Leonardo DiCaprio, Gigi Hadid romance rumor + Leonardo DiCaprio dating history

Is actor Leonardo DiCaprio dating supermodel Gigi Hadid? See what exclusive photos of them say and his updated dating history.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio and model Gigi Hadid appear to be confirming dating rumours after they were spotted getting ‘cozy’ at a New York Fashion Week after-party.

The pair were spotted ‘touching’ and ‘whispering’ at the party held in New York City over the weekend. In an exclusive report, Daily Mail shared photos where DiCaprio put his hands on Gigi many times.

The photos emerged a week after a source told US Weekly that the award-winning actor was pursuing the model but she was not open to being romantic with him at the time. Recall that Gigi Hadid welcomed a baby, Khai, with singer Zayn Malik in 2020 before they called off their relationship in early 2022.

The news that DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were an item was met with jest and memes, as well as surprise. The actor was notorious for dating women below the age of 25 and he broke up with his last girlfriend, model Camila Morrone, just as she was turning 25.

With this new-found blooming romance, it appears that he is breaking his rule as Hadid turned 27 in April 2022. Also, it has made us interested in Leonardo DiCaprio dating history. Let’s look at that below.

Leonardo DiCaprio dating history

leonardo dicaprio dating history
Leonardo DiCaprio dating history

With Naomi Campbell (1990s)

If his rule of going for women under 25 is shaky, the actor has stuck to dating celebrity models. In his hey days, around his early 20s, he was romantically linked to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

There had been rumors that he was involved with model Bridget Hall and actress Brittany Daniels, who he partnered with in the 1995 drama film The Basketball Diaries. However, if anything happened with them, it was kept a secret. But his relationship with Campbell? Not so much.

In the end, the relationship died quickly but the two of them remained friends to this day.

With Kristin Zang (1994 to 1996)

Leonardo DiCaprio immediately got with model Kristin Zang after he and Campbell split. They kept their relationship lowkey and only an event where they were seen holding hands and giggling gave the public insight into what they were doing behind close doors. They broke things off after two years.

With Helena Christensen, Amber Valletta, and Natasha Henstridge (1996 to 1998)

After he and Kristin Zang broke things off, with the model alleging that the actor was immature, DiCaprio went on several dates and had multiple flings, according to reports. He was sighted with models Helena Christensen and Amber Valletta, as well as actress Natasha Henstridge. However, he did not have anything serious with them and no strings were attached to their outings.

With Bijou Phillips (1998)

Leonardo went out briefly with Bijou Phillips in 1998 and reportedly got her a role in the 1999 film Black and White. Their romance was short-lived and the actor was soon a free agent again.

With Eva Herzigova (1998)

Model Eva Herzigova was the last woman that Leonardo DiCaprio was rumoured to have dated in his ‘busy’ 1998. Their relationship was never confirmed, likely because Eva was married to Bon Jovi’s drummer Tico Torres at the time. However, some sources still swear by all that is holy that the two were up to something during that time.

With Gisele Bündchen (2000 to 2005)

Gisele Bündchen was at the peak of her career when she became part of the impressive Leonardo DiCaprio dating history of beautiful models. However, unlike all his previous relationships, this one lasted for quite a while. The model would later condemn how much coverage their relationship got and also mention the issue of maturity once again, but this time, in a more loving and gentler manner. She has also revealed that they had something special and she had no ill-will towards him.

With Bar Refaeli (2005 to 2011)

The actor moved on with Israeli model Bar Refaeli and they ended up dating for six years. Although, they did have a six-month long break in 2009, during which he got involved with another model Anne Vyalitsyna. In 2011, Leonardo Di Caprio ended one of the longest romantic relationships of his life.

With Blake Lively (2011)

Before she married actor Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively was briefly involved with DiCaprio for some months. They were spotted together at hotels in the city and on a romantic yatch outing in Cannes. They ended things not long after it began, with the both of them going their separate ways.

With Madalina Ghenea (2011)

After his stint with Blake was over, DiCaprio returned to dating immediately as he got with Romanian actress and model Madalina Ghenea. Their relationship was brief and the actor was back in the streets before long.

With Erin Heatherton (2012)

The actor got with Erin Heatherton in 2012 but their relationship could not survive the hurdles of their scheduling. With neither willing to make compromises in their career, they decided to call it quits after ten months.

With Toni Garrn (2013)

Leonardo DiCaprio dating history included a one-year relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn in 2013. Allegedly, they dated for a whole year but split after it became apparent that they were both not looking to settle down at the time.

With Kelly Rohrbach (2015)

After making a name for herself as a Sports Illustrated model, Kelly Rohrbach began dating Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015 but they broke up less than a year later in 2016.

With Rihanna (2015)

During his time with Kelly Rohrbach, it appears that the actor may have been involved with business mogul Rihanna in late 2015 and 2016. They were spotted together at several, which in celebrating terms, translated to dating.

With Laura Whitmore, Victoria Lee Robinson, and Georgia Fowler (2016)

Although he never quite confirmed a relationship with any of them, DiCaprio was spotted on a number of occasions in the company of models Laura Whitmore, Victoria Lee Robinson, and Georgia Fowler. If he had a fling with them or tried to get into a relationship, we can say for sure.

With Nina Agdal (2016)

Leonardo DiCaprio did date Danish model Nina Agdal for several months as their several trips together proved. They were spotted in various locations during their months-long relationship before they abandoned thing in 2017 to focus on their career and see other people.

With Lorena Rae (2017)

In the middle of 2017, the actor and model Lorena Rae were seen together at a dinner. However, the actor would later deny claims that he dated the model. Whatever it is that they had, it ended before the year ran its course.

With Camila Morrone (2017 to 2022)

DiCaprio’s most recent long-term relationship was with model Camila Morrone, who was barely over 20 at the time and he was more than 40 years old. However, their age difference did not make it much onto headlines as tabloids were more interested in just how serious they were. It turns out that things were a bit intense between them.

The actor met with Morrone’s mom and they stayed together long after that. Additionally, the fact that they may have sheltered together during the pandemic is also impressive because they continued dating after it. They were spotted several times in each other company over the course of their relationship.

Thus, it came as a shock when sources confirmed that they had broken up in August 2022. Their reps gave no official statement on the matter.

Now, with the possibility that supermodel Gig Hadid could be added to Leonardo DiCaprio dating history timeline, we can’t wait to confirm it. Or, for it to be disproved.

It is also important to note that many of the women on this list may have just been friends with the actor and their relationships with him could have easily been platonic.

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