Mahito facts: Jujutsu Kaisen series, domain expansion powers and age

Mahito is one of the characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a supervillain in the Japanese Anime series, and he is famous as the cursed spirit associated with Pseudo-Geto. The Ultimate goal of his group is to eliminate humanity and replace the whole population with cursed souls just like himself. His description leaves him looking like a cursed human spirit having a patchwork face and gray eyes and some more stitches all through his body that gives him the guise that tells that he was sewn together. 

Early life 

In the Jujutsu Kaisen series, Mahito happens to be a character that is entirely different from other characters. However, because the character is a cursed spirit, the character does not have any specific birth date, age, and childhood. 

The timing of his birth is still a mystery. His family, too, happens to be another mystery unsolved. However, the cursed spirit was born from the hidden most profound hatred from the humans for each other and their unclean attitude and desire to kill each other. Therefore, he believes that he is the true expression of pure evils. 

Name Mahito
Personality Cursed Spirit
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Hair Color Lakeshore
Eye Color Blue
Heterochromia Gray and Blue
Anime Manga

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Top 10 Facts about Mahito 

  1. Mahito is one of the antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. (A significant antagonist). 
  2. Mahito was born out of the hate and fear humans have for each other. He is said to be the final solution to human hatred yet insists on eliminating humans.
  3. Mahito is an immature cursed spirit who enjoys playing with the emotions of humans. 
  4. He is a s_dist and believes that humans should be extinguished, and cursed spirits should rule in their place. 
  5. He believes that he was born from human transgressions and sees himself as the very incarnation of humans’ hatred of each other. 
  6. He can cause his soul to be metamorphosed to embody the characteristics of objects that are soulless. 
  7. Mahito has more growth potential than jjk’s protagonist, Yuji Itadori. 
  8. He is devoted to his cause, believing that reviving Sukuna is more important than his well-being. 
  9. He has a body full of patchworks all across it 
  10. He is moderately calm and playful. 

Personal life 

Mahito Icon | Demon aesthetic, Jujutsu, Anime

Mahito, in reality, being an Anime, we most times look out for the voice behind the character. The voice behind the Japanese character, Mahito, turns out to be the Japanese voice artist Nobunaga Shimazaki. Mahito is related to the Japanese Talent Agency, Aoni Production. 

Nobunaga Shimazaki

He is well known for contributing voice to the characters. Here are some successful series he has voiced for; Yuno of ‘Black Clover’ Shanks of ‘One Piece’ Gayus Levina Sorel of ‘Dances with the Dagons’ Satoru Furuya of ‘Ace of Diamond Act II.’ 

The artist has also appeared in anime series, including Pokemon, Little Witch Academia, and Hunter X Hunter. 

As a result of the hatred, men have harbored in their hearts and expressed towards themselves, Mahito sees himself as a manifestation of that hate. So he remains single and doesn’t develop love emotions towards any of the series’ characters. He remains genuinely focused on his intentions to make the cursed spirits the world’s ruler after eliminating humans from the earth. For this singular purpose, Mahito dedicated himself to reviving the king of the curse, Sukuna. More than his own life, restoring the king of the curse, Sukuna appears to be of more importance to him. 

Hatred Towards Humans As one of the most potent cursed spirits of the Anime, he has so much hate, very intense hatred towards the human and doesn’t possess any kind of sympathy for the human, nor does he show empathy for any reason whatsoever. He thinks and sees the human as just a pity toy for his pleasure. Therefore, he likes to play even on the battlefield. 

When he plays with humans, he uses a particular technique, which is, wielding the souls of humans and changing them into some kind of horrible beast, thereby using them on the battlefield as his weapons while the humans beg for mercy. He kills them after that.

Special Abilities and Powers – Domain Expansion

Makoto possesses great energy and is one of the most powerful spirits of the Anime; he owns a tremendous amount of energy through curses. As a result, even Yuji Itadori, Sukuna’s vessel, could not defect him after consuming three fingers of Sukuna.

Some power he possesses includes; The power and ability to Reshape souls. This ability is a unique one. It allows him to reshape and wield the human soul just by touching. Using this ability, he transforms human souls into beasts. Another power he possesses is healing his wounds and making a replica of himself by reshaping and wielding souls. 

He also uses a barrier technique called Curtain. This technique allows him to create a barrier within the specific area and control the happening within the space. He can seal the site from one particular person, whoever it is as he wishes, by governing the border. 

In the Anime, he’s got blue eyes with Lakeshore’s Blue-colored long hair. Also, He stands at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches. He has patchwork stitches over his face and on other primary visible paths of his body. Mahito usually wears a black T-shirt and black pants with white sneakers. 

During fights, Mahito can grow stronger while his life is in danger; however, it allows him to attain the ability to conjure his Domain Expansion. 

Who did Mahito kill?

Mahito kills Nanami after Nanami deals with some mutated humans; Nanami is walking by while hiding in a photo booth. Mahito finds him and places his hand on Nanami’s chest, and they both have a small chat. When Yuji unexpectedly arrives, Mahito kills Nanami and turns his attention to Yuji.

Who killed Mahito? Is Mahito dead? 

Yes, Mahito is dead. Kenjaku, known as the fake Geto, was the one who killed Mahito. He killed him by exorcising him and using Geto’s Cursed Spirit Manipulation to absorb him in his final state. 

Mahito died in the Shibuya Incident. Kenjaku had plans to do so from the beginning, and Itadori being present made it possible to extract Mahito’s cursed technique effortlessly. 

Mahito died at the hands of Kenjaku. Though it was not mentioned, all the souls that fell victims to the curse Manipulation of Mahito now came under the shaman’s control. And when the shaman uses Maximum Uzumaki, it extracts the technique of the curses. We, however, can conclude that Mahito is dead since Kenjaku also used Uzumaki. Nevertheless, we might (a tiny possibility) see Kenjaku using him as he wills just like Geto used curses. 

Just before his death, while he was fighting with Itadori and Todo. He did realize the actual shape of his soul because of Itadori too. Mahito had always known that Kenjaku had plans for him (and Jogo) because humans were the reason he was born (the hate would keep going around). 

Mahito’s death was a crucial step in Kenjaku’s big plan of the Culling Game but was not rated as impactful as the anguish he had already given the people. 

Latest news 

Mahito dies in the series though not mentioned; viewers are on the lookout for more. 

Net worth 

Mahito has no net worth as he is only a character in the Japanese Anime Series Jujutsu kasien. 


The Anime series continues, and viewers remain on the lookout for more.

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