10 unusual ways to style jeans

Learn these unique ways to style jeans because if we are being truthful, denim trends will never go out of fashion.

My love for jeans will never die. Many other trends may come and go but jeans will stay forever. I think you will also relate to this. Whichever season it may be, jeans are the best staple. It coordinates well with every sort of upper wear.

Styling jeans is however not everyone’s cup of tea. Most people wear them with t-shirts while a pair of jeans can help you in plenty of ways. There are some of the basic points you must consider styling your jeans the best way.

First thing first, wherever you go shopping for jeans, check out your body type. Jeans are something that’s going to stay in your closet for years. So, it’s important to invest wisely.

6 body types for choosing jeans

a. Pear shape

This shape belongs to women with smaller busts with heavier thighs and hips. When you own a pear shape, it becomes important to balance out your figure properly. Choose low waist/ mid-rise jeans, or the cropped ones over high-waisted jeans.

b. Hourglass Shape

Women with this particular body shape should feel blessed about their perfect body shape. Women with this body type can rock any type of jeans, from skinny jeans to wide-legged jeans, mid-rise to high rise everything suits their body. But always choose the pair that flaunts your perfect figure.

c. Curvy shape

Curvy women should feel proud of their sexy bodies. These perfect body shape notions make most curvy or chubby women feel insecure about their bodies. But the fact is, a large number of the population owns curvy body types. Moreover, fashion houses have started celebrating this body type at their ramp shows too. So, the tip here is, to stop hiding your body instead start embracing it. Choose skinny jeans over straight fits or wide-legged ones. Excess fabric is only going to create an illusion of a heavier body. You can wear dark shades with a medium rise.

d. Petite figure

Rather than focusing on making your body look bigger and heavier, choose a pair of denim that suits your actual body shape. Straight-fit jeans, cropped jeans and tight-fit jeans are best suited for your body frame. Flaunt what you own. Most women choose high-waisted jeans to look taller but it won’t help and make you look awkward instead. Choose mid-rise jeans with crop tops for better illusion.

e. Tall Figure

Your long legs are your best asset. Highlight them with a high rise, wide legs, mom jeans, flared jeans or ripped ones. Avoid wearing cropped jeans. Focus on what you have got. You can coordinate with all types of upper wear, all thanks to your tall figure.

f. Column shape

Women with this shape often struggle to show off their bodies properly. Always choose the types of denim that highlight your curves. A pair of mid-rise jeans are a good option to create a waistline for your body type. Wearing loose-fitting clothes makes you look masculine. Choose more feminine upper wear to coordinate well.

Now, as you have got a better understanding of your body type, let’s just check out some trending styles you can consider for your closet this year.

10 unusual ways to style jeans

1. Ruffle Top + Heels + Skinny Jeans

A flattery way to flatter all the people around you. Just pick up your bright-coloured ruffle top. Prefer ones with smaller prints or most probably plain with a single colour. Pick a dark shade of jeans and you are ready to rock girl. High heels and block heels are better options to complete your look for the brunch you are planning with your friends.

2. White Top + Printed Blazer + Black Ripped Jeans

Yet, another simple and spicy way to pair up your ripped jeans. As Black and white always trending, you can always wear your favourite white T-shirt with ripped black jeans, and to make it look a bit sassy, layer up a printed blazer.

3. Mid Rise Jeans + White V-Neck T-Shirt + Long Boots

Next time you head out with your girlfriends for a drive around the city, choose your white deep v-neck t-shirts to flaunt that curvy bust and tuck it into your mid-rise blue denim. Long boots are all you need to score ten.

4. Mom Style Jeans + Long Sleeve Top + Flats

Some days are just for comfort, and what better than the mom jeans is a better option. Take out your long sleeve top ( choose the fitted one). For a more relaxed look, flats will do it all.

5. Flared Jeans + Hoodie + Colorful Heel Sandals

Most women wear flared jeans with crop tops or skin-fitted tops. Just make a shift to baggy hoodies and for a change, try your colourful heels for a statement look. I kid you not you’re going to slay like a fashionista.

6. Tailored Jeans + Flirty Blouse + High Top Sneakers

Tailored jeans are another happening trend worth a try. Show it off with your flirty blouse. Instead of heels, choose your sneakers to create a twist to this standard look.

7. Roll Neck Knits + Baggy Jeans + Heels

If you think baggy jeans are just for tall people, then you are highly mistaken. A simple trick to slaying baggy jeans is to wear them with your sexy high heels. For the sake of the most loved trend of the year 2021 and which is most likely to carry over in the year 2022, try roll neck knits with your favourite baggy jeans. I am sure it’s gonna be your next favourite ensemble.

8. Wide Leg Jeans + Patchwork Knit Top + Flats

Wide-leg jeans need the correct upper wear to coordinate, otherwise, they can ruin your appearance. Always choose something that shows off your curvy body to pair up with wide-legged jeans. Patchwork knit tops with bright colours and patterns are something worth a try this year. Choose flats over heels for a comfortable look.

9. Puff-Sleeved Top + Structured Bag + Long Jeans

What’s hotter than a high-end accessory like a structured bag? This time pair up your long jeans with a puff sleeve top. Let your attitude take over your clothes. It’s necessary to carry your clothes with utmost confidence.

10. Pattern Mixing + Heels + Boyfriend Jeans

Prints and patterns are all you need to experiment with your looks. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. As I said, choose the fittings correctly based on your body type. Your favourite boyfriend jeans will make a perfect match to these colourful, playful patterns. Choose heels over sneakers for a more feminine look.

Written by: Amanda Reid for Sidomex Entertainment.

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