NBA YoungBoy son Kayden Gaulden biography and facts

Born on 4 July 2016, celebrity kid Kayden Gaulden is the eldest child of American rapper NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. His mother, Nisha, used to be NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend for a while and was only 14 years old when she gave birth to Kayden. NBA, who was born in 1999, welcomed Kayden when he was 16. Young Kayden, on his part, already has six younger siblings from other women that his father has been involved with. One of them, however, turned out to not be NBA’a biological child, despite him raising the child as his own.

The rapper is best known for his songs “Outside Today“, “Bandit“, and “Self Control“, among others. He achieved the great feat of having three number 1 albums on Billboard 200 within a year. A feat he described as hazardous, as it makes it difficult to remain calm. NBA was in a relationship with Yaya Mayweather, daughter of GOATED former professional boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather, in 2021. He has expressed a love for parenting and dissatisfaction with being kept away from his kids due to the nature of his job.

You may or may not have heard of young Kayden Gaulden, but he is as much a celebrity kid as any. He is the most popular of all NBA YoungBoy’s children, and there’s a reason for that. His popularity stems from the fact that his parents had him at such young ages. It made for a lot of controversy among the public in 2016, and rightly so. Now, after almost five years, with the boy growing into a beautiful lad, the raucous has settled down.

Keep reading the learn more about Kayden and his large family. Before we proceed, here are ten facts about him.

10 interesting facts about Kayden Gaulden

  1. Kayden Gaulden was born in 2016 to rapper and composer NBA YoungBoy, and his then-girlfriend, Nisha, of whom very little is known to this day.
  2. Born on 4 July, he shares a historical date with the United States of America — Independence Day.
  3. When he was born, Kayden’s parents were both really young; his father was 16 years old, and his mother was only 14.
  4. Kayden has six siblings from other women NBA has dated, one of them being Kentrell Gaulden Jr., mothered by Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather.
  5. The young Gaulden is close to both his parents and also shares a strong bond with his half-siblings and stepmom.
  6. In June 2018, Kayden’s half-brother, Taylin Gaulden, was involved in a terrible accident with his mom Nia and father NBA YoungBoy; fortunately, they all survived the ordeal.
  7. His father has enjoyed success as a rapper; in 2018, his single, “Outside Today” became the highest-charting song of his career, peaking at number 35 on Billboard Hit 100.
  8. Kayden’s father, Kentrell Gauden, grew up fast and started early on his career path; as early as age 14, he had begun producing music with a microphone.
  9. Unlike many other celebrity kids, Kayden has no social media account being run on his behalf. However, he features on his father’s Instagram page from time to time.
  10. It can be said of Kayden that he was born with a silver spoon, as his father, NBA YoungBoy, has a net worth of $6 million.

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Kayden Gaulden family

As earlier hinted, Kayden has a very large family by virtue of his father’s many relationships and children. Although, not much is known about his mother, Kayden is said to be close with her. He is also blessed with six half-siblings and a step mother, all of who he has great relationships with. Let’s learn more about his family, starting with his father, NBA YoungBoy.

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NBA YoungBoy – what is NBA YoungBoy real name

Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, American rapper and composer, popularly known as NBA (Never Broke Again) YoungBoy, is the father of Kayden Gaulden. The rapper, who got signed to Atlantic Records in late 2017, is known for his immense work rate, releasing six independent mixtapes in the space of two years (2015 to 2017). He quickly rose to fame, winning fans over with his unique rap style. In January 2018, NBA released the single “Outside Today“, which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. A year later, he dropped AI YoungBoy 2, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. His next two projects, both released in 2020, followed suit as chart-topping projects on the Billboard 200.

