Ethan Cutkosky Bio | Carl Gallagher from Shameless actor

Ethan Cutkosky is an American actor known for playing Carl Gallagher in the TV show Shameless and appearing in the film The Unborn.

Born Ethan Francis Cutkosky, the young man is on his way to becoming the next big thing in the acting business if he stays on course and does not lose interest anytime soon. Already, he has had some memorable roles as a child actor but seemed to have chosen to take things slow.

Usually, child stars appear in as many productions as possible to get their career rolling, but it seems that Cutkosky has chosen a different style. As we will see in this article, the actor is not just all about acting as he has managed to explore his love for music as well. To start this piece properly, we look at ten important facts about young Cutkosky.

10 key facts about Ethan Cutkosky

  1. Ethan Cutkosky turned 23 years old on his birthday in 2022.
  2. His mom, Yvonne Cabrera, is of Mexican descent and worked as a teacher, while his American dad is a software engineer.
  3. He began his career as a model in photo ads when he was four before he began appearing in TV commercials.
  4. Cutkosky made his acting debut as Carl in the 2007 Christmas comedy film Fred Claus, although he was not credited for the part.
  5. The actor’s first credited role came when he played Barto in the 2009 supernatural horror film The Unborn.
  6. Ethan Cutkosky was ten years old when he began playing Carl Gallagher on the TV series Shameless.
  7. He has also appeared in the 2010 biographical legal drama film Conviction, as Young Thomas Egan in one episode of Power, and in the crime drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Henry Mesner.
  8. Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca, dated him from 2015 to 2021. They allegedly broke up for unknown reasons.
  9. He has released two songs; “Comprehend” (2019) and “Erase Me” (2021).
  10. According to several sources, the actor is worth between $1 million and $2 million in 2022.

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Early life

Ethan Francis Cutkosky was born on August 19, 1999, to Yvonne Cabrera Cutkosky and David Cutkosky. His dad, an American, worked as a computer software engineer while his mom was a school teacher, and she is of Mexican descent. He grew up in Campton Hills, Illinois, and went to Bell Graham Elementary School before moving to Thompson Middle School and eventually graduating from high school at St. Charles East High School.

He was an only child, according to an article by Chicago Tribune. While his parents were not involved in the acting industry (and frankly, we found none of his family members that were active in the business), he got involved in showbiz quite early in life.


Ethan Cutkosky’s introduction to the entertainment world began when he was just four years old. His mother started taking him to a photography studio where he was used for photo ads. Then, his mom got offers for her son to audition for roles in commercials, and that was when he started acting in the small capacity that commercials allowed.

Following this, he started auditioning for movie roles as well. Eventually, around when he was 7, he got a small part as Carl in the 2007 Christmas comedy film Fred Claus. The movie was directed by David Dobkin and featured stars like Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti, Miranda Richardson, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, Kathy Bates, and Kevin Spacey.

Although he was not credited in his debut acting role, things were different when he was cast as Barto in The Unborn, a 2009 supernatural horror film directed by David S. Goyer. Again, the young actor, who was nine years old at the time, found himself surrounded by stars such as

Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet, James Remar, Jane Alexander, and Idris Elba.

In the 2010 biographical legal drama film Conviction, Cutkosky played an uncredited part as a Neighborhood boy. The movie starred the likes of Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver, and others.

Carl Gallagher on Shameless

Ethan Cutkosky was about ten years old when he was picked to play the role of Carl Gallagher on the TV series Shameless. He was part of the show’s main cast appearing in 127 episodes.

Carl Gallagher was the third Gallagher brother and son of Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy). The character used to be a troublemaker as a child, but after witnessing a murder, his life changed, and he later became a policeman.

Ethan Cutkosky young as Carl from Shameless
Ethan Cutkosky young as Carl from Shameless

Cutkosky was with the show from 2011 to its final season in 2021. The show has won several Primetime Emmy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards. It has also been nominated for many Golden Globe Awards, but it never won it.

