5 facts about Kanye West alleged new girlfriend, American model Vinetria

Meet Ye’s (Kanye West) alleged new girlfriend, 22-year-old American model Vinetria. The two have been spotted together on two different occasions.

Formerly known as Kanye West, American rapper, producer, and businessman Ye is never not in the news. Having made headlines for officially changing his name last month, he was yet again in the news last week, following his recent Drinks Champs interview, which has since gone viral. That is, however, not the latest on Ye, who is again the hot topic, after news of his new girlfriend surfaced. As reported by PageSix, sources close to him revealed that he’s been “hooking up with” the 22-year-old “for a while now.”

Reports say the model was present last Sunday at Kanye’s “Ultralight Beam” Sunday Service. According to Evening Standard, she shared Instagram footage from the service.

What makes it a tad controversial is the fact that the rapper recently expressed a desire to still be with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. In his own words, “We’re not even divorced… I want… us to be together.” Let’s not forget that Ye was also involved in a summer romance with model Irina Shayk.

With Vinetria now in the picture, it will appear that he has indeed moved on. Who is Ye’s new girlfriend, and what do we know about her? Keep reading, and maybe you will get some answers. Here are five things we know about Vinetria.

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5 facts about Vinetria, Kanye West girlfriend

5 facts about Vinetria, Kanye West girlfriend

1. Vinetria is a model

According to reports and the evidence of the eyes, Ye’s new love interest is a model, and she is signed to Public Image Management. Vinetria’s social media profile says she is 5 feet 9 inches tall and wears size 8 shoes. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Kanye West has a type! Kim Kardashian may not have been a model, but she has just the physique, like Irina, and now, Vinetria.

2. She is 22!

Born 26 October 1999, the young emerging model celebrated her 22nd birthday a month ago (6 October 2021). Ye, who clocked 44 in 2021, is, therefore, twice her age. It is an interesting dynamic that one suspects will become a topic of many discussions and debates in the days to come.

3. She loves Basketball

A quick glance through her Instagram profile, which has less than 15 photos, will reveal Vinetria’s love for Basketball. She has posted photos of Basketball players like John Wall and posted a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. Vinetria also shares short clips of herself playing Waste Bin hoops on her IG story. She and Ye were at his Donda Academy Basketball team’s first game this week for their first public appearance.

4. Vinetria is a private person

The easiest way to gather quick information about people these days is through their social media. In Vinteria’s case, however, there isn’t much on her social media to go by. Her use of social media is minimal, without the usual family, work, and personal life updates celebs are known for. With just 12 photos on her IG, it is almost certain she is intentionally keeping a low profile.

5. She seems to be a fan of the Kardashians

We won’t be so fast to call this a conflict of interest because it’s the Kardashians. Duhh! People stan them. Following Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s announcement of their engagement, Vinetria shared a tweet showing her support, saying she’s “so so so happy for kourtney kardashian. [sic]” Prior to that time, she had reposted a photo of Kourtney posing under the Eiffel Tower in October.

With Kanye still insisting he is Kim’s husband and that he wants them to be together, it is hard to tell his intentions for this new relationship. Neither of them has commented on the news as of yet, but as time goes on, more will be revealed about the model and the nature of her relationship with Ye.

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