Johnny Simmons Bio | 10 facts, movies and TV shows, relationship

Johnny Simmons is an American actor known for his roles as “Young Neil” Nordegraf in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Peter Newmans in The Late Bloomer, and more.

Simmons began his acting career in his late teens, and within just a little over a decade, he has starred in more than 30 movies and TV shows in varying roles (both minor and major).

He grew his career from starring in teen-themed movies to mainstream adult films. In recent times, Simmons seems to have disappeared from the acting industry. Which is why one of the details we will be focusing on is: what happened to Johnny Simmons?

Obviously, that is not all, as we will also reveal other facts like his relationship with J.K. Simmons (if any) and Emma Watson. Also, we will chronicle his movies and TV shows acting career alongside personal details like his wife (if he is married), age, height, early life, background, and so much more. There is so much to learn about the actor, and this is the best place to do so. We start with the top ten facts about him.

Top 10 facts about Johnny Simmons

  1. Johnny Simmons is from Montgomery, Alabama, and he grew up in Dallas, Texas.
  2. He turns 36 on his birthday in 2022, and his height is estimated to be 1.78m (5’10”).
  3. JK Simmons and Johnny Simmons are not related in any way, and people mistake them for father and son because they share last names.
  4. He studied chemistry before deciding to pursue a full-time career as an actor.
  5. Johnny Simmons first made a name for himself in the late 2000s, appearing in several movies like Then Hereafter (2004), Evan Almighty (2007), Boogeyman 2 (2007), and The Spirit (2008).
  6. Later in his career, he had some other notable roles, like Chip Dove in Jennifer’s Body, Jeff Jansen / 1037 in The Stanford Prison Experiment, Brad Hayes in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more.
  7. Simmons and Emma Watson dated for a while in 2011 and eventually broke up after she moved to England for school.
  8. According to the latest news on his life, he is not yet married.
  9. The actor was cast in an untitled project owned by 20th Television that is written and produced by This Is Us writer-producer Kay Oyegun.
  10. He allegedly has a net worth of about $1 million in 2022.

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Early life – where is Johnny Simmons from?

Johnny Simmons is from Montgomery, Alabama, but he grew up in Dallas, Texas. He was born to Ben and Cindy Simmons on November 28, 1986. We found nothing online about his siblings, so we are not sure if he was an only child or not.

Regardless, he had a normal childhood, as far as we can tell. He attended Nathan Adams Elementary School and T. C. Marsh Middle School before going on to W. T. White High School, where he graduated in 2005. After that, he got his first degree in a community college where he studied Chemistry.

Are JK Simmons and Johnny Simmons related?

JK Simmons and Johnny Simmons are not related in any way, apart from being colleagues in the same industry. The confusion is because they share the same last name, which is quite a common incident in Hollywood.

As we established already, JK Simmons is not Johnny Simmons’ father, as his father is a man named Ben from Texas.

Career – Johnny Simmons movies and TV shows

His acting career started in high school, and after taking part in some drama presentations, he got a chance to become a professional actor.

Then Hereafter and Evan Almighty

Johnny Simmons made his professional debut in a short film titled Then Hereafter as Young Eric in 2004. Then, he was cast in another short film My Ambition as Jules Walters, which was based on the 1951 Richard Matheson short story Blood Son. He had a fleeting role as Matt McCrary in an episode of the crime drama series Numbers in 2006. One year later, he got to star alongside Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman as Dylan Baxter in the comedy film Evan Almighty. The same year, he starred as Paul in the horror movie Boogeyman 2.

In 2008, he was credited for his part in the independent drama film Trucker as a ‘Teenager’ and in the neo-noir superhero movie The Spirit as the masked crime fighter Young Denny Colt alongside Sarah Paulson and Samuel L. Johnson.

Jennifer’s Body and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Young Johnny Simmons as Young Neil Nordegraf in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Young Johnny Simmons as Young Neil Nordegraf in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The following year, he played Dave in the family comedy film Hotel for Dogs which also stars Lisa Kudrow, Dean Cheadle, Kevin Dillon, and Emma Roberts. Also, he was Ryan Brewer in the drama film The Greatest, along with Pierce Brosnan, Michael Shannon, Carey Mulligan, and others. He played Chip Dove in Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

In 2010, Johnny Simmons played “Young Neil” Nordegraf in the Edgar Wright-helmed movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, one of his most famous acting roles. Then, he starred as John Surratt in The Conspirator, a mystery history drama film about Mary Surratt, the woman charged with conspiracy in the Abraham Lincoln assassination and the first woman to be executed by the US federal government. The movie also stars James McAvoy, Robin Wright, Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Jonathan Groff, and others.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Adam Kemper in Elementary

Simmons played Kevin Loud in the HBO TV film Cinema Verite along with an ensemble cast made up of Diane Lane, Tim Robbins, James Gandolfini, and Patrick Fugit. In 2012, he was in the first installment of the 21 Jump Street film franchise as Billiam Willingham. He also played Kelsey Patterson at 18 in the comedy-drama film A Bag of Hammers. The same year, he got starred in the role of Brad Hayes in The Perks of Being a Wallflower alongside Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Ezra Miller, Mae Whitman, Kate Walsh, Dylan McDermott, Joan Cusack, and Paul Rudd.

Simmons played Adam Kemper / The Balloon Man in one episode of the drama TV series Elementary. He was Dodge Trask in Blink in 2013 and was in two movies, The To Do List and Whiplash.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

In 2014, he had a small part as Jack London in one episode of the mini-series Klondike. Then, in 2015 he had roles as Jeff Jansen / 1037 in the thriller film The Stanford Prison Experiment and as GJ Echternkamp in the comedy film Frank and Cindy. He also had a small part in The Good Wife as Erik Barsetto.

He had quite a busy 2016 with roles like Benjamin Davis in Transpecos, Monty Fagan in Dreamland, Hopper Gibson in The Phenom, and Dr. Peter Newmans in The Late Bloomer. In 2017, he played Shane in the comedy streaming series Girlboss.

Where is Johnny Simmons?

Johnny Simmons Bio | 10 quick facts, movies, TV shows

In 2022, Deadline reported that Johnny Simmons had been cast in an hourlong untitled project owned by 20th Television that is written and produced by This Is Us writer-producer Kay Oyegun.

Personal life

If you are interested in knowing who Johnny Simmons is married to, we found that he has never been married. However, it doesn’t mean he has not lived some exciting life that the media has caught wind of.

Johnny Simmons relationship with Emma Watson

For example, while they were filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower, he and co-star Emma Watson began dating. They had a quite public relationship and were spotted together several times, including on one romantic trip to New York.

Emma Watson's romance with actor Johnny Simmons
Johnny Simmons and Emma Watson relationship

Sources claim that their relationship ended because Emma Watson got an admission at the University of Oxford. She allegedly invited Simmons to move to England with her but he didn’t.

Before Watson, he had also been in a relationship with Leonie Kranzle, who is known for her role in the film Love Pills. Johnny Simmons is 1.78m (5’10”) in height.

Net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Johnny Simmons has a net worth of about $1 million in 2022.


Johnny Simmons has made a name for himself on the acting scene. However, for someone that is not 40 yet, it is weird that he has dropped off the scene. We can only hope that it is for good like getting married under the radar or something else.

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