A glimpse into Britney Spears wedding planning

Britney Spears upcoming wedding to her fiancé Sam Asghari is the rave of the season and details about how the day will be are trickling in.

This time around, the pop star shows off some important accessories for a big day including an intriguing white veil that is resting atop multi-colored carpets in front of what appears to be either spray paint or body art meant primarily because it has been covered with fur!

After weeks of anticipation, Spears finally revealed the iconic veil that will adorn her wedding dress. The post was met with rave reviews from fans and even attracted attention from other social media users who are also looking forward to wearing their own veils at Their weddings!

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The singer detailed her experience with mental illness on Instagram, saying that she was not encouraged to speak up for herself as a child and describing the symptoms.

In addition, Cardi posted several note screenshots from therapy sessions where they discussed how people responded when hearing about it or seeing videos of herself performing at concerts while being mentally unstable one example read: “Some will say you’re weak because others can do what’s hard.”

Her entire life she’s been told to be quiet, keep shut and never complain. Now that the time has come for her voice heard though it feels like all those other things people said about you before are true again-you can’t speak up or else people will think badly of not just what matters most but also yourself too!

She ended her thoughts by saying that sharing the story “might not be safe for anyone!”

“My book comes out at end of this year… Once it’s released, I’m not sure what will happen folks!,” She wrote in one final tweet before signing off.

Last February, the news of Britney Spears’ book deal came out. Multiple outlets reported that she signed a $15 million contract with Simon & Schuster for her own publishing house and there’s been no word yet on when we might see it come into fruition!

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