Who is Jason Scott Lee? Star of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Today, we will talk about Jason Scott Lee, one of the most talented actors to grace the big screen. From his breakthrough performance in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” to his impressive roles in a variety of other films, Jason Scott Lee has truly made his mark in the entertainment industry.

But who is Jason Scott Lee, you might ask? Well, buckle up and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of this Asian-American actor and martial artist’s life and career. We’ll take a look at his early beginnings, his rise to fame, and the impact he’s made on Hollywood and beyond.

Jason Scott Lee Background

Jason Scott Lee was born to Robert and Sylvia Lee on November 19, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Jason’s family moved to the beautiful city of Honolulu, Hawaii, when he was just a wee little two-year-old. And that’s where he was raised, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the islands and the rich cultural heritage of his Hawaiian and Chinese roots.


He attended Pearl City High School, and from there, he went on to attend the prestigious Fullerton College in California.

Career Timeline

Jason Scott Lee’s passion for acting started during high school and grew stronger when he enrolled in Fullerton College. He even had the opportunity to take acting lessons from the great coach Sal Romeo.

Early Career

Lee’s acting journey began with small roles in the 1987 film Born in East L.A. and the 1989 blockbuster Back to the Future Part II. His career picked up in 1990 with a role in the television movie The Lookalike. Two years later, he landed his first leading role in the romantic drama Map of the Human Heart.

In 1993, Lee portrayed the legendary Bruce Lee in the biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, a role that led him to train in Bruce Lee’s martial art Jeet Kune Do. He became a certified instructor under former Bruce Lee student Jerry Poteet and continues to train to this day. In 1994, he starred in Rapa-Nui and as Mowgli in the live-action adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book alongside Lena Headey and John Cleese.

Lee was originally considered for the role of Liu Kang in the 1995 film Mortal Kombat but ultimately turned it down, and the role went to Robin Shou instead. In 1998, he played the main villain Caine 607, in the science fiction film Soldier, directed by Paul Anderson, who also directed Mortal Kombat.

The 2000’s

Jason Scott Lee
Jason Scott Lee | Image Source: hollywoodreporter.com

In 2000, Lee played the lead role of Aladdin in the miniseries Arabian Nights. Two years later, he did voice-over work for the Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch. Lee appeared in several direct-to-video films in the early 2000s, including Dracula II: Ascension (2001), Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003), and The Prophecy: Forsaken (2005).

In 2006, Lee was featured in the documentary The Slanted Screen, which explores the representation of Asian and Asian American men in Hollywood. The following year, he starred as Eddie in the sports comedy film Balls of Fury alongside Dan Fogler. Lee also made his operatic debut in the non-singing role of Pasha Selim in Hawaii Opera Theatre’s production of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio in 2009.

In 2016, Lee played Hades Dai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. He also voiced the main character, The Swordsman, in Kevin McTurk’s short puppetry film, The Haunted Swordsman, which was crowdfunded in 2019.

Despite his busy acting career, Lee has also been involved in stage productions. In 2000, he starred as The King of Siam in a production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I at the London Palladium, opposite Elaine Paige. He was set to reprise the role in the 2014 Opera Australia production in Melbourne, but unfortunately, an injury prevented him from performing, and Lou Diamond Phillips took over the role.

2020 was a busy year for Jason Scott Lee! He landed the role of villainous Böri Khan role in Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, which was a huge hit with audiences worldwide. But that’s not all – Lee also joined the historical drama The Wind & The Reckoning cast, where he portrayed Ko’olau, a cowboy who bravely rebelled against the newly-instated Provisional Government of Hawaii. The film’s production was no small feat, taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic and releasing in early November 2022.

Jason Scott Lee Awards and Recognitions

Jason Scott Lee has a positive influence on the representation of Asians in America, and with that, Goldsea, an Asian American magazine website, recognized Lee’s impact and placed him at Number 7 on its compilation of “The 130 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time.” Lee’s career is filled with memorable performances that showcase his talent and good looks, and he has been a role model for Asian Americans in the entertainment industry.

His contributions have not gone unnoticed, and it’s great to see him being recognized for his positive influence on Asian American representation in the media. In 1994, Jason’s acting chops caught the attention of the industry as he received nominations for the ‘CFCA Award for Most Promising Actor’ and the ‘MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.’

Personal Life

Jason Scott Lee is a total athlete with an athletic body type that can’t be ignored. He stands at an impressive 5 feet and 10 inches tall, making him a presence to be reckoned with. Jason’s striking black hair and black eyes make him stand out in a crowd. And speaking of astrology, Jason falls under the Scorpio sign, known for its strength, resilience, and magnetic energy.


It’s always heartwarming to hear about a celebrity’s love life; Jason Lee’s story is no exception. In 2008, the charming actor tied the knot with his lovely wife, Diana Chan Lee. It’s great to see Hollywood stars settling down and building their own families, and we wish the happy couple a lifetime of love and joy together.

Social media

He is quite active on his accounts with a decent following. On Instagram, you can find him at @jasonscottlee, where he has amassed a following of 28.6k followers. If Twitter is your preferred social media platform, you can follow him at @jasonscottlee, where he has 4,489 followers. And lastly, on Facebook, you can find him at @Jason Scott Lee with 1k followers.

Jason Scott Lee’s Net Worth

Well, it’s safe to say that his main source of income is his successful acting career. With his impressive range and ability to portray various characters, he’s been making a name for himself in the entertainment industry for decades. Unsurprisingly, his hard work has paid off, with reports estimating his net worth to be around $6 Million.


Jason Scott Lee is a talented and accomplished actor who has significantly impacted the entertainment industry. He has starred in numerous successful movies and TV shows, and his performances have won critical acclaim and fan adoration. From his breakout role in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story to his recent appearance in the Disney+ series Doogie Kame?loha, M.D., Jason has proven to be a versatile and captivating performer. He is also a devoted husband, a dedicated father, and an inspiration to his fans and followers on social media.

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