What happened to Joe Namath’s daughter, Olivia Namath??


Olivia Rose Namath is the second daughter of the former American football quarterback Joseph William Namath and a digital personality. She was born on 11 December 1990 in the United States of America. As the child of a celebrity, she came to the limelight because of her father. She is a notorious child and has created so much trouble while growing up.

Early Life and Education

Olivia grew up with her parents and her only sister Jessica Namath and her parents. But details about her early life and her education have not been disclosed.


Olivia Namath has kept information about herself from the media. However, she is known to be an actress, her performance in The Wedding Ringer. The star has also worked in many movies and T.V. shows. Besides this, she has not revealed any other information about her professional life.

Top 10 facts about Olivia Namath

  1. Olivia Namath was born on 11 December 1990 as the second child of Joe Namath, the legendary American football quarterback, and his ex-wife Deborah May, a talented American actress.
  2. She married her long-time boyfriend, Edward Baker, in 2014 and is living happily with their daughter. She had her first child Natalia in August 2007 in West Plam Beach when she was 16 and was still in high school in Florida.
  3. Her husband, Edward Baker, was once arrested for robbing a McDonald’s joint and running away with $10,000 by threatening the manager. He has also gone to prison for possessing cocaine and Marijuana.
  4. Although Edward has challenging issues with the law, Joe still accepts him as his son-in-law, seeing the apparent chemistry between him and Olivia.
  5. Her father, Joe, must have had satisfaction on the football pitch; his personal life wasn’t that easy. From his wife’s divorce after sixteen years of marriage to other ups and downs, especially from Olivia, his youngest daughter, who created trouble while growing up.
  6. Edward, Olivia’s husband, is an artist whose artwork has its root in street art. And he drew inspiration from Basquait and Picasso.
  7. In 2003 after the birth of her first child, she was arrested by the police. They discovered an open bottle of rum and Marijuana in her car.
  8. Her elder sister Jessica tied the knots in July 2015 with Bryant Kennedy in a private ceremony. The wedding was at St. Therese Montauk, New York. But in 2019, she filed for divorce for him.
  9. Her mother, Deborah Mays, was born on 1 September 1964 in Remington, Indiana, USA.
  10. Her mother gained popularity for her role in The Greatest American Hero.

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Personal Life

Olivia Rose Namath, popularly known as Olivia Namath, is the second daughter of Joe Namath. Since she was a teenager, she has been controversial and has caused so much trouble. Olivia 2010 was arrested in West Palm Beach after the police pulled her over for over-speeding. The police came across an open bottle of rum and Marijuana in her car. 

And she was just 19 at that time, driving a Mercedes, silver color. Based on the police report on what happened, the deputy perceived what proved to be Marijuana in her car. When they checked, they found a bag of leafy greens on the driver’s side floorboard that turned out positive for the suspected substance. Later, they discovered 200.5 grams of Marijuana shared in baggies in the car’s trunk.

Nevertheless, Olivia denied knowing about Marijuana. She was traveling with two men that day. The police arrested and charged her with two counts of Marijuana for sale and possession of alcohol by a minor.

Meet Joe Namath's Two Beautiful Daughters – Olivia Namath and Jessica Namath
source; celebritymirror

Her Father-Joseph Namath

Olivia’s father, Joseph Namath, was born on 31 May 1943. He was the youngest out of four sons with an adopted sister. Mr. Namath was born and brought up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 50km northwest of Pittsburgh, and he grew up in the lower end of the neighborhood. He grew up with his Roman Catholic parents and was close to them. Eventually, his parents divorced, and he stayed with his mother.

Joe’s Football Career


Joe was outstanding in all sports in his school, Beaver Falls High School, and was a standout quarterback in football, an outfielder in baseball, and a guard in basketball. In a time when dunks weren’t common in high school basketball, Joe systematically dunked in games. Joe’s football team, which Larry Bruno coached at Beaver Falls, won the WPIAL Class A.A. championship in 1960 with a 9-0 record. 