With the release of Sincerely, Kentrell from prison in September 2021, NBA joined the league of artists like 2Pac and Lil Wayne, becoming the third artist to have a chart-topping album while behind bars. In November 2016, Gaulden was arrested before a concert in Austin, Texas, for jumping out of a vehicle and opening fire on a group of people on a South Baton Rouge street. He was subsequently charged with two counts of attempted murder. The rapper has continued to have run-ins with the law, serving jail terms at different instances. Kentrell is a father of 7 children and is currently in a relationship with Iyanna Mayweather, with whom he welcomed a child in 2021. It was announced in April 2021 that he is expecting his eighth child with a seventh woman, Jazlyn Mychelle.

NBA YoungBoy son Kayden Gaulden

NBA YoungBoy age 

YoungBoy’s age has been a subject of curiosity due to how fast and far he has gone. It is also important to mention that the birth of his first son, Kayden, further raised said curiosity. Kayden arrived when YoungBoy was still so young, and this sparked controversy about his exact age. NBA was born in October 1999, which makes him only 22 years old in 2021. He was 16 years of age when he had his first child.

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Nisha is Kayden’s mother who used to be NBA’s girlfriend in his early teens. Nothing is known about her, other than the fact that she was just 14 years of age when she had Kayden. Although her relationship with NBA long ended, she is pretty much involved in her child’s life.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Born 13 February 2019, Kacey Alexander Gaulden is NBA’s fifth child. He is a product of the rapper’s relationship with Jania Meshell — a social media influencer. The two-year-old Kacey appeared in the music video for his dad’s 2020 single “Kacey Talk” and got a mention in the lyrics when the rapper said:

“Quarter million chain, quarter-million car, I know how to get it, poker in my momma house, million-dollar business, I ain’t never turn it down, me and Kacey in this b—h…”

Taylin Gaulden

Taylin Gaulden was born on 19 March 2017. He is the third son of NBA YoungBoy, who he had with Niya after a one-night stand. When Niya told NBA about her pregnancy, he didn’t think it was his biological child and insisted on a DNA test, which proved him to be the father. YoungBoy later stated that his insistence on DNA testing was because Niya wasn’t trustworthy and had had an affair with his brother.

Kamiri Gaulden

Kamiri is YoungBoy’s child with his ex-girlfriend, musician Starr Dejanee. Fondly called K3, Kamiri was born on 6 July 2016. K3’s mom, Dejanee, is also the mother of Kamron, who DNA revealed not to be NBA’s son. The rapper, however, has taken him as his and treats the child as such. Kamiri has shown interest in soccer and spends most of his leisure playing the sport either indoors or with his friends.

Is NBA Youngboy alive

It is understandable why this is a frequently asked question on the internet. It can be traced to a serious accident the rapper was involved in. Alongside Taylin, and his mom, Niya, NBA YoungBoy had a frightful car accident, in July 2018. Taylin and Niya sustained injuries, and were promptly taken to the hospital where they made recovery. YoungBoy later shared a video with his fans via Instagram from his hospital room. The accident was followed by death rumors, but they have no substance. NBA YoungBoy is alive and well.

NBA Youngboy net worth

The subject of Young boy’s fortune is a bit confusing. While most sources report a $6 million net worth, there are some who claim he is worth $11 million. Apart from topping charts every now and again, NBA makes good money from music streaming platforms. AfroTech reported that NBA YoungBoy was No. 1 on  the list of YouTube’s top 10 most-viewed artists in the US in 2020. The Sun also reports that as of July 2021, he had over 1.4 billion YouTube streams. He was No. 5 in Spotify audio streams with almost 6.2 billion and No. 3 in overall combined streams with almost seven billion. All these numbers account for a larger part of his income, in addition to record sales, touring, and publishing.

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For now, Kayden Gaulden is just a famous kid, and nothing else. His father, though reckless, loves his kids dearly and doesn’t fail to show it. Speaking on his dreams for his son, he says he hopes he becomes a rapper, but will also ensure they all get degrees and forge their own paths. Time will tell if Kayden will follow in his father’s footsteps, or follow an entirely different path away from all the buzz.

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