willie Nelson has been arrested several times for owning marijuana and he is also an activist for the legalization of marijuana.
  8. Because of his addiction to smoking and marijuana, his concerts were canceled several times.
  9. Nelson has an undying love and compassion for animals from a young age.
  10. Because of his love for marijuana, he established two companies “BioWillie” and “Willie’s Reserve.”

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Personal Life


Connie was born to her parents George Koepke of WWII veteran from Germany, who later settled in Texas, and her mother, a Hungarian. Connie has posted photos of her ex-armed father and mum on social media platforms.

Michael Koepke (brother)

Michael Koepke, aka Mike, is Connie’s brother. He was in the army but died from HIV/AIDS in July 2015. Connie celebrated her late brother on his 69th birthday; she disclosed in the post that Mike contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion after a terrible car accident before the hospital started testing blood for the virus before transfusion. 

Personal relationship

Connie met Nelson, fell in love with him, and got pregnant for him even before they married. He was married to Shirley Collie, his second wife, a late country singer. When Shirley became aware of Connie’s pregnancy, she confronted her husband; although he initially tried to deny it, he was caught redhanded with the hospital bills; she filed for divorce. That same year Nelson got married to Connie.

In September 2020, Willie Nelson released a joint memoir, me and my sister Bobbie: True tales of the Family Band, alongside a lady, Bobbie, a member of his band; in the publication, Nelson revealed everything about his infidelities in his marriage. He wrote his cheating scandal with his wife Shirley collie in the memoir. Willie wrote that his ex-wife Shirley saw a hospital bill that disclosed his infidelity. He wrote: “Shirley saw a bill from a Houston hospital. I tried to play it off as no big deal. I told her that I had to go to the hospital for something minor”.

He further stated that:  

“Shirley wasn’t buying that for one simple reason: The bill said the charger was for the birth of a baby girl, Paula Carlere, born to a Mrs. Connie Nelson. Shirley wanted to know who in the hell was Connie. I couldn’t; I was caught flat-footed. Had to get words out of my mouth. Connie’s my girlfriend, and Paula’s our daughter.” 

Nelson and Connie welcomed their baby girl, Paula Nelson, on 29 October 1969 in Houston. In 1970 the music star divorced his second wife, Shirley. Connie gave birth to their 2nd daughter, Amy Lee Nelson, a few years later. Connie and Willie Nelson separated in 1988; although it was an amicable split, the duo still respected each other. Nelson was cheating on his third wife, Connie Nelson, with a makeup artist Annie Marie D’Angelo. The duo started dating when he was still married to Connie. In his words

I messed up another marriage. My wandering ways were too much for any woman to put up with. I’ll always say that that there’s no such thing as a ‘former’ wife. Once in your life, a wife never cares. I regret the pain I cause Connie, Martha, and Shirley before her and have no excuses.” 

After her divorce, Connie has kept her love life private, while Nelson keeps enjoying a blissful relationship with his fourth wife, Annie.

Willie Nelson (ex-husband)

Willie Hugh Nelson was born on 29 April 1933. He is an American actor, musician, and Activist. The success of his album Shotgun Willie, combined with the commercial and critical success of Stardust and Red-headed Stranger, made him a famous artist in country music. He has acted in more than 30 films has involved himself in activism for the legalization of marijuana as the use of biofuels; he has also co-authored many books. He wrote his first song when he was seven. After graduating from high school, he joined U.S Airforce but was laid off due to back issues. He decided to go to Baylor University but dropped out because he was making headway in music.

Nelson has married four times and has seven children. He married his first wife, Martha Matthews, which lasted for ten years; the union produced three children: Susie, Lana, and Billy. Billy killed himself in 1991. The marriage was violent, with his wife assaulting him multiple times. There was a time Matthews sewed him up in bedsheets and beat him up with a broomstick. When the marriage ended, he married his second wife, Shirley Collie, which lasted for some years. Still, they divorced after discovering that he was cheating and expecting a baby with another woman. They divorced shortly, after which he married his third wife, Connie Koepke. They had two daughters, Amy Lee Nelson and Paula Nelson.

The Highwaymen

In the 1980s Nelson collaborated with Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Kristofferson to form a group called “The Highwaymen.” In his book It’s a Long Story” he writes:

“You wouldn’t think that our four uneven voices would blend. But they did. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle,” Their song Highwayman was released in 1985, it went viral, causing the title track to reach No.1 on the country’s music chart. The group returned to the studio two more times to release Highwayman 2 in 1990, and The Road Goes on Forever in 1995. He also starred alongside Cash and Kristofferson in the movie Stagecoach in 1986.

