Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is the lead actor for “Wetlands”

British-Nigerian actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is set to be the lead actor for a new movie, “Wetland”.


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This will mark the first time the prolific actor will be the focus of a movie project. Among some of the impressive appearances of the actor include some high profile projects such as the “The Mummy Returns” “The Bourne Identity”  and TV shows – “Lost, “Game Of Thrones“. However the closest he has ever been in a lead role was when his voiced performance in 2016’s “Bilal“.  But all that has changed with his new movie project, “Wetland“.


Directed by first-time filmmaker Emanuele Della Valle, the film explores the murky world of crime beneath the surface of a boardwalk beach town, when all the sunny tourists have fled for warmer pastures.


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Adewale plays Babel “Babs” Johnson, a police detective who finds himself assigned to that precinct. About Adewale’s performance in the movie, the director told Vanity Fair: “I was so lucky. [He is] a very serious method actor. He went on rides with local cops and learned how to smother his native British accent with a broad Philadelphia one.”


The movie hits the US cinemas on 15th September, but it is not yet known whether it will be screening in Nigeria cinemas. Meanwhile, yomay watchch the trailer below.


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