4 Best Educational Shows To Watch on Netflix

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Videos make learning engaging and entertaining. Topics and concepts learned through video are memorable and will elicit creativity. While Netflix is famous for entertainment, it has put together some of the best educational shows for students in different grades.

The educational shows on Netflix cover all the topics imaginable. They are also designed with high-quality graphics, sound, and content, adding immense value to the learning process. They will help your kids to learn the latest as well as the toughest concepts in the different grades.

Here are the top 4 educational shows on Netflix.

1. Ask the Storybots

The show targets children under 7 years. It packs incredible content to help them learn about life and the subjects they will be learning in class. Get a test taker for hire for your kid to allow them to learn through the more engaging Netflix videos or just relax after a long day in class.

Ask the Storybots covers all the topics that would be of interest to children at this level. For instance, it will answer why the kid brushes his teeth. It will also teach about vertebrates with some of the best-animated examples.

Ask the Storybots has won an Emmy award for capturing the attention of kids at this age. It uses creatures that reside in the computer to tell life stories. It will take the kids on field trips and engage their attention through songs.

Ask the Storybots has lived up to its theme of helping the kids to be super smart. It has transformed the dullest class learners into excited and engaging kids on the couch. It is extremely addictive as children laugh at the stories. However, the addiction will help the kids to dig deeper into books and understand most of the concepts taught in class.

The creation of Ask the Storybots has perfectly captured the attention of kids.  The graphics are appropriate for the age. They engage all senses, getting the kids off their seats to take learning adventures. You might find yourself watching and laughing like a 5-year-old.

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2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

The Magic School Bus show premiered in the 1980s. It features a comedian named Kate Mckinnon. The actor has perfectly played her role of imitating Hilary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres when hosted on Saturday Night Live. It indicates the character of the people behind The Magic School Bus Rides Again.

The school bus takes the kids on a scientific trip. The main character is a controversial Fiona taking the kids on a wild adventure. Any kid will be fascinated by the idea of an adventure. For a start, that is a perfect start for a show targeting children under 7 years.

The concept of a bus places the kids in class. The bus comes with adventure but the adventure is related to learning. Through the narration, the kids will explore different scientific topics. It helps the kids to develop an interest in science from an early age.

3. A Guide to Black History

The show is hosted by Kelvin Hart. Hart is a comedian with enough medals to his name. He chooses one of the most controversial topics of racism. Kelvin focuses on the lives of black people whose stories are rarely told.

The show covers such figures as Mathew Henson who was one of the most instrumental arctic explorers. He also highlights the story of Josephine Baker, a performer who later became a spy for the allied forces.

The focus of A Guide to Black History is to change the perspective with which people view black people. He shows that the history of black people is more than slavery, oppression, and violence. Black people have also invented some of the items that have changed the course of the earth. The show demonstrates that black people were also innovative, creative, and brilliant. This narrative can be used to challenge oppression.

4. Our Planet

The show seeks to show kids above 7 years the importance of this delicate planet they are living on. The show is filmed in more than 50 countries. It showcases the diversity in nature to raise awareness of the need to converse this delicate ecosystem.

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