Shirley Collie Nelson

Shirley Collie Nelson was born in Missouri to Henry and Alice Simpson on 16 March 1931. She was an American rockabilly singer, country music, songwriter, and guitarist. She was famously known as Willie Nelson’s second wife. Her first marriage lasted for just four years before she married Nelson. She picked an interest in music from a young age.

Shirley relocated to Texas in 1950 to join Johnnie Lee WillsBob Wills, and other Texas band members. She continued to perform locally until 1955 when she was given a role on ABC-TVs Ozark Jubilee in Springfield, Missouri, where she signed a recording contract with ABC-Paramount. Shirley released her first singles under the label, using her stage name Shirley Caddell, and debuted on The Eddy Arnold Show. She recorded two singles in 1957 with Lefty Frizzell on Columbia Records and two solo members.

Farm Aid and Animal Activism

From a young age, Nelson loved farming and rearing animals like hogs and calves, and he also grew vegetables with his grandparents. He wrote: “Even though I didn’t use fancy words like ‘horticulturalists’ or ‘breeder,’ I was developing skills at farming, not only because of my grandparents’ instructions but because I was a member in good standing of the Future Farmers of America, a proud organization that was strong in the rural cities of Depression-time America.” Due to his love for farming, he organized his first Farm Aid Concert in 1985, alongside John Mellencamp and Neil Young. The performance was a banger which earned him almost $10 million to assist farmers, and to date, Nelson performs at the event annually, which makes the Farm Aid organization earn millions.

Nelson is a lover of animals, and beyond love, he is emotionally attached to them, which made him involve himself with several animal welfare groups, like Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), Society for Protective Animal Legislation (SPAL), and Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS). He was also involved in a campaign to save horses from slaughter. Along with his sister, Billie, his music group released a song to benefit the campaign titled Wild Horses.

In 1988 he cheated on his wife, Connie, with a Makeup artist, Annie D’ Angelo. In 1991, they had two sons, Jacob Micah and Lukas Autry.

In 1981 while swimming, Nelson’s lungs collapsed. People around rushed him to the Maqui memorial hospital. The organizers of the concerts canceled it; Nelson was an addicted smoker who would temporarily stop smoking when his lungs were congested and would resume smoking again after the congestion ended. He was smoking 2-3 packs daily, but he called it quits with smoking after suffering from pneumonia multiple times.

IRS and Legal Troubles

In the 1990s, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) billed him $16 million for owing taxes. He was upset, and instead of declaring bankruptcy, thereby leaving his creditors hanging, he decided to fight the IRS. While all this chaos was ongoing, he released an album who’ll Buy My MemoriesTo enable him to clear the debt. After negotiating with IRS, they reduced the deficit from $16 million to $6 million.

Nelson was devastated in 1991, as his beloved 33-year-old son died in a terrible accident on Christmas Day. In his song It’s a Long Story he wrote: “the children of entertainers – especially the children of wandering troubadours – pay a high price. Sharing your dad with the world isn’t fun. And when that dad has moved through three tumultuous marriages and is on his fourth, that’s no picnic. I regret the pain that my lifestyle has caused my kids.”

Despite the hard blows, life threw at him, he maintained his sanity and endured. Several of his albums reached the country’s Top 20, like Healing Hands of Time and According to the Borderline. Nelson worked alongside producer Daniel Lanois to produce the album Teatro in 1998. Although the album was scanty, it had a robust rhythmic sound; it delivered a juicy take on various songs he’d recorded in the 1060s and features vocals by Emmylou Harris.

Nelson plays for 150 to 200 dates yearly while sustaining his songwriting output. He released songs that combined elements of reggae, as Countryman released in 2005 and The Great Divide released in 2002.

Nelson continued to associate with a good number of recording artists. In 2008, Nelson performed with rap icon Snoop Dogg live in Amsterdam; after the show, the duo worked together for the video My MedicineNelson teamed up with Asleep music group to release the country album Willie and the Wheel. In the same year, he released the song Naked Willie which encompassed new mixes of his primitive recordings. He released the acclaimed country music in 2010, in collaboration with producer T Bone Burnett. 

He signed a new record deal with Legacy recordings in 2012, after which he released an album, Heroes, which featured appearances like Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow, Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, among many others. The album reached No. 4 on Country chart and No.18 on Pop chart, his highest-charting effort since Always on My Mind. The country music awarded Nelson with an all-star tribute at CMAs in Nashville.

