Meet extremely busty model Allegra Cole | See 10 facts, kids, husband, and lifestyle

Allegra Cole is a busty and curvy model known for her unusually large bust and erotic photographs online.

Allegra Cole has made her name by flaunting her bosom on social media. Her social media following has grown incredibly, and she has used it to create a sort of empire. However, her social media presence and somewhat controversial lifestyle are not all there is to know about her.

Surprisingly, she has kept a traditional family life for more than two decades with kids as well. She has also made a considerable fortune and appeared on several TV shows. All of these make for a sort of life that netizens are interested in and make her a celebrity.

Why is Allegra Cole famous? He fame is tied to her physical appearance, and we explore that along with topics like her family, husband, kids, net worth, and more in this article. To begin, we summarize the most important facts about her first.

Top 10 facts about Allegra Cole

  1. Allegra Cole turns 53 years old on her birthday in 2022.
  2. She became famous after photos of her massive bust appeared online, and she has continued to flaunt them in little clothing.
  3. While the internet celebrity might not look it, she grew up in a pretty conservative home and was brought up a Mormon.
  4. Cole had her first surgery, implants, in 2002 and has not looked back since then.
  5. In an interview, she reveals that she has done four bust augmentations, a tummy tuck, liposuction on her stomach, two BBLs with implants, five rounds of butt injections, lip implants, facial fillers, and Botox.
  6. Allegra Cole’s surgeries have cost her a total of $175,000, and she says that she plans to have more procedures done on her.
  7. She was married to Dyson Salleh for 20 years, and they welcomed five kids together. Meanwhile, she had three children from her previous marriage to a man named Sam.
  8. As a child, the curvy model took piano lessons and became so good that she was regarded as a child prodigy. She made money from teaching piano lessons before she started charting a path as a model.
  9. She works as a model and engages in brand endorsement gigs. Also, she uses her social media page to promote brands. Cole has an OnlyFans page where she makes lots of money from.
  10. In January 2022, she and Salleh broke up for undisclosed reasons, and she claims to be back in the dating pool again.

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Early life

Allegra Cole was born on May 24, 1969, according to the celebrity biography blog News Unzip. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, to Christian parents. Sources close to her claim that her parents were strict and gave no room for lapses in the Mormon doctrine. She has about three sisters whose names we have not confirmed.

There is not much detail about her early life, but we uncovered some interesting facts. One of the facts we found is that Cole actually has a college degree. As a child, she took piano lessons, eventually mastering the skill and becoming a professional player.

Allegra Cole (right) and her sister
Allegra Cole (right) and her sister


Piano teacher

Cole started playing piano professionally as a child and was considered to be very talented. Into her early adulthood, she also started making money teaching piano lessons.

After saving up enough money, she broke away from the conservative lifestyle she had been raised to thread. That was when she began having implants to increase her bust size at the age of 33.


She became famous when photos of her appeared online. The internet celeb had been posting pictures of herself on social media, and eventually, the enormity of her busts caught attention, and people became curious about her.

Allegra Cole’s Onlyfans account is also a source of most of her fame as she shares erotic snaps and videos of herself on the platform. Her subscription is priced at about $15 every month, and she has nearly 1,400 subscribers as of September 2022, according to Fans Popular.

Business owner, Allegra Cole OnlyFans, and Botched

In addition to sharing her content on OnlyFans, she works as a model and a content creator. She also founded a company called ACole Industries which focuses on producing and creating ‘unique content’ for social media brands.

Also, she runs a self-named YouTube channel where she shares videos of herself playing the piano, working out, or general behind the scene clips of herself and models like herself. Several of her videos have millions of views and likely earn her money as well.

In 2018, she appeared on an episode of the American reality TV show Botched, which follows doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they attempt to correct extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong. She appeared on the show again in 2020.

In the first episode she appeared in, the doctors gave her advice on how to manage her enormous rack. In her second appearance, the doctors attempt to fix her bosom.

Allegra Cole plastic surgeries

As already stated, the estimate is that Allegra Cole plastic surgeries began when she was 33 years old. She started with a bust enlargement surgery that included implants that she could pump by herself at home.

Then, she followed them with several more surgeries. Daily Mail says that by 2021, she had already undergone four bust augmentations, a tummy tuck, liposuction on her stomach, two BBLs with implants, five rounds of butt injections, lip implants, facial fillers, and Botox.

The costs had accumulated to more than $175,000, and she is not done. She claimed in a video interview: “I want to get a full face, lip, neck, nose job, all of that. I want to do everything. I want to stave off ageing.”

Allegra Cole before and after pictures
Allegra Cole before and after pictures

If you are wondering what her goal is, she says she wants to have the figure of the fictional Disney character, Jessica Rabbit.

Also, she has said that her decisions have been misjudged. “People have misconceptions about me and my appearance. They believe that I am shallow, that I don’t have any goals, that I don’t have any substance, that I’m not smart, or that I’m really selfish and only care about what I look like,” she complained. However, they are wrong because she does have a goal: to be a s_x icon.

Personal life – Allegra Cole husband and kids

Allegra Cole got married at an early age to Sam, and they had three daughters together, according to online sources. She had dated Sam for a long time before their marriage, and then, he died some years later. Sadly, as the model claims, her three older daughters no longer talk to her because of her lifestyle. She claims that she loves and misses them but that they want her to be the kind of mother that she isn’t.

After losing her first husband, Allegra Cole married again; this time, she tied the knot with Dyson Salleh. They allegedly welcomed five children together, taking the number of kids she has to eight. Her oldest daughter is named Hillary (born in 1988), and her youngest daughter is Mia (born in 2015). Allegra Cole also has a daughter named Avery (born in 1999). It appears that she has three sons, one of who was born in (2008); we are yet to confirm all their names and year of birth.


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In January 2022, she and Dyson split after they had been married for nearly 20 years. There is no mention of why they broke up. After their split, Cole revealed that she was ready to start dating again and, likely, meet someone.

Allegra Cole body measurements

The social media celebrity is 5ft 6 inches (or 167cm) tall and weighs 154 lb (or 70 kg) , according to Body Size blog. Her body measurements are bust size 51 inches (130cm), waist size 29 inches (75cm), hips size 39 inches (100cm), and her bra size is said to be 56MM.

Allegra Cole lifestyle

In her free time, the internet celebrity enjoys the company of her youngest child. They spend time in the house together and go to parks, mall and on trips together. They also go sight seeing.

Social media

On Instagram, she uses the account @Allegracoleworld and she has 1.7 million subscribers as of the latest update in September 2022.

Net worth

Allegra Cole net worth is estimated to be at least $2.5 million, although, we also found another source that claims that the value is a bit closer to $1.5 million as of 2022.

We can’t confirm if these various sources are right as they offer no proof of how they arrived at the numbers. Yet, we know that several of her online activities yield money, even if it is in trickles.


The curvy social media influencer has shown us several sides of herself over the past years. Her piano playing ability is one of the first things that catches one off guard but it is just one of them. There is also the fact that she had been married for 20 years as well.

She spends lots of her time with her youngest daughter nowadays. In addition, she continues to get brand endorsement and gigs, which earns her a living apart from her hustle as an OnlyFans superstar.

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