Avatar 2 trailers shows that its CGI and Underwater Tech is better

James Cameron’s Avatar is an innovative, award-winning film that broke countless box office records. What many people don’t realize though are the new technologies developed for the upcoming movie which helped bring Pandora to life and will be seen beautifully in costume through its sequel trailer shown at CinemaCon.

The act of submerged actors in a 900,000-gallon water tank to imitate ocean currents is an innovative way for Cameron’s Avatar 2, but it may not even compare with 3D technology that was used before him because this newer method only captures movement while the first movie had people hanging from cables which gave their performances more authenticity

The use underwater motion capture will be seen on display when watching trailers or knowing what kind of look likes; however, without seeing any finished product one cannot truly judge its effectiveness.

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The Avatar franchise has always been known for its incredible visual effects, and the movies are no exception. The underwater scenes have had a lot of work put into them already with just months until release! It’s not uncommon that VFX gets updated even before shows go public sometimes- especially if there will be significant postproduction needed after premiere like on this occasion too where we can expect plenty more improvement yet again once all is said done regarding edits etcetera.

The trailer only revealed a few snippets of select scenes that were likely deemed most ready for the public eye, preserving the remainder of Cameron’s film to be edited more patiently and finically. Even those clips shown may still need last minute touches just because he can’t rest until everything satisfies him otherwise; his desire does not know bounds when it comes down to fulfilling our viewing pleasures!

The IMAX trailer is so well made, it’s going to make the movie even more spectacular when viewers see it in theaters.

Avatar 2 has a lot of hurdles to overcome if it wants the same kind or success as its predecessor, mostly because there’s such an intense difference in release dates. Avatar came out 13 years earlier and hype for that movie long since fizzled- but director James Cameron didn’t let this stop him! He knew what technology he needed was ready well before Katniss Everdeen became famous after winning The Hunger Games; therefore, both time periods were able serve their purposes equally good while still remaining relevant enough through 7601+ films.

With the new underwater filming method, Avatar 2 will have more exciting scenes to show off. It might be difficult for this film’s earnings back their expensive price tag but there is always curiosity about what an unfamiliar world under water looks like – even if you’ve seen it before!

Avatar: The Way of Water is set to be one-of the highest grossing movies come December 2022. With underwater motion capture and CGI technology at its disposal, this movie has all potential for an amazing finish!

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