A few months before his 81st birthday in 2014, Nelson proved that he was still capable of releasing albums earned his fifth-degree black belt in the martial art GongKwon Yusul. He released the album Band of Brothers in June 2014, which was another No.1 country hit.

Marijuana possession

Nelson has been arrested several times for marijuana possession. The cops first arrested him in 1974 in Dallas, Texas; after a tour with Hank Cochran, he boarded a flight without luggage since he arrived late to the airport. As Cochran and Nelson claimed their luggage, a customs officer questioned Nelson after discovering marijuana in his jeans. He was arrested and jailed. As his friend Cochran arranged to pay his bail, he took a six-pack of beer to Nelson’s cell.

Nelson was released, and out of excitement, he appeared before the judge, who dropped the charges and ordered him to never return to the country.

In 1994, Nelson traveled for a funeral alongside his sister Bobbie and manager, and they were arrested and charged with marijuana possession and hallucinogenic mushrooms. He received six months probation. 

In November 2010, Nelson was arrested again for possessing six ounces of marijuana in Texas. The marijuana was found in his bus on transit from Los Angeles; he paid bail of $2,500 before he was released.

Cannabis and Green Fuel Companies

Nelson produced his brand of green fuel called BioWillie in 2014 and started marketing it, a combination of biodiesel and diesel made from soybeans. In an interview in 2005, he said, “It seems like that’s good for the whole world if we can start growing our fuel instead of starting wars over it.”

Nelson writes in his song It’s a Long Story about his love affair with marijuana, “just as I’ve always loved robust coffee beans and the strong buzz produced by the brew, I felt the same way about cannabis. It pushed me in the right direction. It pushed me in a positive direction. It kept my head in my music. It kept my head filled with poetry.”

Nelson ventured into a ne w business in 2015, Willie’s Reserve, which comprised of marijuana products produced and sold in states where it was legal. The company’s website stated: “For decades, as Willie Nelson and his band traveled from town to town, pot enthusiasts flocked to his shows. They happily shared the bounty from their home gardens and local communities. Willie happily returned the favor.”

Get a detailed biography of Willie Nelson's wife, Connie Koepke

Paula Nelson (daughter)

Paula Carlene Nelson was born on 27 October 1969 to Connie Koepke and Willie Nelson outside wedlock in Houston, Texas. She is a disk jockey and an American country singer. She is famous for being Willie Nelson’s daughter. Paula often went on tour with her father, Willie as a child and famous singers such as Jessi cotter and Jemings were frequently around. She graduated from Westlake High school.

She started abusing drugs like cocaine, after which she attended a drug rehabilitation clinic in San Diego. In 2013, she sang a duet with her father, a cover of “Have you ever seen the rain.” She hosts a show called The Paula Nelson show, and she was an occasional stunt driver for the television show Friday Night Lights; she is also a car racing enthusiast. In 2016, she was awarded Female Artist of the Year by the country music Association of Texas. There is limited information about her marital life, but she was married briefly in the mid-2000. She was arrested for marijuana possession and was jailed briefly in 2014. She released the albums below: Fireflies, Coming home, Under the influence, Lucky 13, and Tiny city.

Social Media

Willie Nelson is active on Twitter as @willienelson with over 700k followers and Instagram @willienelson 796k followers; on Facebook @willienelson and has over 5 million followers. Connie Nelson is active on Instagram @theconnienelson with 2.3k followers, she is not active on other social media platforms.

Paula Nelson is active on Instagram @paulanelson1027 with 22.3k followers. She is seen posting pictures of dogs, photos of herself just having fun with friends and family.

Latest news on Connie Koepke

Connie did not go public on the reason for her divorce from Willie Nelson. She has decided to live a lowkey life after the divorce, and there is no news of Connie in a relationship or getting married. On the other hand, Willie is married to his fourth wife Annie D’ Angelo, and together they have kids.

Connie Koepke net worth

Connie is a self-employed woman; according to her Facebook page, she also works as a movie producer and other side jobs; with this hard work, her estimated net worth is $500,000. On the other hand, her ex-husband Willie Nelson has gained a level of fame from his country music career. He has an estimated net worth of  $25 million.


Willie Nelson has lived life to its fullest. From his marriages to four women, to the musical career that has earned him popularity, to his addictions to smoking and marijuana, to his love for animals and farming. He has impacted so many lives. His ex-wife Connie is living a low-key life, free from the media’s attention.

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