Who is Mari Gilbert’s daughter, Sherre Gilbert?

Sherre Gilbert is the second daughter of four from Mari Gilbert, an American activist who was an advocate for her late daughter Shannan Gilbert. Mari also became a victim of a stabbing. Of which her daughter Sarra stabbed her. She is popularly known for her active involvement in seeking justice for her sister, who is still a mystery.

Early Life and Education

Sherre Gilbert was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Mari left their father when the girls were younger and relocated to Ellenville. There is limited information about Sherre and her childhood and education. There had it rough growing up. 

The single mother who raised her often faced poverty. Furthermore, she and her sister, Sarra, became victims of sexual abuse from her mother’s boyfriend. She had a cold relationship with her mother for most of her life, though they later reconciled.

Top 10 Facts about Sherre Gilbert

  1. Sherre’s mom Mari had four grandsons and was engaged to Elroy J. Shulterbrandt.
  2. Sherry and her half-sister bond very well, even though they have different fathers. They stood by each other through the horrible experiences they had.
  3. Her father had a mental disorder that resulted in his addiction to h----n.
  4. Her half-sister Stevie Smith, Sarra’s younger sister, denied the fact that Sarra is mentally ill. She said that Sarra was enraged that Mari took custody of her son and alleged her sister is a drug abuser.
  5. The streaming giant Netflix released a movie capturing the story of the Gilbert family in 2020 titled (Lost Girls).
  6. Sherre tries to stay off the social media spotlight as she keeps every matter concerning her private life to the media.
  7. Sherre disclosed vital information during the investigation of Shannan’s death. She revealed that her sister met a man named John just before she went missing.
  8. Sherre and her mother claimed that Shannon became the  Long Island serial killer victim and kept on the search for answers even to date.
  9. Authorities refused to deal with her death case as a homicide which led Mari and Sherre to become activists advocating for justice to prevail.
  10. Information about Sherre’s marriage and relationship life is not disclosed to the media as she never revealed anything relating to that.

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The career of Sherre Gilbert 

Although there is no information about her career in the media, she disclosed that her sister had other dreams apart from working as an escort. She wanted to become an actress, singer, and writer. She also has a profile on Pinterest, which explains that she could have a passion for fashion and probably has a fashion career.

Personal life

As of 2022, Sherre is 35 years old. She is the daughter of the late American Activist Mari Gilbert. Her late mum Mari worked with Walmart while her father, addicted to h----n, became a person with schizophrenia (a kind of chronic brain disorder). She is the second daughter of Mari, after her elder sister Shannan who is the first, and before her younger sister Sarra. Sherry also has a half-sister who is Stevie. Sherre Gilbert’s Family came to the spotlight in 2011 after the death of her elder sister Shannan.

Lost Girls - Sherre Gilbert
source: TheReelness

Sherre Gilbert’s Sister’s death

Shannan Mari, who happens to be Sherre’s elder sister who worked as an escort, was last accounted for when one of her clients called for her to come to his home in Oak Beach, Long Island. After a 22 minutes call with 911 on 1st May 2010 in Long Island, she went missing. Throughout the chat, she allegedly cried out, “They’re trying to murder me!”. Her mother got worried about her disappearance, tirelessly searched for her, and made necessary reports so that the police could search for her too.

Shannan drowns

The search for Shannan continued without result until a year later, on 13th December 2011, The Suffolk County Police Department discovered her body along the shore near Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach, about half a mile away from her last known location. The police recognized her among a few other bodies that they found that day, about Ten; a man, a toddler, and eight women.

After a procession of findings, the investigators concluded that Shannan and the other victims had the same killer; they also disclosed that she got trapped in the dirty brush and brambly of the march before she eventually drowned. Furthermore, Not minding the police and autopsy, Mari has refused to accept that her daughter died due to an accident, and she tirelessly dug into the case to find the killer until she died in 2016. As of now, there are no recent updates regarding Shannan’s case, and the killer is still at large.

Finding Shannan’s Killer

Following the broadcast of NBC New York, police initially concealed from all investigations carried that Shannan died from accidental drowning. However, a year later, a medical examiner asserted that he experienced difficulty in finding the cause of her death, saying that the cause of her death was hard to find.

The Gilbert family, directed by their mother Mari, requested that a forensic pathologist carry out an independent autopsy on Shannan’s remains. After which, they got a new report that Shannan’s death was consistent with homicidal strangulation. A tiny bone in Shannon’s throat was missing, which indicated that the bone was fractured when someone murdered her. However, to their greatest surprise, four of the victims found alongside Shannan also died due to strangulation, and the authorities discovered that they all were sex workers. The compelling story got written into a New York best-selling novel Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker and later adapted to a 2020 mystery drama film Lost Girls.

Sherre Gilbert’s Sister, Sarra, Killed Her Mother

Five years after the mysterious disappearance of Shannan, misfortune hit the Gilbert family once again. On 23rd July 2016, the police reportedly found Mari dead in her daughter Sarra’s apartment building on Warren Street in Ellenville, New York. Sarra had schizophrenia.

According to the family’s attorney, Ray, Sarra invited her mother to her house, telling her voices were speaking in her head, telling her to commit a crime. Mari, a concerned mother, left her home for Sarra’s apartment to check up on her child and sadly lost her life.

Sarra killed her mother, Mari, with a fifteen inches knife. She hit her with a fire extinguisher and stabbed her 227 times, claiming that the voices inside her dead told her to carry out the crime. Sherre implored cops for a welfare check on their mother, which led to discovering the crime where Sarra had killed Mari. Sarra is currently serving 25 years in prison while Ulster County Judge Donald Willams ensures she gets the mental health treatment she needs.

At the trial, Sarra stood, swaying silently, beside her attorney John Ray. She later sobbed briefly and asked for mercy.
Sarah Gilbert in court: UlsterCountyjail

Sherre Gilbert on Social Media

Sherre is active on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. On Facebook, she keeps her sister’s social media accounts active. On Instagram she has lots of followers; She is also active on Twitter, @ThatGirlRee has 1.9K followers; her sister’s page on Facebook, Prayer for Shannan Maria Gilbert, where she posts an update about the progress of the murder case of Shannan.

Net Worth

There is no information about Sherre Gilbert’s net worth, although we know that she probably has a career in the fashion industry. However, her sister Sarra’s net worth is $1,000. Also, her mother Mari’s net worth ranges from 1 million dollars to 5million dollars.

Latest News

After the experience of the deaths of two beloved family members, she has embarked on a mission to be an activist who advocates for sex workers like her sister, Shannan. Her younger sister Stevie helps her in all these.


Sherre still posts updates on Facebook and other social media platforms about Shannan’s case. At the same time, her followers on the various media continue to pray and advocate for justice to play out. The story of the Gilberts family is unfortunate. We hope that tragedy does not strike again.

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