Later, Coach Larry Bruno introduced Joe to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. In 1961, upon Joe’s graduation from high school, he was given offers from different Major League Baseball teams, which included the Pirates, Yankees, Reds, Indians, and Phillies, but football triumphed. Joe informed interviewers that he wanted to sign with the Pirates and play baseball like Roberto Clemente, his idol, but he decided to play football because his mother wanted him to go to a college. 

Joe received several offers from Division I college football programs, including Ohio State, Alabama, Penn State, and Notre Dame. Still, he chose to go to the University of Maryland after being recruited heavily by Roland Arrigoni, Maryland assistant. Maryland rejected him because his college-board scores were not up to the school’s requirements. Joe accepted a full scholarship to attend Alabama after ample recruitment by Coach Paul’ Bear’ Bryant. 

Bryant clearly said that the decision he made to recruit Joe was the best coaching decision he has ever made. Joe quarterbacked the Alabama Crimson Tide program under Bryant and his annoying coordinator, Howard Schnellenberger, between 1962 and 1964. A year after he has suspended for the regular season’s two final games, Joe guided the Tide to a national championship in 1964.

Joe Namath’s Achievements

When Joe was at the University of Alabama, he led the team to a 29-4 record for over three seasons. Bryant titled Joe the most outstanding athlete he has ever coached. In 1985 when Joe was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and was giving his speech during the induction, he had tear-filled eyes when he mentioned Bryant, who died in 1983 after he suffered from a heart attack.

Between 1955-and 1968, Joe went to college at the height of the civil rights movement in the Southern United States. Later on The James Brown Show in 2018, where he was a guest, he made clear the story of being the only white player on his high school basketball team. Although he was one of the several White players on the team, he was the only White beginner. For the 1964 Heisman Trophy, Joe was eleventh in the balloting, which quarterback John Huarte from Notre Dame won. 

Joe was the only athlete on the master list of Richard Nixon’s political opponents, which was made public during the Watergate investigation in 1973. John Dean, the White House Counsel, claimed he did not know why Joe’s name appeared on the list, which might have been some mistake.

Joe Namath's Daughter Pulls The Family Back In Controversy

Joe marries Jessica

In 1983 while having a voice class, Joe met Deborah Mays, an aspiring actress who later changed her first name to May and later changed it again to Tatiana. When they met, he was 39, and she was 22 years old. Joe claimed she caught his last pass and got married to her in 1984. Joe, who had been a bachelor for years, became a dedicated family man to his wife and two children: Jessica, who was born in 1986, and Olivia, who was born in 1991. 

During the early years of his marriage, he was battling alcoholism not until his wife warned that his family could break up if he continued. He was able to stop his drinking in 1987, even though he would relapse after his divorce in 2000. After the couple divorced in 2000, the two girls lived with their father in Florida. Olivia gave birth to a daughter, Natalia, in May 2007.

Joe struggles with Alcohol.

On 20 December 2003, Joe accumulated disadvantageous publicity after taking in a large amount of Alcohol during the day, which they dedicated to the Jets’ announcement of their All-Time team. In the course of the ESPN live coverage of the team’s game, people asked Joe about Chad Pennington, the then-Jets quarterback, and what he thought about the team’s challenges that year. Joe expressed boldness in Pennington but told the interviewer, “I want to kiss you. I couldn’t care less about the team struggling”. 

Subsequently, he apologized and, many weeks later, went into an outpatient alcoholism treatment program. In 2019, he said he used the incident to quit Alcohol, saying, “I had disgraced my family and friends, and could not escape that feeling. I haven’t had a drink since then”. in August 2019 Olivia’s sister Jessica married Brian Kennedy and has a son with him. But their marriage did not work; she filed for divorce.

Social Media

Olivia is not active on social media platforms. But on Instagram, her mum is @dedmmays, with about 470 Followers. Her sister on Instagram is @jessicanamath, with about 1681 Followers.

Net Worth

Olivia’s net worth is not known. But her dad has a net worth of over $50M. Her mum has a net worth of over $18M, while her sister, Jessica, has a net worth of about $500 thousand.


Olivia Namath, born as a celebrity kid but grew up with her father after her parents separated in 2000, was notorious and caused trouble while growing up. She is the daughter of a celebrity but has kept a shallow profile online.

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