At what age did famous Instagram model Bernice Burgos have her first baby?

Born on 17 April 1980, Bernice Burgos is a businesswoman and American Instagram model who showcases her curvy body to pursue her career in modeling. Fans widely recognize her as American rapper T.I’s girlfriend; she is also an entrepreneur famous for her appearances on MTV’s Wild N’ Out comedy series and DJ Khaled’s Do You Mind music video.

Early Life and Education

Bernice Burgos was born to her parents in the Bronx, New York City, USA, and was raised in Spanish Harlem, East Harlem in upper Manhattan, New York City, by her parents who prefer to stay off the social media spotlight. Many believe that her parents choose to stay off the limelight because they are dissatisfied with their daughter’s way of life. She holds an American Nationality and a Puerto Rican ethnicity.

She attended a local high school. While in school, her fellow students bullied her, resulting in her being a bit overweight. However, this made her start working out and gaming until she eventually shaped her figure. After enrolling in 1998, she could not pursue her dream of getting a college degree because of her financial situation.

Bernice Burgos Age, Net Worth, Height, Daughter, Daughter 2022 -

Top 10 Facts about Bernice Burgos

  1. Bernice is a native of New York City who has not held back when revealing that her true heritage lies in Puerto Rico. 
  2. Bernice Burgos is a single mum. The model had her first child when she was still a teenager and is currently a mother of two beautiful daughters. Ashley Marie (aka Amarie) and Sarai, who are both of different paternity.
  3. She has a figure befitting a beauty queen that she boasts of, and she puts it to good use throughout her modeling career.
  4. Social media fans know her as the woman who nearly broke American rapper T. I.’s home, having her pictures circulated in the media after the news outlet knew she was rapper T.I’s mistress. She has become a subject of interest online, and she loves it.
  5. Although Bernice admitted to getting cosmetic surgery done to accentuate her curves, there is no arguing that she is deserving of her fame on Instagram.
  6. Bernice Burgos’ Instagram is regarded as a prevalent one online. The profile boasts over 6 million followers.
  7. Her first daughter Ashley shares a striking resemblance with her curvaceous mother and has followed the same career path.
  8. Bernice became a grandmother at 39, and her daughter Ashley became a mother herself at 21. The way she has hidden the truth of Ashley’s paternity, the paternity of her fast-growing daughter, India Ava, is still unknown.
  9. Bernice started working on her body shape right from her college days following the bullying she received for being overweight.
  10. Bernice has dated about eight different men. Many of them are celebrities, but the beautiful goddess is not married yet.

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Bernice wasn’t born into a famous or wealthy home, nor did she receive financial aid from her family after becoming pregnant. She had to start fending for herself by working at fifteen to support her baby and herself. Bernice began working as a waitress and bartender in the Bronx. 

Modeling Career

Having high ambitions to work in the entertainment section, Bernice did not stop at being a bartender. She worked there for about a decade until one of the days she went to get some hair products. Burgos overheard a girl speaking to her modeling agent. 

She approached the girl and made inquiries about modeling, after which she got the modeling agent’s number called him that same day. Bernice started her modeling career at age 27 and has been in the modeling field for over a decade. 

Her friendly personality and hot appearance made her famous; she also ventured into working as a video vixen and has featured in several music videos, notably Rick Ross’ music video for Diced Pineapples, released in 2012. Her other music videos include J-Cole’s Work Out, Jaheim Ain’t Leavin Without You, and Hal Linton’s Southern Hospitality

Clothing Business Established

Furthermore, Bernice is also a businesswoman and owns a fashion design company she founded in 2014. It is a sleepwear line called Bold & Beautiful. She believed there was a gap in the fashion industry. There wasn’t any clothing company with a sleepwear line that catered to all shapes and sizes. Which also made women feel beautiful and comfortable in their sleepwear.

However, Bernice creates each piece with assistance from her daughter, Ashley Burgos, who is also working with her.

Personal Life

Her Relationships

The gorgeous model has dated several high-profile celebrities over the years. She dated Canadian rapper Drake, whom she had known for more than a year. The duo was seen together in Australia. However, the relationship ended in 2015. 

Burgos started dating Marion Suge Knight, a former footballer and CEO of Death Row Records and Black Kapital Records. She was later seen with the rapper T.I. They were seen together at various events and shows. However, Bernice stated they were only friends, but she also indirectly said they had sex. Bernice is currently in a romantic relationship with James Harden, an NBA star. Furthermore, rumor has it that she is currently in a relationship with him to make her ex-boyfriend T.I. jealous.

Her Daughters 

Bernice is a gorgeous mother of two beautiful daughters, Ashley Burgos and Amarie Burgos. She got pregnant with Ashely when she was 15 years old, which led to her dropping out of school. Bernice’s grandma ejected her from the house due to the abusive relationship with her baby’s father, who was 19-years old and in prison. Bernice stayed with her boyfriend’s mother. She couldn’t pay the rent, so she had to do the chores. However, after she put to birth Ashely, she started working as a bartender, where she began earning and later moved into the modeling field and started a life for herself. Ashley Burgos looks more like a sister to her mother. Ten years later, she got pregnant and gave birth to her second daughter Sarai. Although Ashley and Sarai are half-sisters, they bond well as sisters. In addition, Bernice became a grandmother at 39 as her first daughter Ashley put to birth her baby girl India Ava Burgos at the age of 21 in 2018.

Ashley Burgos, Bernice Burgos daughter's Bio, Age, Father, Boyfriend
Bernice with little Ashley Photo credit: Affairpost

Plastic Surgery

She is pretty outspoken and open regarding the plastic surgery she has undergone. In an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show, she stated that she got breast implants and has also done a bit of everything. She also mentioned that she had done butt surgery in a basement, although the doctors did it lawfully.

Bernice Burguos on Social Media

She is functional on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On YouTube, she has 46.6k subscribers; on Facebook, @drealberniceburgos has 124.57k followers; Burgos is active @Realberniceburgos on Instagram and has 6.4 million followers; and on Twitter, she is @berniceburgos with 155.7k followers; and Tumblr She consistently posts pictures of herself with her daughter. She shares a unique bond with her daughter Ashley.

Latest News on Bernice Burgos

Although Bernice is now a grandma, she is not slowing down in her modeling career. She once said that she would be one “bad grandmother. Burgos might be a grandma but still wants to give birth to one more child. One time she said, “I still want another baby. I want one more. I always said I wanted three kids, and then that’s it.”

Net Worth

Bernice is well-known on social media as the owner of a sleepwear label titled Bold and Beautiful. She makes so much money from her social media presence and clothing business. According to recent estimates, she makes $500 every year. The estimated net worth of the Instagram model ranges from around $1.1 million to $1.5 million. Her earnings are $78,000 as of now.


The beautiful every year young model is a very hardworking woman and has made a name for herself through her modeling career. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, she makes waves in the fashion industry and the clothing line. Her fans always look out for her latest clothing line.

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