How can I hire a PCO car in London?

Some people living in London rent the car they need instead of owning a private car. Moreover, driving for ridesharing platforms like Uber requires two licenses, one for the driver that is called PCO license and the other one for the car driven; the cars meeting such requirements are called PCO cars.

In the following, we are going to get more familiar with the process through which you can hire a PCO car in London as well as introducing some of the most popular PCO cars used in this city. Keep reading!

Getting PCO license

The first step to hire a PCO car in London is getting PCO license which is issued by Private Carriage Office as a part of TfL (Transport for London) and is valid for three years. There are some requirements every driver must meet so as to apply for PCO license such as being over 21, no criminal record, 3 years UK license driving and passing medical check. To submit your application, you can refer to TfL official website.

Driving a PCO car

Although you may have your PCO license in your hand, you are still not allowed to work for ridesharing companies because you need a licensed car. PCO car is the car that has been approved by TfL for private hire use.

There are two ways that a motorist can hire a PCO car for rent in London: from car hire service providers and directly from Uber. Regardless of the way you hire the PCO car, it has a valid PHV license and is ready to drive. Besides, if you prefer to directly hire a car from Uber, after creating an account you are prompted to opt for the car you like.

Nonetheless, if you have a PCO license and would like to drive your own vehicle as a PCO car, you need to know that your car must be below 5 years old from the manufactured date. In addition, it must be a 4-door vehicle and in good condition without cosmetic damage. Overall, hiring a PCO car has some advantages and disadvantages which will be reviewed.


First of all, drivers have the chance to opt for the car they prefer. Secondly, renting a PCO car means that drivers do not need to undertake to pay the installments. Furthermore, we should not forget that periodical maintenance and insurance costs must be included if you would like to drive your own car. However, there are some disadvantages that must be taken into account.


It is crystal clear that when you drive a rented car, you need to consider some of your earnings for the company you have hired the car from. This means that your monthly income reduces compared with the situation you drive your own vehicle. Moreover, when hiring a PCO car, you must pay a deposit for probable damages in future; sometimes, the company makes false excuses not to return your money back.

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What are the most popular PCO cars in London?

The factors that are very important to PCO drivers are fuel efficiency and maintenance cost because they have direct impact on the amount of money drivers earn. As a result, EVs and hybrid cars are getting more and more popular day by day. Moreover, Japanese vehicles which their spare parts are easily available are widely used by PCO divers in London. Top 6 PCO cars that Londoners drive are as follows:

most popular PCO cars in LondonTesla model S

Tesla is undoubtedly one of the most popular PCO cars in London. The car has many features making it attractive for both drivers and rental agencies. Among different types of Tesla, model S is the most popular one.

Tesla model S is very comfortable for riders thanks to its unique design. It features 360° cameras which improve safety and help the driver for a perfect park. Although model S is not equipped with self-driving, many Londoners still tend to drive this amazing car.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is driven by over 21000 PCO drivers in London showing that how much popular this car is. This environmentally friendly car has a hybrid fuel-efficient engine decreasing fuel consumption remarkably which is a very noticeable factor among the PCO drivers. Furthermore, safety features such as forward collision alert and parking assistant turn it into a popular vehicle for drivers.

most popular PCO cars in LondonKia e-Niro PCO car

Another popular vehicle that many PCO drivers in London are willing to drive is Kia e-Niro. This full-electric car is chosen by many motorists because of its range of 280 miles enabling the PCO drivers drive long distances without having to recharge it. Interestingly, a 50 KW fast charger can charge the car’s battery in less than 90 minutes taking the passengers around 280 miles.


We can say that MG5 EV is the fourth most popular PCO car in London. Regardless of having no maintenance and fuel costs, it is very comfortable for long distance driving, for example car occupants have good leg and head room and the seats can be adjusted electronically to find the right posture.

However, nothing is worse than a noisy cabin when you are on a journey! Although MG5 EV is not a noisy one, some motorists complain that there is a little bit of tyre noise which creeps in.

Ford Galaxy

Ford galaxy is another vehicle that has been driven by many PCO drivers during the past years. Although the car design may not attract people, the comfort and reliability in addition to the sophisticated features the car is equipped with like rear parking sensors have played an important role in gaining PCO drivers trust.

However, this seven seater uses a diesel engine which means that if driver wants to enter central London, he will be charged and lose some of his earnings.

Nissan Leaf

One of the most important factor that every PCO driver in London must take into account is congestion charge. Nissan Leaf pco car hire is one of the best-selling electric cars in the world and recently its popularity in London has dramatically increased.

This vehicle is a high-earning and cost-effective PCO car that every driver loves it! It has a range of nearly 190 miles and if we consider its congestion charge exemption, we notice how much valuable this car could be in saving on fuel costs and traffic fees.


Before driving a PCO car, you need to get a PCO license that is issued by TfL; PCO cars are vehicles that have met all TfL requirements. You can rent a licensed PCO car from rental agencies or directly from ridesharing platforms such as Uber; otherwise you yourself can get appropriate license from TfL to have your private vehicle eligible as a PCO car.

There are some benefits in hiring a PCO car, you can choose the car you like and you do not have to pay the car’s installments, maintenance and insurance costs. On the other hand, the drawbacks include giving a few amount of the money to the agency or sometimes losing the deposit due to fake excuses companies usually make in order not to give it back!

Top six PCO cars that are driven in London are: Tesla model S, MG5 EV, Nissan Leaf, Ford Galaxy, Toyota Prius and Kia e-Niro.

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