While playing Carl from Shameless, the actor appeared twice in the crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Henry Mesner (in 2013 and 2021). He also played Young Thomas Egan in one episode of Power, a main character on the show whose adult version is played by Joseph Sikora.

In 2021, he appeared as the main character Josh in the independent drama movie Alex/OctoberAdditionally, he is cast in Good Places, a 2023 upcoming action comedy movie directed by Max Chernov, which also stars Alysia Reiner, Miranda Rae Mayo, Mimi Kennedy, Chloe East, Spence Moore II, and Lincoln Bonilla. Cutkosky is also serving as a co-producer on the project.

Ethan Cutkosky Music

Ethan Cutkosky is also deeply invested in music making, and in 2021, he released a single titled “Erase Me” featuring Josh Lambert. The music video is available on his YouTube Channel, and it is the only video there, although he has more than 12,000 subscribers. Previously, he released a track titled “Comprehend”.


As referenced at the beginning of this section, Ethan Cutkosky’s career started as a child model. He stuck to the profession, even after breaking into the acting scene.

The actor started a fashion brand known as Khaotic Collective, where you can get some of Ethan Cutkosky merch and other products from. In addition, he has appeared in magazines like IconWonderlandEuphoria, and Schon.

Personal life

Ethan Cutkosky lives in Los Angeles, California, and he is a pro-choice advocate. On his Instagram page, he put up a link to the USOW abortion access page.

Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend

Cutkosky met his girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca, in 2015 during her cameo appearance on one episode of the Shameless TV show. They apparently began dating not too long after their first meeting.

Brielle Barbusca, an Italian-American actress, has also appeared in small roles on TV shows such as Modern FamilyBones, Young SheldonScandal, and The Mindy Project. She was in Royal PainsHope & Faith, and The Starter Wife as a child.

Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca
Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend, Brielle Barbusca

On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Barbusca shared a photo of herself and the actor on her Instagram page and tagged it “My Valentine.” Then, in March 2018, she also shared a photo of them on a hike together.

However, in 2021, there were rumors that the pair may have broken up after Brielle Barbusca, Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend, removed all his photos from her Instagram page. Since then, we have heard nothing new about Ethan Cutkosky girlfriends.


In 2017, Cutkosky was arrested for driving under the influence in Los Angeles after the police stopped him. He admitted to smoking grass that morning, and when tested, traces of it were found in his system. He was bailed out of jail for $5,000 and had to go to court a month later.

Social media

Ethan Cutkosky Instagram account is @ekat19, and he has more than 3 million followers on the platform. He also has a Twitter page that spots over 270 thousand followers. The actor is most popular on TikTok, with a following of 4.6 million (as of September 2022).

@ethan.cutkosky19? baby keem – ?

Ethan Cutkosky height & physical appearance

As a model, there has been lots of interest in the actor’s physical appearance. Also, the interest stems from the fact that he is not quite tall.

Ethan Cutkosky height is recorded as 5 ft 5 in (or 165 cm); take note that this is the same as Bruno Mars height. Meanwhile, his other physical attributes include brown hair and blue eyes.

Net worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Cutkosky is said to be worth about $1 million in 2022. Meanwhile, another source, The List, claimed that the actor was worth at least $2 million.

It is hard to trust any of the values that these two sources put forward as they provide no proof and don’t have the reputation of trustworthy wealth rankers like Forbes and Bloomberg.

Regardless, it appears that the young actor is doing relatively well financially when you consider the TV shows and movies he has been in during his career. So, until such time when we can confirm Ethan Cutkosky’s net worth, we might leave the topic.


At the age of 23 (in 2022), Cutkosky still has the entirety of his life ahead of him. He has had a pretty good start to his career and can go on to become the next big thing in Hollywood if he sticks to it. Also, his diverse talent makes it possible for him to survive in the music terrain. Hopefully, we will see him go all out in these two industries and the fashion business as well.

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